hair cut

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

after a week.. at last i got my hair cut

after class went for lunch with yong came back n mum fetch me to kimarie

once i stepped in a leng chai came attend to me... unlike when we went with vern yen last time.. i dun have to wait!! yippee~!!

i wanted to cut it very short at first but the leng chai said my hair is not suitable so end up cut till shoulder length nia. we chatted throughout the session n he thought that i was a secondary all along till i said i'm in col d while he was washing my hair... haha

it ended around 1 n a half hour later

i really dunno wat to say bout this... lalala~

♥ Let it Rain.
6:30 PM


Monday, April 7, 2008

friends... some true friends are really worth going all out to help... i found out that most of this comes from my secondary school life n some are found in my college life.. gladly i have even a few from my primary school. sunday morning after breakfast received a call.. dad ask me to pick n was so so soooooooooo surprised!! guess wat.. honming called from melbourne! well its just been 2 months since he went abroad. so glad that he would call!! chatted with him for a while told him about the ACCA games that we had n news of our gang. hope that he will call again n tell me funny stories! haha actually this is his 2nd call from aussie.. the first time i couldnt get to him as i was in col..

wondering if i could get calls from josh n dave from UK... hey if u guys see this u know wat u should do! =p

2 day earlier received msg frm ken also from australia asking me to help him out with some problems. he's a nice guy always help me with my com when he was still in malaysia... decided to help him out... but i have to call some company. felt a bit guilty as i couldnt do wat i have promised on sat. the office was closed when i reached home. sun... off day. have to wait till today... at last i called! but problem left unsolved.. haizz... i guess i'll have to call again.

friends to thank tatt hoong... maybe this is way too late... its been a few weeks since he treated a bunch of us to redbox. we really had a great time!

sharing his 50% marcos pizza voucher with us... let us had a scrumptious lunch!! it was absolutely delicious n worthwhile!! i love the lamb shank!!! its so so tasty!! n not to forget the pizzas n pasta!!! all in all for just rm9.20!

tkj, wyn yan, suiyuan, liang jie, yongwe, wyn yau giving me a chance to participate in the frisbee competition which i think i only played for 20 mins? n only scored 1 point for them...

tkj, yean, adelee joining the basketball event for our acca sports... although we din win but we really had a great time together. good experience.. but this year is way much more relaxed than the previous year.

sorry.. kai xiang for always ffk when he msg me for yumcha ( i think its already the 4th time?)... must really make it before he fly to birmingham... dunno y their plan always clash with mine.. haiz!

for not being there for her when she was so stressed up... really regretted that!

many more....

♥ Let it Rain.
5:32 PM

basketball for sports day

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i lazy update lar!!

i'm playing basketball n tug of war this time again for the sac's sports day....

have been training for the past 2 days.. n got into serious playing this morning..

was rather mad at somebody coz he din teach me as he had promised. said that i wont msg him that night n regretted...

he left his phone in my bag!! there wasnt any other ways to contact him... however it was quite smart of him to use his bro's phone.. n i ended up sending messages to his bro.. swt!

hope this saturday we can get at least 3rd placing!


♥ Let it Rain.
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