mid autumn festival.. potluck gathering

Saturday, September 29, 2007

i was caught in a chatroom by yean n adelee asking me n cy to organise a pot luck party in conjunction with the mid autumn festival... but i admit myself that i am lazy n i dun like to organise things alone.. so i get sharee's help too.. since she did mention something bout pot luck gathering =)

on tht day itself i need to thank hong hong n lee lee for buying the nugget n fries from giant n sent it to my house... sorry hong hong coz have to climb over the gate n hang it at the door.. i din know u were coming tat time.. went out for lunch liao..

after cy n tt came over n wait till i finish frying the nuggets n fries we went to the big field. sharee came after us... then liang jie, tkj, wee ven, suiyuan, peili, sher huey, tiger, elaine, stella, yilian, james.

the spot light dish for that day was sharee's fried rice.. coz she said her grandma said it was nice.. haha. she is so cute!! but somehow many ppl dun trust her.. especially that sui yuan.. say need to bring 'pou zhai yun' haha but the fried rice turn out to be very nice.. girl u proved them wrong! oh ya.. besides that adelee's spaghetti was also very very nice! ermmm... i think its because of that adelee, lionel n siu hong decided to make the VIP entrance... the latest among us! not forgetting cy's mum curry.. haha. like it a lot ler... very nice!

we had a great time eating n chit chatting n cam whoring(sharee's fault) there. then we light up the lanterns n have a small 'parade' around the garden. after that we played with the candles. have a great time with him =)

when we got back sharee suddenly called me n hugged me.. something was wrong with her.... hahaha. was quite worried for her that nite....

besides that.. peili lost her bag. haizz.... those ppl really make ppl life miserable!! want the money take the money enuf lar... dun have to take the whole bag wan mar.. ish!

i hope we will have mid autumn gathering every year... make it an annual thing..plz. next time lets give chance to others to organise! haha =p

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9:22 PM

my birthday!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

this post is supposed to be posted on 13/9. but due to unforeseen circumstances it has been postponed till today... sorry!!

the nite before my birthday.... i couldn't really sleep. this is all because of yean yean n lionel. actually have to thank them for lecturing me for so long lar.. hahaha. besides that i have to thank all those who had wish me on that nite n also on the following day... really glad receive those wishes!! thank u!!!

the next day we went red box. cy fetch me n sis n tt there.... met yean yean n william in car park then they ask me to chg into my bday present.. which is very nice!!! thank u guys again.. i really appreciate it a lot. but i'm still not used to wearing such short pants haha... will try to get use to it soon. knew tkj was trying on that shirt n they really know wat size i'm wearing... suits me well ler!

then went cheong k.. ermm... many things happen on that day.. guess everybody knows.. i got a huge bday present from somebody and i'm super happy with it.. will always keep it n never let go =) kacy, yean yean, adelee n hong hong sang so many songs for me... juz to give me courage for something.. tell u the truth i'm really touched! haha

cake cutting session took the longest time this time.. wuwu... kena bully by wyn yan and tiger. after that went sushi king to eat again. hehe. i love to eat when i have the apettite!

i really enjoyed my birthday thanks again for celebrating with me

i hope this can last forever ~

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9:59 AM

yumcha session

Sunday, September 9, 2007

another yumcha session... but this time with a diff gang. joshur is going off to manchaster on the 11/9 so we intend to hang out 1 last time before he flies off... after f9 night class went home for dinner n waited for them to call me so that i can walk to the mamak near my house.

few minutes after msging them received msg frm josh saying that he is in front of my house... =.=" so went to meet dave n hon ming at Tanjung. forgot to say ong loong ffk us last minute giving lame excuses.... haizzz first thing we talk about was his course... wuwu i jealous! Biotech students in Manchaster Uni actually have field trips to other countries to do their research so nice!! he brought the letter he got frm his U n show us all those stuff... y did i choose acca? y din i choose science instead.. i got A1 for bio, chem and physics! argh... dun care lar.. i'm happy now with my course~! =)

then we talked bout other ppl.. kinda gossip but ermm still ok lar as. got lots of shocking news from them... never judge a book by its cover.. thats all i shud say... he was a totally diff guy when i knew him... so shocking!

