Tuesday, January 30, 2007

after long time of thinking i decided not to go watch death note 2 with tkj n ky they all. haiz.. feel a little bit not nice ler. i wanted to watch so much in the 1st place. but then turn out i din go. wat to do... i'm juz being a little more considerate n guai today. hahaha. dun need my parents to b so troublesome come twice when they can fetch me n my sis at one go. haha. summore can go back n take a 'short' nap. lol

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11:19 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

well... maybe i'm a real lazy blogger. hahaha. or mayb i dun really have anything interesting to 'keep' here. lol. this morning wake up prepare breakfast again while most of them r still sleeping. hmm.. a little bit tired. but quite worth it coz everybody seems to b enjoying it. thn daddy dunno y crack a joke. so funny. haha. it all started like that.. when he say something mummy sure will 'fire' him back. thn my sis go like:-

sis : ur aunty want come visit u izit??
mummy: fin visiting liao lar.
sis : no wonder lar

hahahahahha.... listen till here i luff non-stop d. thn thn..

daddy : haiyo... next time u all better dun do that to me... i have got 4 daughters ( those who know me u
know lar hahaha) dun make me headache

hahaha. really beh tahan. take those things to joke about. but hor.. i really pity my daddy. he is the only man in the house. if got anything also he cannot really tell us. haiz... wat to do.

went temple after breakfast. these days got a lot of things happened have to go there seek refuge. hahaha. went there thn i go see those students attend sunday school. went pray with them b4 going into class. hmm. . miss the time when i was attending. haha. though at 1st dun like it alot.. but once u got a good t'cher like bro. chia u'll know wat's fun there... btw. i graduated d... thats y now i'm not attending hahaha. after they went into class i went down to listen to talk. this talk really open up my mind. i should say its the main key to all my probs. thx bro. siang chye.

thn came back on9. chat n chg my blogskin. that frog really gimme a headache!!!! ish. juz chg not long ago... wasted all my effort... then it came n kacau... erm.. not it.. its THEY. OMG. i hate frogs alot !!!! nvm lar.. at last i got my blogskin changed. hahaha. i like this compared to the last. haha. let me introduce... this is a very very nice movie!!! much watch must watch... hahaha.

oh ya... n before having dinner choon onn called. he asked me whether want hold post in the YDC camp this year or not wor. he is the chairman this year ler... n say can give me 1 if i want to... sommore say its n offer not i.t.. hahaha. hmmm... but i still dunno most of the people there ler. i only know June, Ivan, Tze Han, Jerry, Pei Hou,... somemore who ar??? i dunno liao.. see. so little. if take the post d thn hard to cooperate with others how ler??? somemore ppl will think i depend on u coz they dunno who am i.. not like u.. at least u know i held post b4 in sec. school... haiz.. hahaha. but anyway thank u for giving me the chance n look so 'high' upon me. :p i know ur shoe very clean... mine also. hahahaha. let me think n go for a few meetings thn i tell u. by that time u intro me to the ppl there. hahaha. i want to go to the CNY carroling... save space for me n 5 more places if can... calling chee yin n si ling n my sis!!! paiseh paiseh.. hehehe

me now in CNY mood. hahahaha.

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10:36 PM

fun time together

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

this morning law class... sien. she talk till i wanna sleep d. haiz haiz... next time muz entertain myself in class to keep me awake d. hahaha. summore today dunno y no appetite to eat. my breakfast which is 2 pieces of wheat biscuit from morning 8am can eat till 940 only fin. hahahaha. geng. this time really break my record... eat so long

after class went adelee's house watch death note 1 !! although watch liao when watch again still feel very nice... hehe. maybe because i like the L alot or maybe because of the companion.. i dunno. after that we eat spaggethi!! my favourite.. hehe... so long never eat liao... so so nice!!! thank u adelee.. fin eating fin watching me go play the piano for a while.. hehe. go there kacau kacau only. the good for nothing me :P

went back 2.4 class feel so energetic... normally me afternoon wont feel like that de wor... today very weird ler.. can concentrate throughout the whole class... maybe because there's a rajin girl sitting beside me so cannot b malas... haha. during break me go talk talk with ei leen they all then joanna give me a bookmark... i think so.. haha. thats wat siu hong say lar... very nice ler. thank u once again. haha

yea... i think thats my day. not so interesting compare to others...
wat to do.. i'm a boring girl... :p

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9:45 PM

another... day

Monday, January 22, 2007

this morning like usual wake up super early prepare then go college. in college receive something.. happy happy.. thank u!!! i like it a lot... i'll always wear it.

got nothing special in class today... juz that 2.4 class now bigger n more ppl. the more the merrier... i like it. though some ppl might b grumbling bout the seats. but more ppl more fun mar..... i think. i know i'm a little bit selfish at times... :P

oh ya another thing worth mention. AT LAST I FINISH DOING MY BLOG SKIN. wohooo!!! haha. spent this afternoon doing.. haha. then almost complete liao. now my cousin see d say can help me change something... he change the comment thing for me.. make my font look bigger... thank u !

