Dresses.. me love sales!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

while we were in Taipan the other day...

we walk pass a shop n chin spotted sales so we went in...

while browsing through the clothes chin suddenly bring me a few dresses n ask me to try on..

its been a while that we did that.. 'trying on clothes thingy'.. so off I go to the fitting room..

the first dress wasn't that fitting n the 2nd was way too formal... CY love it though.

then came the 3rd.. not too formal not to casual.. just nice.. n it was under sales!! buy 1 free 1 or something like that.. i decided to pick that n chin choose another 1. both of us got our dress!!! it was quite a good deal as it was suppose to b rm50 for 1 piece n now both of us have ours for only Rm50!!

i love the pattern!

my not-so-sexy back

dunno how to wear bra the cutting at the back so low!!

or maybe dun have to wear?

monday we were expecting somebody from singapore to come down but due to some unforeseen circumstances.. plan cancelled!

CY wanted to watch The Dark Knight so we went summit.. after buying the tickets i spotted a shop newly open so went in n have a look...

as u know.. girls shopping..

look ---> try ---> like ----> BUY!!

problem after buying..
dunno when to wear..

Thanks CY for buying me the 2nd dress.. my gift for getting first class!!

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4:31 PM

Dim Sum at Hoong Foong with the Cheongs!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

we met up in the morning around 10 dad suggested dim sum so after meeting up we went straight to USJ21, Hoong Foong Dim Sum

it isn't difficult to find the restaurant as u enter USJ 21, u can see rows of tables with people eating outside.. maybe only during weekends, i'm not sure bout weekdays

the rows of tables started 4 shops away from 1end
n ended another 3-4 shops away another end besides it is also crowded inside the shop itself

the dim sums.. there were more
but as usual can't stand the temptation..
eat is my 1st priority!!!

i guess it was pretty reasonable as our bill din even touch Rm100 for 10 person!
n u can even find 1 whole prawn inside their siew mai!!

actually i would rather prefer this to Hong Kei in USJ9


enough of the food.. here come my friends!!!

Alicia msn me 2 weeks ago to inform us that they are coming back to Malaysia n took dad's phone no. she said that her dad has emailed my dad but no reply... so this job have to b done by the daughters instead! contacts given n we receive a call from them on sat!! excited!!

when we reached the restaurant..
first thing to do is giving big hug hug!! then only enter

btw they were so glad that daddy suggested dim sum as this was 1 of their to do list when coming back here!!

both daddys having serious conversation
this is how i know them.. he is his uni mate!!

according to the Joker

y so serious??


they buddy buddy here

Auntie Suzanne said that she knows mummy on the day daddy n mummy got married... but u see does that justify?? they are like school mates gossiping non-stop!

well.. of course the daughters too have their own conversation!!
me n Alicia

Charlotte n Alicia

aren't they pretty!! I love their complexion i wanna go overseas too!
Alicia is a medic student going to b in her 3rd year coming Sept!
apparently Canada's system is different from Malaysia n Australia.. they have to obtain a degree in science before pursuing their doctor's cert... correct me if i'm wrong.. so she is only completing her course in 8-9 years time!! after this trip she's going to Krabi for her internship!

a gift from Montreal Canada..
a key holder! auntie says so that we'll always remember them whenever we goes in n out of the house.. hahaha

daddy vs uncle

the usual scene when 2 families going out for meals
fighting to settle the bill!!!

result -----> daddy won!!

we then adjourned back to our house
here both mummies complaining bout almost everything
both daddies having almost the same bad habbits!!
both daughters are always so angelic.... :P

well besides we also learn some tips shopping in Bangkok
they stayed there for almost 2 years..

before departing exhanging hugs again
Charlotte made daddy promise that we'll visit them in Montreal soon!!!

I shall miss them

waiting for more pics.. super cacat camera take pics also not nice wan..

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10:17 PM

Delicious Food in Klang with interesting companion

Sunday, July 27, 2008


sorry for saying that its reasonable without putting the price... the total bill was around RM140 for 10 person.. with the price n the quality of food n the amount of ppl u r paying i'll just leave it for u guys to decide whether it is reasonable or not.

btw the last round i went.. the crabs were selling at Rm30/kg.. dunno whether this is reasonable..


dad's Terengganu old friend came down dad decided to arrange a dinner with them. Like usual Klang is our favorite place to go with their superb food with reasonable prices!

