Youth Dhamma Camp 17

Sunday, December 30, 2007


woke up at 630 in the morning after preparing everything went to temple to join a camp organised by the youth section (headed by choon onn)... from there we went to another temple in klang n unpack our stuff. for the 3 nites staying there we were only going to sleep on a mat.... how sad n the most interesting part bout the place is that.. there were 2 cemetaries around that temple. our girls dorm are facing the malays cemetery n the guys wan is facing the chinese cemetery. activities started n got to know a few ppl.


2nd day started off with chanting n our group was suppose to get ready for breakfast. i really feel guilty to those ppl who din get their portion of 'tau pok' as the first few scoops i've given quite a lot... din really divide it nicely to cater for 100 ppl. soreeeee sui yuan.. i know u have none.. i din have either =p the day went out fine n got to know more ppl.


tonite was suppose to b our talent nite where we have to act out a sketch. our grp has came out with great ideas n we were practicing it very hard. in the morning we had water games n i was drench wet... we had to run 2 big n sloppy laps with ourselves wet.... it was a fabulous game... enjoyed it the most. n that nite my whole family came to watch our sketch... i think it was really good.. n attracted quite a lot of ppl.


the last day of our camp.. we pack up n leave the klang temple n continued our activities back in subang jaya buddhist association.. the whole camp thing ends at around 530

really satisfied with this camp.. i got to know a few seniors n r now quite good friends with them.. hope to see them soon in college.. =) n got to know lots of leng chais n leng luis too... will not forget our camp cheer, group cheer, tepuk komandor, tepuk leng chai, leng lui n tepuk lala! great memories... thanks choon onn for inviting me.. i was really great!

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christmas 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


went the curve with cy since hong hong said that the deco there was very very nice. we went there around 3 something n to my surprise it wasnt that difficult to find parking.. there were ample of parking space. went to cineleisure n bought our alvin n the chipmunks movie tickets.

then we went shopping. met cy's brother n his gf there coz they wanna take the camera from cy to take pics. we took a few pictures too. well.. wat hong said was right.. the christmas deco there was really nice.... went to ikano n shop but not too long. met up with yean yean n aaron there too.. dinner din have any idea wat to eat n bump into cy's bro again.. asking whether wanna eat sushi or not.. but i just had mine for lunch so din follow ... we went kenny rogers instead.

after dinner cy wasnt feeling well.. but still insist on watching the movie.. so went to watch the movie... although the movie was very interesting but din really enjoy it much.. hehe. it ends around 1130 n that time the place were very crowded with ppl. they were spraying all the way even in the shopping complex. there were even ppl who r drunk. werent in the mood to spray so we went back home.


dad made me follow sis to midvalley to meet up with sk n asked cy to go along too... so that morning we went there around 11+ am. cy insisted going though he had food poisoning.. so stubborn! couldnt imagine wat will happened if half way walking n suddenly felt like.... =p

bought tickets for movie again n this time we watch enchanted.. wanted to watch this movie for a long long time but couldnt find time for that.. the 'Q' was super long n we waited for more than half n hour.. we tried booking in the internet 2 days earlier n it was also fully booked.. crazy!
around 2+ went to meet up with hong hong n went to take some pics after that we went to the cinema. the movie was like what my younger sis described :

very funny.. daddy laugh through the whole movie.. hahaha. well.. my family had watched it when i went down to kl on sunday.

while we were having our dinner tkj msg cy whether we can drop by her house for bbq when we are back.. of coz we wanted to!! haha. so after dinner we went to her house n she had already bbqed for us... thank u so much for inviting us n helped us bbq somemore! haha. by the time we reach home its already 12am.

ps tkj: actually we had ordered even before u msg us... so it wasnt really what cy told u =p n thank u so so much for inviting us!

thanks hong hong for the drinks too n becoming my 'nai pa' haha.

thanks yong for accompany me for these 2 days =)

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meet aaron!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

sunday morning.. instead of sleeping late till mid day... woke up at 8 something for breakfast n went to temple listen to some talk.. which is quite interesting... but it will not b as interesting n excited as meeting up with somebody!

