Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Went 1U to shop after lunch yesterday
n have tea in sushi zanmai

he planned to go the cave for dinner
so here we are

the environment there
is superb!!
every couple has their very own cubicle
with cushions around

our food!!

after dinner it's still early
so we went pyramid to take a few pics
walk around only go home.

♥ Let it Rain.
11:39 PM

badminton n movie

Monday, December 22, 2008

morning went Jaya square with
Stella, Sher Huey, chin and Cheng Hou.
Before that dad drop us off in Stella's house
n we had a little chat first while waiting for Cheng Hou.

After badminton we went back to bath
n headed to pyramid to meet up with
Vern Yen, Sheng, Wui Li and Irman to catch a movie.
We were rushing n haven't eaten our lunch
and so we packed aunty anne's and McDonalds
and smuggle it into the cinema...

this is the movie that we watched. No comment.. i don't know what to say.. :)

♥ Let it Rain.
8:47 PM

yesterday morning my aunt called to tell me a shocking news

my cousin brother studying in Setapak was robbed and stabbed by a gang of robbers.

on his way to LRT when he came down from the taxi a gang of people gang him up.. beat him n robbed him...

that is still not enough for those heartless fools. They even stabbed him.. it hurt his lungs but luckily his life was saved.

just be cautious when any of u r around that area.. especially when u see a gang of malays

♥ Let it Rain.
6:02 PM

malacca Trip 1

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vern Yen and Jun Yao met at my house at around 10am n we left Subang for Malacca in Cy's car.

we went straight to his grandma's house put our luggage there, pick his cousin n headed for lunch. His grandma's house is really kampung where u have chickens and dogs and even monkeys running around free.. not to mention mosquitoes and crickets..

Beside the house they even have a river

We called Joanna when we passed the toll n she introduce us to a chicken rice ball shop in Jonker walk.. Cy's cousin become our navigator for the day.

The 2 guys went to queue for seats while me n vern yen went to shop around..
Joanna joined us a while later

after that we went to the museum and the christ church to visit..
i'm not very sure if the there r bodies buried under the church as the floor in the church looks like a memorial stone.. carved with names..

From museum we walked to St. Paul's church and the A Famosa

later in the evening we walked back to Jonker walk for cendol
their cendol is quite unique as they added the gula melaka...
vern yen was addicted to it!!

we went back to bath and bath before going out for dinner..

♥ Let it Rain.
12:13 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the next day after we've touched down from Chiangmai
aunt wanted to go Ikea to shop for her stuff
so we went Ikano..

cousins wanted to meet Cy so much so
that they ask him out themselves.
so poor him have to shop with the kids n my sis
while the parents went to do their furniture shopping

after a few hours shopping n everyone got hungry
we went to any shop that we see.. superbowl
the first impression that it gives me was
a bowling alley which serves food...
but it isn't any of that

seafood carbonara
fish and chip
chicken something something
oyster shell with some vege.. masterpiece of my cousin
he was playing with his leftovers

the decoration in the curve was super nice!!
there's a small pond there
with the goblins doing their work
oh ya.. n u have to pass through the gate
to enter the small garden..

♥ Let it Rain.
10:46 PM

Finals Over!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5th Dec mark the day that i end my study life.. all the exams and stuff.. hopefully!!

so to celebrate that eventful day.. chin has arrange a dinner with Hon Ming and Jessica for dinner.
Ming fetched us from college after our exams and came home to wait for Jess then we headed to a small coffee shop to had our dinner..

after that we went to McD for a drink together with Shen Ni. Ong Loong who's supposed to come ffk us last minute but i still received his souvenir.. haha. We were planning our trip down to Malacca and it seems that the whole world now is now heading that place.. instead of Redang few years back!! So now we are waiting for Sukhdave and Belinda to come back from UK

Chingyong is also planning a small trip down there just to look for food.. and we can save quite a lot i think as accommodation and transport is provided!!!

the next day we went out for lunch with thiam in kopitiam with his friend...

n tomorrow i'm going off for my holidays!!

Happy Holidays :)
n wishing those who r still sitting for exams GOOD LUCK!!

♥ Let it Rain.
1:26 PM




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