When we reached there uncle's daughter, E-Ling jie jie.. my childhood jie jie who is working in KL called to ask where are they..

uncle talking to the phone n to my dad

uncle T: uncle Yap my dad.. bringing us to Klang for dinner..
uncle T: where r we going ar? which restaurant?
dad : Tmn Berkeley.. Erm look at the signboard Boon Wah!!!!!!!
uncle T: U sure u coming? u know the place?? .... yeah.. a corner shop!

hangs up the phone

uncle T: E-ling joining us later..
dad, mum, aunty J: Sure? Confirm?
uncle T: confirm!!! joining us in 30 min.. she says the curry fish there is nice

wah!! even E-Ling know this place.. should b very famous lor.. we din know that though we have been eating there for quite a few times d.. but we know that sometimes when we go, will have to wait for tables especially during peak hours. the first time we were introduced to that place.. the host went earlier to book n ordered the food before we met.

reached there dad n mum started to order food while aunty bz asking us bout hows college bla bla bla..

everybody used to b surprised when we said that we can get a professional qualification with a degree within 3 years with less than RM40000... of coz we also put in ** to it.. by saying providing that u pass!

when our food arrives e-ling was just in time..

she wanted to order another dish.. n asked whether dad has ordered the 'o-jian' oyster fried egg... of coz dad has ordered!! our fav!! n this particular restaurant serve its o-jian with PLENTY oyster!! 2nd best after Brickfields!

besides that we also ordered the curry fish, prawn mantis, thai tofu, 1 vege, n lala.. talking bout lala.. their lala is also delicious... especially its juicy flesh n its soup. e-ling couldn't stop drinking its soup!!! wanted to take pics with my sis phone but when all the food came.. it was irresistable!!! i started to help myself to the food instead!

when i realised n wanted to take some pics its already too late.. the whole table was clearly wiped out! only left the lala shells.. -.-"

besides selling dishes like this.. they also have steamboat but we havent tried that though.. prefer to go another side of klang which has lots of steamboat restaurant at a spot.

btw the restaurant is somewhere at Tmn Berkeley.. behind the Sinma building with a prudential sign there... if any interested to go ask me!! promised to bring CY there n planning to go with Tiger

there are still more interesting story with e-ling which i bet some of u might b interested in.. which will b posted soon... got to get some sleep

tmr.. erm later!! would b another interesting day!

uncle Cheong's family.. Alicia!! childhood friend again.. who has migrated to Canada 10 years ago have came back for holidays!!! meeting them together with uncle Loh n family in the morning!!! i need sleep!!!!

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1:00 AM


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Look at the title..

but luckily it wasn't mine.. i dun have 1 either!

after ordering food in a restaurant in USJ 9 biz center.. i heard


then i turn over n look at 3 tables away from me... u guess wat i saw

a guy wearing a helmet holding a laptop bag was walking quickly not running to his accomplice waiting on a motorbike! the robber was so near but yet the poor guy couldn't do anything but just shout..

maybe he was too panic dunno what to do or maybe because there was a wooden divider separating the restaurant n the road.

many ppl crowd at his place after that trying to help him.. i dunno help wat but he was totally speechless n was just holding the phone and not calling anybody

i really hope that there's a car nearby who saw the incident faster knock down that motorbike... how dare they rob like that.. in a restaurant when there r so many diners around!!

actually the poor guy was also partially at fault.. it is obvious that people can easily grab the laptop away if he puts it near the divider. super easy.. i think the robber would think like this :

  1. easy to reach laptop
  2. owner 'trapped' inside cant get out
  3. owner playing phone!!!!! he was indeed holding his phone when all that happened!
  4. lets do it !!!!!
in contrary if he sits near the divider it wouldn't b that easy for the robber to commit the crime!! if he wants to.. he might need to put up a fight with customers in the restaurant first before escaping!

so to all laptop carriers out there if u wanna bring your lap top out.. make sure

u're alert at all times
never put it in an easy accessible area outside!!
try disguise your laptop into something not laptop looking!
strap your laptop to your body

but if the robber insisted on it better not risk your life n give it to him!
if your kicking is good.. kick him at the groin... kick it real hard! muahahahaa

♥ Let it Rain.
10:37 PM

have been preparing yean's present since last week..

the objective was to let yean have a memorable college life all in a picture! actually i wanted to do the photo like what Sharee did for Lionel n Tiger but then it turn out like that...

cacat compared to their presents

i send 1 photo for hong hong to 'evaluate'.. n he says

"keep it simple will b the best n preferably dun senget-senget here n there! hahahahahaha.."

he actually type the hahahahahahahahaha super long!

as this is my first time using photoshop.. i dunno how to make the senget-senget thing disappear!!!!

then after a while he sent me
andreamosaic a link to a software for downloading!!! without much thought i quickly download that software n start making the picture!

i trust his eyesight a lot wan lorr... seriously!
i din even see the sample n read the instruction!!!

btw, its a software to make a mosaic.. u choose a photo as the main object and it contains thousands of smaller pictures inside... the image couldn't be seen clearly here though

we saw a similar mosaic in Sunway Pyramid at Asian Avenue and thought that it's super nice!

i personally think this is a nice present to give.. if the small pictures could b bigger!!!!

i wanna wash it bigger!! but the person said even if the photo is super big, the small small pictures will still remain small small.. if not the main object will look very blur... =(

hope yean yean love it!!