this time went down to kl by bus instead of taking ktm wanted to try out rapid kl... n the ride was quite smooth.. it has better air circulation than the train i think... maybe because its not that packed! we stopped at pasar seni station waiting for yean n ling ling to arrive.. then we went to petaling street to walk a while.. saw 2 shirts which i like but then cant find my size... =(

forgot to mention that throughout the journey.. yean yean was either looking at her phone or talking through it.. haha as his 'dar dar' is on the way here! around 1 something we treasure hunting n our end subject is Aaron... OMG he is so so so fair!! i'm so jealous ... he doesnt need such a fair completion.. can give it to me or other girls in this world... hahaha. after that went to sg wang for lunch n back later back to pavilion... there we watch some magical musical something.. which is more suitable for kids... n went to tgif for a drink.. thanks to aaron! =) after that we are back in sunway

got my 'surprise' gift from my darling when we came back from kl. it was really really nice n sweet n i dunno how to say anymore.. it was for our 99th day together.. thank u so so much!!! i love it n i love u

drove to ridzuan apartment.. n attended yean's dar's friend's open house.. haha din expect his friend is an 'angmo'.. n the house was full of angmos too! went to talk with a few of them n get to know some angmo friends n some from butterworth n bm. their food was nice too!!!! thanks yean yean n aaron for giving us this chance.. =)

thats for all now.. wanna try on my pressie.. tata

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nice holiday~!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

wed nite ke pang brought me n my sis out to melur for mamak... wanted to meet him but everytime no time.. so after exams would b the best!! since he also had juz finished his.. went murni in ss2 met with ken n fei hou gang there... n also andrew. chat for juz a while as i havent finished packing ( going back to penang the next day)

went home around 12 n started packing slept quite late n the next morning woke up early n begin our journey to penang.. dad wasnt feeling well so mum took over n drove all the way back there... on the way we stopped by ipoh to have our breakfast..

first day in penang nothing much just went supermarket bought some tit bits for the 1 night stay in hotel. 4 families in 3 rooms... kinda pack.. but luckily it's a suite so its still ok =)

2nd day my aunt went to take 150 huge 'sui kao' (taiwanese) she ordered n we pushed off to the island. once we checked into the room my aunt started 'boiling' the soup to cook the sui kao with her electric stove or something like that. after eating my bunch of naughty cousins drag me to chg n went to the pool... luckily it just rained so the weather wasnt tat hot.

3rd day went to the beach played n checked out! after lunch went visit my cousin who is going off to new Zealand for his studies. won't be seeing him for another few years..

4th day went back to kl lu~ but on the way stopped by ipoh again. this time went to visit my grandparents n also my new-born cousin! haha. went for dinner n go straight home... reached here already 10 something.

5th day thank kacy for inviting us to celebrate her advance bday in redbox. it was super fun as all 16 ppl squeezed in a small room together!! we had the cake smashing thing as usual... kacy n benon was like .. dunno how to describe.. but they r really a loving couple~!! Q up to buy JCO donuts n yong bought a dozen for my family n cousins.. =)

6th day went down to kl to do some task for my aunt.. went to kl central but the mas office there was super pack! then took taxi down to sultan ismail's mas building to do that... althought the journey wasnt that long but it took us quite sometime to reach there.. after that only we went to mid valley for shopping n later dinner in brickfields. dad brought us again to bukit bintang to see the christmas deco

today~!!! sis went pyramid for skating lessons early in the morning.. cousins followed her.. n i got the chance to blog while they r gone.. i'm going there too in a while.. whole day shopping~!!!! wohooo~!!!

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finish exams.. happy partying

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ytd at 615pm.. i declared my independence.. erm juz for a few weeks lar.. haha. at last i have finished this 1 semester erm.... smoothly?

audit paper i din do well... din have enough time to finish up my question 4 & 5. i hope this won't affect my results much.. i really really hope that i will clear this round. financial reporting was ok.. i think i should b able to pass... getting good results... i'll just pray hard for it =p

after our exams we (me, yong, chin, tkj, ling ling, wee ven, adelee, lionel, suan li, tiger, elaine, chee yuen n surprisingly sharee also follow!!!) went to 1u to have our dinner n also watch movie.. to release our stress.. hehe. sadly sui yuan couldn't join us if not we would b able to meet her gf too! yean yean too.. haiz~

during the dinner received call from thiam asking us out for cheong k with his friends which happened to b my senior too!! i shall let them to plan n i juz join.. ekeke

this hols seemed a little too short.. i guessed my holidays have been fully utilized! still left around 7 days extra to do other stuff~!

waiting to go shopping with kacy~ hehe

i wish everybody to have a happy holiday =)

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