lazy dinner

Sunday, October 19, 2008

dear sis is in charge of cooking
n on this night.. she was super lazy..
so she decided to cook this

Campbell mushroom soup

garlic bread..
added with cheese.. yummy!


the spaghetti sauce

baking the garlic bread

my garlic bread dip in mushroom soup

my spaghetti

so here's why the dinner a lazy meal..

1. the campbell soup all u need is just add a little water into it and put it to boil
2. even the sauce.. she used the preggo's can type tomato paste...
without adding in any extra ingredients (meat, tomatoes..)
3. the garlic bread requires a little more work as
u have to prepare the butter the garlic n etc
so she asked me to do..

mum was quite unsatisfied with the meal as she thinks that
everything is too 'thick' for her..

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10:11 PM

we planned to have lunch together after audit lecture
but our plan was force to change when Sunway Group HR
decided to give a career talk n provide us with lunch!!
so instead of having lunch we went for tea
at station one Taipan which is newly open.

cheng hou lazy to drive..
so the 6 of us (me, chin, wanshin, meena, stella n chenghou)
end up in Wan Shin's car!!

although most of us seldom meet each other
but i'm still glad that we still keep in touch!
this time we couldn't ask cheryl to come along
b'coz of the schedule.. n transportation prob
hopefully the next gathering...
all of us r able to gather together!!


the mini bar

the pool table..

the menu!!

it's a bit pricy..
but i think if u come at night
with performing bands...
the environment..
it will be worth while..
not quite suitable for afternoon tea..

Iced White Coffee

Sweet n sour Fish Rice

The girl eating the rice forbids me
to take her photo..

Ice Cream Coffee
i like this!!!

Ice Chocolate

Flourless Chocolate..
for the birthday girl
but end up all of share...
coz i think she was full!!

Ice Cream

random pic from Sunway Pyramid
i think it's some decoration for the coming

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11:42 AM

Butterfly award

Monday, October 13, 2008

i have no idea how butterfly can link to coolness...

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8:47 PM


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

aunt bought 100 pieces of 水饺 'shui jiao' from Penang
she says its made by a taiwanese and its' very nice!

so our dinner is this
well.. in some parts of China
people only eat that for their meal
so we follow suit..

dump it in..

~ cooking ~

n here it is..
ready to be eaten!
i love the texture of the skin..
it doesn't break like normal wan tan

n mum made this sauce
a combination of parsley, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and vinegar
aunt forgot to bring her 台湾醋 'taiwanese vinegar'
which she bought in Taiwan
if not it would even taste better!
i had 6 pieces and felt full after that!!
it is really delicious..
n the next 50 pieces i'll make it into gyoza!!!
fry instead of boil!!

dad will complain if our meals are not
complete with any greens.. so mum cook this

some random pics..

my set of spoon and chopsticks
which is bought back from Korea
i like the carvings but it isn't clear here
mum says it isn't cheap..
i dunno how much it cost..

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4:05 PM

Ban Rock Cafe's pork mee !!

Monday, October 6, 2008

last Sunday we were having a whole day P5 lecture and this is the first time we have lunch together with the other whole gang of people although there were only around 9 of us.. as part time lectures only have a handful of people..

oh ya u see that right!! its a SUNDAY.. and poor me is still having class from morning 830am till 500pm!!

i ordered my pork ball noodle and chatted with them...

the day went well until around 6 something in the evening.. my stomach felt super terrible. i went to the toilet 3 times that night and today.. twice!! luckily i din puke.. i think it would be worse if i start vomiting..

i was quite sure it was that thing.. as my sis who ordered the same noodle got it too.. her case was worse than mine!! having to go to the toilet in the middle of the night for several times!!

dad said that it would be better if we drink 'Teh-O' kosong.. so this morning after reaching college i went for a drink and stop going to the toilet after that.. i find it really effective!! well it only settle the lower problem but not the upper part.. my stomach still doesn't feel comfortable!

October.. what a month.. full of sickness!!

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9:10 PM

my Hari Raya Celebration

Saturday, October 4, 2008

relatives came down and this would mean all my naughty cousins will be down here celebrating Hari Raya with us!! This will be the first time for my dear baby cousin to stay in my house!!

the orange color t-shirt girl..
my baby cousin!!

all she does throughout the day is climbing up and down the stairs and plays with the phone.

for the past 3 nights me n my sis have to sleep in the living room as our rooms have been taken by the 2 families.. i found out it was nice to sleep there as it is not so hot.. we can watch the tv till whatever time we want.. but the only problem with it is that.. we only got to sleep when all of them r in their rooms and we had to get up early before them!

ice-skating and swimming is a must for my cousins every time they come down. so the second day was spent in pyramid. n the third day was spent in sunway lagoon club.

n this time uncle helped us install a water filter system and from now onwards we do not have to boil the water before drinking!!! dad was kinda agreed to pay for the amount of money as he now doesnt need to trouble himself to do the chores everyday.. boiling water is part of his job... hehe

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