no mood for exam

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i'm suppose to b studying now for my f7 as the exam is around 6++ in the evening... but instead of that i'm sitting here right in front of the com blogging.. hehe. maybe acca has made ppl tired of sitting for exams... almost every month u will find exams waiting for u...

since i'm here i decided to update a little..

last friday went subang neway with my my apo (meichia), my sis, felicia n her boyfriend(Roger) n also yong yong.. haha. so happy that he is willing to join us.. this is my first time called and ask for a reservation.. never tried that before as it is normally tt/wynyan/yong's job..

before going there drop by college to pick up our edc pack n did something for lionel.. then went to taylor college to pick up my apo. i booked for 5 ppl but they gave us quite a big room... with 4 mics!! haha. n i could say that the food we ate that day was super worth it... i love the salad!!! we used yong's membership card n paid only rm 7 for each person. tht day all of us sang except Roger.. maybe he isnt used to singing.. haha

after that me n yong went for badminton.. played with vern yen n tiger.. n they were super funny especially tiger.. i've learnt quite a bit that day... hope for more practices next time

yesterday nite after 1hr + F7 class we suiyuan msg yong ask us whether wanna go ss2 yumcha... n i din wanna go back so soon n said yes!! btw we have already taken our dinner.. juz wanna go there join the fun! haha... at first i thought there were only a handful of us going but ended up... suiyuan, tkj, weeven, suanli, sherhuey, kacy, tiger, elaine, tt, adelee, lionel, yong, my sis n me went. i din know that only 1 shop is capable of laying its tables from 1 end to the other.. although the food n drinks there wasnt that nice but i guess the company of friends n the chatter have made it all worth while.. really hope for another outing like this.. suiyuan said there is another shop in tmn megah... maybe next time we go ok?!

oh ya.. we discussed bout the year end trip too during the yumcha-ing session.. but like always.. couldnt come to a conclusion... i really duwan sunway lagoon.. the idea of 1 day trip in sunway.. i hope it is juz a joke! =)

better get back to study!

*ling ling dun b emo.... cheer up!*

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12:54 PM


Monday, October 15, 2007

ytd early morning departed for ipoh. went there first thing is to find breakfast... it has been quite a routine if we stop by ipoh or continue our journey from there to eat at foh san.. the dim sum shop. surprisingly during this hari raya.. the shop is full house. u really cant imagine the pack of ppl inside..

there i got bullied by an 'o ba sang'.. me n my family was scattered around waiting for table... n i was waiting for 1. after waited for around 35 min i managed to get 1.. but once i sat my butt on it.. that o ba sang came n ask her whole family to sit down!!!! ish ish.. geram betul. i got outnumbered so have to get up n wait for another 1.. haiz.. after all that incident luckily got ppl backed me up... ppl sitting around that table was 'helping' me stare back at that table.. =) luckily after another 10 mins my parents managed to wait for another table.... yay!! at last got to eat! but that restaurant is super scary... once u sit down ppl r waiting for that table d... the tea wasnt even served!! n u can see every table is 'booked' d...

after that went to visit my grandparents. reached there not long rest a while then go out eat again... was super full that time but they say want go eat 'nga choi gai' so i just follow along.. hehe. went there... terrible.. have to wait another round for tables... that shop i think quite famous also... can see all the hong kong n taiwanese movie stars went there eat before.. so i guess thats y have to wait so long.....

dinner all restaurants there full house.. crazy!!! ppl in ipoh really like to eat out! we went to1 restaurant see the ppl q till outside.. duwan to wait anymore so went to another wan.. but still have to wait.. juz that it wasnt tat long.

this morning wake up early to eat breakfast coz duwan to q n wait for tables anymore.. haha. reached kl around 1++ then daddy said wanna turn in to kepong find lunch so went there for lunch only headed back to subang...

i discovered 1 thing this hols.. ipoh ppl really like to eat a lot! n the water there is soooooo cooling. u can really shiver if din turn on the heater... grrrr!!

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8:27 PM

dad's uni best friend

Saturday, October 13, 2007

they have planned a steamboat dinner a few days before.. so ytd nite we went to my dad's friend's house in klang then only headed to the eating place. by the time we reach there its already 9pm. we know that uncle n aunty since very young n even consider quite close to their children which is about the same age with us coz we always played together n go outings together very often.. last time.

everytime we go out will definately search for nice nice food! we went sg. buluh to find a thai restaurant the design was super unique.. went to some secluded area to find the beggar chicken n saw ppl para-gliding. went to carey island a few times to eat seafood.. teluk gong... bentong... etc etc.. some i dun even know the place. but now seldom d.. haiz. miss those days.

after our dinner its already 11++ then we went to their house continue with the conversation. before we go sis ss with the food i ate.. the leftovers. i eat damn a lot compare to all of them.. scary.... i din even realised!!! n one thing.. my sis was leaning against me n i tried to shake her off n move a little.. uncle saw it n thought i was too happy.. eating n dancing at the same time so ask me to eat more... keep on 'stuffing' me with the crabs n prawns n said ‘再接再厉’... haiz.. full full. haha but i was lucky that day my youngest sis was sitting beside me n she helped me to crack open the crabs ... hehe. i just have to eat the meat.. yummy yummy~

today i'm going to thean hou gong.. then go pavilion shopping n tonite... going to have dinner again with them~!!! yay! haha. they still planning to go pulau ketam to look for seafood... i hope the plan will work.. i love to eat!

