Chinese New Year 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I had the most rushing CNY ever celebrated this year!!

firstly after 1 whole day of tiring work I rushed back from office
make sure that everything is packed and had our dinner before going to the airport
actually i wanted to try the popeye that chin mention the other day
but she insisted that the food is not nice at all... so there goes my popeye
further more i was longing for the mamak back home..
save my space for supper since i thought it was going to be an hour's journey home
who knows... our flight was delayed...
an hour's flight turned out to be 3 hours flight!!
i din know that runways also have jams
like what we experienced on roads...
this is the first time where we find ourself spending so long on a runway
preparing to take off and hovering in the air awaiting our turn to land..
by the time we reached home it was already 4am in the morning...
my mamak gone... tandoori chicken also finished d!!!

the worse part has yet to come..
after a 4 hours rest we got up n started our journey back to penang
it was really tiring... as we dun have much rest
pity daddy have to drive all the way back.
luckily the traffic wasn't as bad as previous years
had our late lunch n went for a rest before the reunion dinner

reunion dinner with cousins...
uncle managed to book a private room with karaoke
so we had both reunion dinner and karaoke together
din imagine my uncles and dad
r good in singing too~!

next day super rush...
morning went to uncle's house bai nian
then lunch went to mum's side for their reunion buffet lunch at home
then evening cousins purposely come down from ipoh
to meet us..
jin who is back frm nz too
tried to meet during this short period of time

we went to this taiwanese restaurant to chit chat
n also to b away from our parents
so that we can talk bout things which we dun want them to know..

this new year also met with mum's friend
get in touch with long lost friend..
will try to keep in touch with them

had steamboat dinner with in aunt's house
with lamb n sliced pork dipped in sacha~!!
so xin fu... can try different types of
taiwanese food whenever i go back!!!

on our day back we were almost gonna b dumbo
waiting for our plane at the airport...
an email was sent to us indicating the chg of flight
but we didnt check until the previous day...
luckily chin checked!!

my shortest cny ever...

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