Friday, August 29, 2008

got inspired by ChloeTiff with her butter cake
so we decided to bake marble cake..
it was sis suggestion by the way..

the flour, the egg n milk added with vanilla essence

beat the egg with the sugar till its fluffy..
at first i din know how fluffy is fluffy
wanted to add in the flour n the eggs
when it was juz beaten for only 5 min..
then mum came n said that normally it takes up to 20 mins!!!
whoa.. luckily we haven't add in
if not the whole thing gone!!!

we added milo n a little bit of cocoa powder
into a quarter of the batter


this is how it turns out!!

didn't manage to take many pics
coz was very bz!!

the recipe was taken from here

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3:55 PM


Monday, August 25, 2008


few weeks ago we went to this shop to have lunch
it is at Asian avenue sunway pyramid

because they were having some promotion
if u r a student u get to save on a rm6.50 drink!!
that is if u ordered the below main course..

click to have a larger view

calendar form menu..

i think they specialized in deserts
n they serve bird nest!!

this is our drink!!

honey melon sago
n honey melon jelly
for free~!

his spaghetti

my fish n chip

our food

i do not really recommend their food
it's not that delicious
its fish n chip wasn't very fresh..
n the sauce for the spaghetti was too watery..

but their desert was really nice!
they gave generous portion of sago!

♥ Let it Rain.
8:49 PM


Sunday, August 24, 2008

life is uncertain death is certain

what do u think when u come across this phrase?

i was first introduce to these words
so that ppl can start to have an urge to practice meditation
be prepared for the day to come
(some religion stuff)

it is really true..
we know that we live now
we know that 1 day we will we be gone
but do we know when?

in a not so religious view..

it makes me ponder on my life
what have i done since the day i stepped into this world
have i lived my life to the fullest?
or am i just being a fool?

to prevent myself from regretting
for what I've done n what i have not

live live to the fullest!

♥ Let it Rain.
11:53 PM

Ipoh Trip

Thursday, August 21, 2008

went to ipoh last sunday (17/8) but only post it now.

most of the time we go Ipoh we will try their dim sum.
especially Foh San's. but this time around
because it's a school holiday
n also a sunday daddy decided not to go..
as it will b crowded n everybody will b watching u
waiting for ur table..

so we went to those coffee shop instead
they too have dim sum..
n we ordered a few..
as we ordered noodles as well

results is out on monday (18/8)
so decided to visit the temple
this is wat u call.. 平时不烧香 临时抱佛脚 !!

if i'm not mistaken this temple has around 100 years of history
i forgot the name of the temple but its near a park

saw these pigeons 'drinking' water while waiting for mum buying some stuff

later in the evening we came here

it is only a small tiny shop at the corner
with no proper tables n chairs for its customer..
but their tau fu fah is superb!
n not to mention their soya bean!!

due to the limited spaces they have
so this is how they take their orders
n how the customers enjoy their drink

see the guy white shirt..
he's taking orders from my uncle.. who is in the car
n that is our soya bean.. in the car!
no tau fu fah.. :(

i really wanted to eat their tau fu fah..
i think it came out in the star last week
only tasted it once
n the last round when i came he has finish selling

this time we tried to go earlier
but still we were considered late..
he said the person in front us took the last bowl..

after that we went to have 'nga choy kai' (bean sproud chicken rice)

we went there around 5 just to escape the dinner crowd
besides we were rushing home to watch our badminton match!
so decided to take that as dinner!
(travel from ipoh back to kl 2 hrs 30 min juz nice)

here's the dishes..
it seems this restaurant has been visited by local n overseas actors n singers
they have many pictures on their wall n i saw 品冠, 梁静如 etc etc..

before going home we stop by this place to buy some biscuits

outside they have a display on stuff that ought to b used during a Chinese wedding

n lastly.. the salted chicken!!

n on our way home we saw this!!


♥ Let it Rain.
11:20 PM

ACCA Results Day

Monday, August 18, 2008

after 1 whole semester of hard work n not to forget .. stress
our ACCA result is coming out today!!

this morning wake up normal n do everything as per normal
until i receive sms wishing me good luck..
then my nerves started tingle

me n chin agreed that we shall not mention about result
n only check it after dinner!

but around 12pm chin open her mailbox

we tried to ignore that n watched our drama series...

but not long later we receive messages asking us bout the our results
n chingyong msg me n told me his as well as others..
NONE of them have good news
this started to scare us!!

i became more panic
n decided to check right after i have my lunch!

so here it is..

Examination Results and Status Report

Your examination results for the June 2008 session issued on 18-AUG-08 are:

Paper Details: P1 Prof. Acc.
Result: Pass
Mark: 50

Paper Details: P2INT Corp. Rep.
Result: Pass
Mark: 50

Paper Details: P3 Bus. Ana.
Result: Pass
Mark: 50

i got a shock n ran down asking mummy to bring me to the temple!!!
i felt that i'm really blessed this time..
never feel so relieved in my life!

if u have 50+ maybe u'll still not b satisfied with what u have achieved n u want more
if u fail u blame yourself for not doing well for the paper
but if u have 50 n not only for 1 paper but for ALL 3!!
u won't say much!! just keep quiet n b thankful!
but again 50 is nothing to b proud about...

maybe for those who r not taking ACCA they wouldn't understand us
for us.. we don't have grades
all we need to do is make sure that we pass all the papers..
clearing all papers at 1 go is a miracle n it seldom happens...
i hope this miracle will happened on me again!

many casualties happened this round
n i hope this will b the last!

♥ Let it Rain.
11:48 PM

lame joke

Saturday, August 16, 2008

a small kid went towards her mum n ask




mum... where did I come from??




*mummy thinking*


daddy n mummy fall in love

then we went for dating

get married

then daddy plant his seed in mummy

the seed grow inside mummy

n u r the seed!!









*small kid give mum a weird look*








but my friend says he comes from JOHOR BAHRU!!


ok maybe not so funny

♥ Let it Rain.
11:35 PM




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enjoy life



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