then we also talked bout jess. so long din meet her d. haiz.... miss u~

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still recalling...

went yumcha with siew hui, fei hou, king fai n ken hoong. it has been 2 years since i saw siew hui. she is going off to uk again thats y meet her up. she was my senior n now studying medicine in UK...met her catch up quite a lot with her n the librarian gang.

we talked bout the trips we always have last time.. first to genting when i was in form 3.. gua tempurung in form 4 n lastly form 5 to dunno wat dusun. its always fun going places with friends n spend the nite with them! will never forget those memories... haha. during the yc session also got to know actually what happened that they keep on saying me n kf together.. i think the legend will continue in the library among those librarians till somebody other than fei hou n ken hoong figure out how to delete those stuff in the server. =(

but overall, being a librarian in my sec school is the best! i miss the teacher my fellow librarians (senior/junior) the trips especially n those crazy stuff we did !! haha

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7:53 PM

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

long time din update d.. so so bz! lets recall...

last week went lim kok wing university for the merdeka celebration thing.. the exterior of the university is so so so big and nice but then inside erm.. not as expected lor. but i was quite impress with the presentation the students there did.. our PM looks so cute! =p at first i thought all student council will b going n also other student leaders but then only less than 10 ppl turn out.. so sad. 1 big bus with a handful of passengers... before that max gave me SYUC t-shirt which was so so big.. as if i was wearing a pyjamas.. jo n hong were complaining bout it too.

then it was merdeka eve... planned to go times long time ago.. actually is 'forced' by my sis lar.. haha. she wanted to meet somebody there... n i duwan to go with her only so she asked others to go also... ekeke... i guess somebody is going to bombared me if he sees this.

went there by lrt n ktm and while we were on the way we watched a 'drama'.. quite scary though.. but luckily it ended fast. reached there me n kacy go meet malao, yean n ling ling... OMG he really doesnt look like him in pic. haha. later join evelyn, chin, wee ven, cy and tt. ate lunch n go shopping.. they have chosen quite a lot of outfit for me to try on... (wanna make over this po po.. wuwuwu) but some are very very nice.. haha. wanna see how i wear can go hong's blog.

then after that we went cinema watch secret.. the show was nice... i enjoyed the music a lot.. compared to the show. haha but the story line was quite ok also lar.. the funny part is... in the middle of the movie.. kacy n cy who were sitting at both sides of me started singing the old song. hahaha.. couldnt help but luff.

then came the main point of the day... celebrating chin's n chingyong's bday. this time they bought a few flavours of cake n combine it together... 1st time ever see ppl do this... very creative le. i like all except 1 .. the durian cake.. yucks! i hate durian. hahaha. its not that the cake stinks or wat.. its juz tat i couldnt accept the smell.... bluek. ahahahah. but i know everyone enjoys that cake a lot.

well... that wasnt only the climax of that day... after that we go bintang walk n star hill galery.. waiting for 12am. before that we have got ready with the spray.. ehem thats the main point for me actually... waiting for it dunno how long d! haha. the countdown there wasnt that accurate as there wasnt anybody leading. but then the atmosphere there was high! i think a few minutes after 12 only we started the spraying n 'attacking' ppl. it was super duper fun! i admit that i'm stupid to say something.. i din think before i say something sometimes so forgive me lar... din mean to bring all of u into trouble... ekeke. but i think everybody had fun also! =p

pics can go hong's blog

then my aunt came down from penang. he brought along a china guy who is now staying at her house dunno for what purposes. i got some info which was quite surprising.. ppl in china still married at a very young age?? he is juz 21 yrs n he is going to marry...

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