We actually celebrated her birthday earlier together with Suiyuan on last Thursday due to the difficulty in gathering all classmates in New Paris Restaurant..

dunno whether it is call Little Paris or New! doesnt matter but the food was nice n the companion was fun too!!!

Hong Kah YeaN.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
(effective on 27/07/08 0000 hrs )

p/s: Thanks Sharee!! get some photos from her and she also recommended a few photo shops n even offered to go together with me!! if not i really dunno where to start.. haha

pp/s: Thanks Hong for sending me that software! n b my sifu

ppp/s:Thanks chingyong for driving me around =p

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3:31 PM

hate-able and loveable sis

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


she slept at 3am, me too.. even later i couldn't sleep n woke up at 10am.. but she.....

she was suppose to help me do the laundry this morning since i've helped her clean up the wet kitchen (her area of charge) on Sunday n put up some netting to the grill together with daddy n mummy. her excuse for not helping was.. feeling dizzy.. need to rest! fair enough as she promised me to do the laundry TODAY! BUT...

this morning after i loaded the laundry into the big pail n ask her to come down wash it together with me.. she said i din get enough sleep.. let me sleep! summor its going to rain now!!! so instead waiting for her i ended up doing all by myself... finishing 2 loads (1 by machine, 1 by hand) and the weather was fine n sunny!!!!

besides i've even finish washing the bathroom downstairs... i made her promise me to wash our room's bathroom... i shall see whether if she'll give me more excuses this time!

in addition to that.. we still need to vacuum our room!!!!! dunno will have time for that today.. haiz!

without putting the loveable i think she'll kill me


without her...

i wouldn't dare to sleep alone everynight
i wouldn't dare to board the bus alone
i dunno who to share my secret
i dunno who to share my feelings
i wouldn't be hardworking in my studies great motivator when u've a younger sis who's smarter!!!

the list goes on.....

blog is where u express your feelings i dun see any wrong here... maybe some but i've compensated it!!!

hopefully next time she won't pig me again!!!!

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12:19 PM

unique wedding invitation

Monday, July 21, 2008

while i was cleaning up the house i found this beside the tv

this is the first time that i see a wedding invitation made in hard covers!!!!!!
i know i'm a little outdated.. what to do!!!

they even have sort of a
post card ready with stamps for u to reply..
so scare ppl wont reply

i guess the bride n the groom really put in
lots of effort in order to make their wedding a memorable one!

wish the couple all the best!

before ending this post...

i bought a dress this morning!
will post pic next time! happy me =)

♥ Let it Rain.
11:57 PM


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me bento!

due to the few classes i have this sem i really do get bored at home..
so this is wat i found out when browsing the internet for food

surprisingly bento trend isn't only found in Japan but also in
other parts of the world including UK and US
i came across a few blogs of those who r living there said that they
pack lunch to their office as they get sick of the food nearby n with limited time for lunch.

similarly.. i get sick of the food in medan n cafetaria n also orange house
so me n chin came out with our version of bento!

left : chin's bento... she cant eat egg these days coz of the infection
so replace it
with pork sausage.. her sausage cost RM3 for only
that small bit!!

right : me n cy's bento.. we replace the sausage with tamagoyaki!
both ours
have bbq meat n broccoli

today i found out that our audit class wasnt really that dry
Mr. Goh relates to us his experience as an internal auditor and also tell us
some juicy stories.. it manage to keep us focus throughout the lectures
n there are more to come...!!

during break Mr. Goh suddenly ask cy how was the singapore trip
n mention a few places that we went.. we were shock coz never did cy tell him about his
holiday.. later that we found out that he like miss Rozi.. reads students blog!

my P license was expired 1 month ago n till now only i renew it..
i don't drive thats y i din reallise it till now! haha.

cy fetch me n chin to pyramid after going back home. take photo. bla bla
n meet up with joshur n hon ming. Josh found out that pyramid is now
screening this movie in 3D so the last outing before honming is back to melbourne

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

the story line was good but if watch it without 3D would b
totally wasted! The movie really shock us in some parts.
Josh found out that the 3D version is only at pyramid n Midvalley!