hmm.. i think this is my day.
learn sumthing very very important today... anything u say or do muz think twice... trice.. if not u will really really regret wat u have said or done. learn my lesson through the hard way!! anybody who read this... dun ever follow my footsteps :P

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9:40 PM

so so day...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


morning at first say d want go eat breakfast together with family.. but hor lazy pig like me want 'lai chuang' so ended up din go. they tapao back for me. after eat then on9 for a while...
then cousin jin say want make macarroni. they started preparing i juz went down late for 40 min ony they say baking half way liao lor.... whoa.. got so fast de meh. i was wondering. last time i do i think it took me about 2 hours to do everything ler... pro memang pro... her macarroni was so soooooo nice. next time i know how to do liao.. thanks for the recipe.

after that hor.. she summore teach me play 1 song... so nice. me got addicted to it d. btw its a duet. the music really makes me 'alive' i quickly learn up that song n force my youngest sis to learn also. coz only she n me n mummy can play piano in this house. haha. now i can play d!!! but the speed not there coz my sis de speed not so fast... haiz. muz go find sumbody play fast fast de then play with me!!!

then evening went putrajaya.. coz cousin din go before. we go there take pic. then me n sis go there run run run.. like small kid only...:P after that went alamanda shopping... but there like got nothing de.. all malay stuff.. then went dinner in Serdang.

come back then go SS2 yumcha with another cousin. go there chat chat chat m luff luff luff till 12am only he fetch us back. hehe... reach home around 1230 d.

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10:12 PM

Not feeling well

Saturday, January 20, 2007

thursday n yesterday me not feeling well ler... sad sad. thats y din blog. dunno wat happened to me. thursday morning wake up throat not feeling well liao. talk talk with cousin for a while then she go out d. oh ya.. my cousin juz came back frm nz... she so so funny ler.. tell me so much stories... some make me luff till stomachache. hahahaha. especially when she tell me how she scared off her 'lalat'. almost everynight i sleep with her we will talk talk talk till late late at night. haha. so fun. me like listen to stories!!!! haiz.. but thurs din coz me sleep very early.. so not feeling well liao cannot sleep late late d. wuwuwu. kk.. continue.. then afternoon went college with chingyong.. he so nice ler... have to purposely come to my house then fetch me go col. Thank you chingyong !!!!! in col nothing much lor.. listen to miss rozi talk bout tax. then dunno y suddenly they brought up the party thing.. wat 100% passes frm grp 1 only got. i remember she told our grp also ler.... not meh?? nvm larr.... got or dun have also the same de. if want then celebrate ourselves only lor. hahaha. come back then help mummy cook. so tired ar~ after dinner go on9 for a while then thought wanna do hw... coz cili padi give so many hw... wuwuwu. but hor when i went into my room. they start talk talk talk ... then i join in listen also lor. haha. forgot bout my hw liao. hehehe. after that i cannot tahan d... go sleep.

another sad day. once wake up brush teeth... havent eat breakfast vomit d. make my stomach so so not comfortable. make my tummy like kena ikat... haiz. summore feel so dizzy in the morning. cannot do much. juz lie down on my bed till 10++. daddy come back... feel better. at least got ppl at home not so bad. after lunch then i think better than morning d.. i ask daddy let me drive to col. he let ler.. yay!! he sat beside me then after that drive back. cheryl was sitting in the car.. when reach that time she said she want kiss the floor.. wat lar.. is my driving that bad ar... chicken. next time follow pc back k??? then we go col together.. if dun have tax on friday. go class... today mr. teo came in talk talk bout the new syllabus thing.. me n sher huay n stella keep figuring our which is the best combination... haha. thenluff luff luff.. dunno for wat also. everytime he says .....ya. i will think of cheryl.. ahaha. the joke we always talk about!! come back rush rush rush help mummy cook then go my uncle's house. went there saw yongwe but he hasnt start his hockey so din go n see. dunno whether wanna go also or not.. haha. at last din go. go uncle's house there got mini reunion. talk talk talk then come back liao. come back talk again.. this time really crazy... chat with cousin for i think 3++ hours... they talk talk till i doze off... paiseh. hehe

k lar..
this is to replace the 2 blogs i left out on that day. tonite or maybe tmr i'll post again!!!

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10:54 AM

1st time 1st blog 1st post !!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

my first post... well i blog because all my friends are blogging. look like so nice ler. say all their things here. express all their feelings here. then ppl go comment comment. i wanna do that also. maybe can help me in expressing my feelings better. then hor... dun need so 'san fu' keep everything inside my heart. one day when volcano erupt then everybody die... hehehe. jess.. at last i got a blog d. see d muz comment a bit k. see d muz 'duo duo zhi jiao' o. hahaha :p

i'll try to update my blog as frequent as possible!!!!! new year resolution...

lalala~ happy happy me

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