revision classes in Mc Orange

Saturday, May 24, 2008

edc classes have come to an end. we went McOrange for sheila's P1 classes n i found that thr RM400 is worth the money as she revised the whole syllabus with us n we redo all the pilot n past year questions as well

took the lrt for the first 2 days n drove down on the last day. we lost our way when we came back but luckily still manage to find our way back.. n ate our dinner with hwa loong in taman megah before coming home coz family holidaying at penang.. so sad.. haiz

wanted to book the hostel in singapore before my parents went away but din manage so decided to do it before everyrooms have been book.. this would mean have to trouble cy's bro. well in the end we did it with the help of his bro.

this morning when we check the availability of seats it seems that it will b fully booked soon... so me n chin decided to go down to kl central to buy our tix first. last min planning n we were surprised when we managed to get return tix with beds for around rm 80.. save quite a lot there..

no more outings till after exam! waiting to go klang n eat!!! gambate!

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9:11 PM

back to ipoh

Monday, May 19, 2008

went back to ipoh on saturday to see my grandparents. cousin sister was rather excited bout it n have been planning to watch a movie with us. so after dinner we went to watch narnia. although some ppl said it was not so nice after watching it i felt that it was interesting but not as nice as the first.

suppose to b on sunday but grandma wants us to stay... probably coz my uncle's family wasnt at home n staying with the maid is too boring so we stayed. after breakfast i wasnt generally watching the news on sichuan for the entire day... everytime they report that a life was detected under the debris i was so happy... n when they r rescued i cried.. china n hong kong was both having live telecast charity show that night n we were all watching it n most of us drop our tears..

thumbs up to the china government, their rescue team especially those who have to walk 90km into wen chuan! the airbase army too who droped 5000 m off with insufficient oxygen n uncertain whether they will land safely due to the bad weather just to rescue those victims! not to forget those courages victims under the debris who still survive after more than 100 hrs! many teachers has sacrificed themselves in order to save students n ppl who lost their family has served the country like nothing has happened.. i really salute them!

the next day after breakfast wanted to tapao their infamous tau fu fa back but then the shop still havent open.. haiz so in the end we only come back with 'yim kuk kai', pomelo and 'heong peng'

May all the victims be strong n may God bless the unsung heroes!

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7:27 PM

first swimming competition

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I've promised stella n sher huey that i will learn up the diving before the competition... before that i have swam in club for a few times n at last we manage to practice it in the college pool with seng kim who is a state swimmer

after mock went practice swam for 6 laps n got really tired.. then we started our diving. the first 3 times was really bad n after he corrected me for a few times i think i got it right a little as i din feel pain after i plundge n i can go deeper

this morning after seeing everybody so pro i got scared.. there are also a few who r first time like me... well.. that makes me calm down a little..

knew some Ausmat swimmers who are quite friendly n funny especially when she said 'i hate u coz u swim so fast'... haha. besides that got to know allicia (joanna's bro's gf.. complicated) n she is super fast only to know that she is also an ex-state swimmer. oh ya.. n our course junior who is also a state swimmer super leng chai!

our course got champion for every event n got everall champion for swimming!! btw i contributed 1 point.. by getting 4th placing.. hehe

after the competition called yong n knows that his team won 3 games straight in his basketball competition n qualified into quater finals. he is still playing now n wish him good luck!

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3:25 PM

Yean told me that we will b celebrating Tkj's bday on thurs as they couldnt find anytime which will b more suitable

as we were very bz the previous week with all the classes n mock exam we din have time to buy the present till yesterday. after mock we went pyramid to look for yean n adelee who r having their bowling competition n Yean's results was really shocking.. i was really happy for her.. i din see the score but by looking at the X X Xs she has.... she's a pro!

after that we went from top floor n walk till ground floor couldnt really find the perfect 1 n at last decided to buy the MNG hand bag before that they had already finished their game n got Champion! most of them were complaining they were hungry n then we went to ss15 JO restaurant for dinner as suggested by Eileen.

Really have to thank Eileen for fetching Tkj there n the poor bday girl had to wait for us. we ordered the food n started eating only at 9 something which is super unusual! haha. after dinner we had the cake smashing thingy... n this time they had it twice instead of 1 kelian Tkj kena head n kena face...

when me n yong bought the cake we wanna make it more special by buying n the smallest cake (doubt that everybody will finish it) n light the whole cake with the candle so its brighter (may her future b brighter too!) n at last everybody went home at around 1030pm


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