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8:28 PM

out with friends

Friday, July 11, 2008

chin n I decided not to take the bus today n follow mum to college early in the morning... it wasn't really a good idea as both of us felt so sleepy in college... n joshur msg us as early as 730am to ask whether wanna watch movie or not. where got movie this early wor.. summor ppl have class at 1130 =.='.. if got then good lor.. dun need so sien at col!! haha

after class we went to pyramid to walk around and decided to have lunch in Ajisen Ramen. Went there with hong, chin, tiger, yilian and chingyong... i never try the ramen but tiger said its nice.. and hong recommended the volcano ramen.. maybe i'll try next time.

after lunch we walk around to improve our digestion then we saw this mazda car exhibition.. we went to kacau a bit.. go sit inside n do some funny stuff.

saw Ke yang there n asked him to join the yumcha session tonight.

went back home n pig after that.

later at night joshur came early about 830 n we chat while waiting for the others to meet at my house first. Dad ask him bout the living cost in Manchester n bla bla bla.. he said that his friend who is going to work in Erns & Young there earns around 20000 pounds p.a n he din have a professional qualification... so if i were to go there i still can 'survive'.. then dad ask a question..

" Do u wanna go there?"

Of coz i want!!!

but i dun think i'll go there right after graduate. Hope Joshur hasnt leave when i decided to go..

Ke Yang reached around 940pm n surprisingly mum still recognise him.. the only time she saw him was when i had a party in form 2.. long long time ago!!

next came honming n jessica. ming went all the way out to stalk her just to make sure that she din ffk us this time! both of them r like couples always arguing non-stop! fun to have both of them there..

waited for belinda to come at around 1030pm n we went mamak!!

sit n chat there till close to 1am only we came back

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12:17 PM

Monday, July 7, 2008

Throughout the holidays i din have time to think
which paper i wanna take till suiyuan asked that question

came back discuss with dad he says he said he'll try arrange a
dinner with his friend n why not ask him.. views of a potential employer would b good. Chin quickly chicken out n said that we will decide ourself (she is scared of people) but before that dad asked his friend before and he adviced us to take tax and audit..

after receiving results for my part 2 tax i've lost my confidence.
till now i din know where had i gone wrong.. its better not to take chances.

after reading wat tatt hoong posted i've also made my decision not to take finance.
my 2.4 werent good at all i know that i wouldnt understand the question if miss geetha din provide us with her worksheet. i dunno whether part 3 will b anything like 2.4

audit.. thats my first choice and i dun see any reason not to choose it..
after what Mr. Goh said it makes me relieved not to drop this paper.. is it really true tht up to certain position that employer requires P7 knowledge to get ppl promoted?

performance management.. ways of me chickening out :p

*pray hard that my decision wouldnt prove me wrong*

♥ Let it Rain.
4:28 PM

Friday, July 4, 2008

Another weekend spent during holidays at Bukit Tinggi
..... without working stress.. for dad.....

the sky was dark when we reached there

place where we check in
ru never wanna b left behind in any pics that we take.. haha
we checked the schedule for the performances there n we've missed the morning ones..

after a little rest n a bath headed to colmar tropical.. the french village entrance

a gift from France?

inside the French village... basically it consist only 2 rows of
restaurants n hotels.. their restaurants there r much more expensive than those
on ground... similar to Genting i guess...

aren't the swans lovely... Qi captured a love shape formed by
the black swans n she kept away i think.. for herself

while waiting for our dinner these quartet came
to make a performance.. they go table to table.. dad ask for a song n after that
Qi also 'kepoh' go request for a chinese song
they sang ‘甜蜜蜜’

there were a few performance by the dancers
n the last performance was done by the quartet who entertained us during dinner
went back to sleep after that.. the weather was so nice there
chin ask me to off the aircon

we cooked our own breakfast the next morning
n it rain before we went out.. so unfortunate.. but it din stop us from visiting the
japanese garden

i like the waterfall there the most... doesn't it look like those on paintings?
i dunno why that bamboo thingy sticking out to a 'well' doing there

we bought a few fish pallets to feed those fish instead of 'feeding' them stones

hope to own a mini japanese garden next time..

went to rabbit park next.. daddy said that he
rare a rabbit when he was young wonder y he doesn't allow us to have any pets

after that went to the restaurant at the foot hill for lunch
n headed back home!

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