Monday, February 25, 2008

its been quite some time since i blogged...

results day..

i din plan to check it in col n have decided to check with chin when we come home. but when everybody start to tell each other their results i started to doubt mine n couldnt stand it anymore n checked.. i passed! but din get first class...i was left by 3 marks.. it was very dissapointing but thinking others who did not get through i'm really satisfied with wat i had..


hon ming is flying off to australia for a good 6 years for his medicine course so being his friend since standard 4 we (jess, me, chin) decided to send him off. jess fetch us at around 730 n we were in time to reach the airport to b with him for the last 30 min...

blame the jpa ppl din allow us much time to talk to him.. their flight was at 1045 but they were asked to checked in 1hr 30 min earlier... while we checked in his sis cried!! it makes me wanna cry to but i din.. haha.

in the car when we came back he called my phone n we chatted for quite a while... n i told him our results!! i still remember the last sem.. all of them were at my house when we open our mail for results... as we were having a gathering.


dad brought us to TGI Fridays to celebrate ..
n at night we went to fo guang shan
details can b seen in chin's blog...

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9:59 PM

in apo no2 house

Saturday, February 16, 2008

a year went by n at last i got to go to my apo no.2's (meichia) house!!

after 2 weeks long of transport planning we got bebe to fetch us there n daddy to fetch us back. this is wat we call pathetic when we cant drive a car... haiz! went to bukit rimau at around 830. i din know that she is having a big open house there n got shocked when arrived n saw 1 'fatty steamboat' outside her house n the whole house compound was so packed with ppl. as she wat she told me was

' u help me call those close friends to my house on the 16 come my house bai nian'

after that we went into the house n start sing k. she rented the sing k thing from dunno where. at first we werent dare to sing as there r so many unknown ppl there but after a few songs with her n my regular 'tong mong' duet with her then we started to 'monopolize' the whole thing till 1030. then we go visit her whole house n go back

too bad darling was going to klang.. if not can go sing k with me =( she even asked y yong din go! haha

♥ Let it Rain.
12:03 AM

valentine's day

Friday, February 15, 2008

during our journey back from 'bai nian' he says that there will not b any surprises for me on valentine's day... so i din expect anything from him except going out to pyramid until that day after class he gave me this!

to yean n tkj.. he 'bought' it the day before so he din really plan for it!! hahaha

after class we went pyramid bought kung fu dunk movie tickets n went for our lunch in Manhattan fish market together with adelee n lionel but separate table. we had a memorable day which i will never forget!!!!


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