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11:27 AM

horrible days... but its now over =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

it all started on mon.. after we went swimming n on our way for dinner... something broke out between my parents n bla bla bla....

i called yong that night n he knows wat happened.. but din ask me the whole thing. the next day i really dun feel like staying at home so went to his house n did my group accounts homework haha. we went col after that n as wat i have expected my sis din choi me during class... nvm lar.. everybody was emo that day. after the break menon gave us, geetha came in n said that our lecturer has gone back in a rush.. i really hope nothing bad happened to her mother... *pray pray* went back home n watch luffy then sleep. never spoke a word to anybody except him. haha.. i know i'm bad =p

the next day morning do almost all the house chores. nothing happened till at night. bla bla bla....
now i guess everything has gone back to its original stage... will b alright soon... i can see rainbow now.. hehe =)

i've discovered 1 thing myself which is very bad... i can stand up to my friends when they have difficulties but when it comes to family matters... i think i'm a coward... i just feel like running away. thanks to my sis n my dad's friend n of coz that person who had accompanied me throughout!

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1:47 PM

thanks yong yong!

Friday, October 5, 2007

ytd my sis was having prob with her lunch.. she was having her pmr till evening n nobody managed to bring lunch for her.. n yong yong offered to helped out... haha. thank u so much o!!!! the previous day she asked me to cook spaghetti for her n her friend.. since she had decided wat to eat.. easy for me.. dun need to think! haha.

early morning yong came n help me cook... a little.. hahaha. after that bring the food to school for her.. later wanted to wait till mummy come back only eat lunch together but then waited till around 2++ she hasnt come home then called her.. only then i know that she is having her meeting.. swt! super hungry then.. not only that, she ask us to pick my youngest sis n her colleague's child back... haiz. so we ate our lunch n went lick hung.... trouble that poor guy.. have to become my 1 day driver. haizz

thank u so much o!!

today went for tan sri jeffrey cheah's scholarship award rehearsal... met ann june, chu ian, hariz, andrew n faisal there... talked a bit n got briefed on what is supposed to b done tmr.. after the briefing n rehearsal thing mr. ming wai told me that i have to wear a traditional suit tmr.. wuwu... how how? i dun have cheong sam ler!! got also baby de... die lor!!! y cannot formal wor.. wuwuu... is not me who receive the schlarship also!! maybe i shall replace it with baju kurung instead which i bought for my jpa scholarship interview... hope it will b ok... that is the only 'tradisional' outfit i got!! muz go make 1 cheong sam 1 day.. so ma fan!!

oh ya.. today i was very blur.. talked to faisal n decided to borrow some notes from him.. i even followed him to his apartment to get that... while we were talking n walking half way towards the apartment only i realised that i shudnt do tat.. super dangerous... not that i dun trust him or wat.. but ermm a girl walking to a guys' apartment... not advisable!!!! haha. couldnt say no that time.. so faster get in, take notes, chat a little n cabut~! hahaa.. i know faisal is a nice guy =) but for safety sake.. wat to do... i'm evil, i've no manners... agree~! ekeke. maybe his housemates r not that reliable... hmmmm.

congrat hariz n faisal!!!

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11:37 PM

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

1. my perfect lover.. of coz have to b a guy lar.. i'm not a lesbian..

2. ermm.. taller than me ar. i think all guys i know r taller than me lor.. i admit i'm short haha.

3. broad shoulder?? dun need lar.. as long as it is comfortable n always there when i needed it can d lor..

4. smoking n drinking.... definately a no no!!! i hate guys who smokes... i duwan to b a 2nd hand smoker n get myself killed so young.. haha. drink... sometimes its ok to have a drink or 2.. good for blood circulation ma. but make sure he doesnt drink till drunk n start abusing ppl.

5. cooking n doing housework?? the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach.. my daddy teach me de! so the cooking i will do it.. if he doesnt know nvm lo. haha. but he has to do the housework! cannot expect me to do everything myself!

6. dressing up... ermm everybody has to know that right.. wear the suitable outfit for the respective occasion. as long as he can carry himself in his way can d lor..

7. good family background n well educated? well educated as in have manners n all.. of coz need lar.. he muz b a gentleman n treat me well !!! haha. good family background? i strongly feel that its needed but i dunno y. haha

8. he muz care for me..... listen to me... but not asking me making decisions all the time.. know wat i need most.. but not asking me to always spend n always b there when i need him the most. i'm very selfish! haha.. i admit.

i tag
  1. yean
  2. Sharee
  3. adelee
  4. hong hong
  5. josh
  6. sui yuan
  7. jess
  8. anybody who feels like doing...

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天空下的雨怎么大, 过了一阵子又是一片彩虹。
彩虹虽然很短暂, 可是却会带来永远的幸福和快乐!

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