taylor college dinner

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the nite before ytd jess msg me n asked whether i will b free on ytd nite.. weird that she asked me this kinda q as she is going to have her stpm soon.. i asked her wat happened n she said she need a big favor from me n owe me 1 .. hehe. this is y i ended up in taylors College School of Hospitality and Tourism for dinner yesterday nite. shen ni (2ndary school friend) need to find 4 person for dinner so that she can practice her skills.. yong couldnt make it that day so i called up 2 of my apos (meichia n jiaxing)n chin along... hehe. she said it was a 3 course dinner n will be served coffee or tea at the end.. i din ask her much bout the menu... n the dress code was smart casual... i was thinking wearing a jeans n a t-shirt will b smart n casual enough n i were wrong.. luckily meichia asked me to wear skirt n high heels...

when we reached there i felt that we were a bit out of place as many of them were like wearing working attire.. for guys they even wore coat! ladies.. blouse n skirt... so much for a smart outfit!
the restaurant there was really like a 5 star restaurant with waitresses wearing their uniform with the towels over their hand n everything.. but the only difference is that they were all students n going to be a famous chef 1 day!

we were served mocktail, ermm some prawn appetizer n as i din know the menu.. the main course was steak.. i wasnt suppose to eat that.. but no choice.. have ordered... eat only. after the steak is our desert.. the interesting part is that our waitress have to serve us... she cooked n serve us n her lecturer came n inspect her cooking n serving skills !! n their lecturer a french.. is so so leng chai.. damn tall!!! took a few pics of him.. with meichia's help hehe!

the leng chai french!

our leng lui waitress.. shen ni!

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yong reached too early n i was still in the bathroom preparing.. after that we went to fetch adelee n wee ven n headed straght to ktm.

there we met up with tt, eileen n yilian n off we go to times square. this i think is our third time there d.. but that time was a special 1 as we were going to celebrate the nov babies bday!

reached there met up with yean, tkj, hong n yongwe n we went sg wang to shop for their presents. walked half way buying hong's present suiyuan called n said he was waiting at mc d for us.. paiseh.. din tell him that we had already walked till sg. wang... then me n yong went to meet him n also shopped for yongwe's present.

after doing the shopping n stuff we went back bought a cake n had our lunch in esquire kitchen. bout the cake thing with the message 'happy birthday to : all' ermm.. i really dunno wat to write.. hehe n writing out all the names seems weird.. i din know how u all did it last round.. forgive me~! the only thing i like bout esquire kitchen is the 'tong po yuk' with the 'man tou'.. besides that i agree that all the dishes r quite.. small..

after the lunch we have the 'blow the cake n smash the cake session' with more ss-ing. after all those we went pavilion... funny adelee i think its best to have her around to always entertain ppl... she took off her shoe n walked.. but have to pity her as she wore high heels n walked that day. this is the first time ever that i see ppl walking in a mall barefooted.

we walked back to times for dinner.. went to a japanese restaurant.. i think its kiku sakura. the dish there is ermm very expensive n i ordered something which was not in the menu.. i was asking bout the oyako don n asked her whether it is fried chicken she said its not... if u want the fried wan its called katsu don... i remembered eating that in some other japanese restaurant n it was nice n i said yaya..i want that.. she said that is not in the menu but i can ask the chef to cook it.. happy happy~! but then after a while i started to think bout the price.. its not in the menu.. i dunno how r they charging me.. die~

in the end it was quite reasonable.. compared to the others.. hehe. i still prefer the restaurant back in taipan...

tkj, yean, yilian, adelee, weeven went off earlier as they finished their dinner earlier n wanted to be home by 11. but then we caught up with them at the ktm station. lucky lucky us... if not we had to wait till 5++ for the next train... phew~! wat a day! happy happy~! love to go out with him... lalala~ but now have till wait till finals over.. study study!

happy birthday again to ALL

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whole day club... exercise

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

something happened this morning.. after sending my sis to school, mummy suddenly ask bout me n yong.. scary~ but then she knows everything d.. n she just laugh away n said nothing... phew~ relief... she even asked me how it started n everything but i just brush her off by telling my sis knows more than me.. she actually does.. =p a big part of the burden has been taken off.. like wat yean yean n adelee advice me... faster tell ur parents n have less things to worry...well now i can tell mummy straight where am i going n with who.. dun have to find ppl to teman me d wohoo~ haha. (stop hearing complaints frm my sis actually)

reach col told him that n waited for wee ven to come n we went club. at first i thought its only going to be weeven, tkj, yongwe n me... but then we added 2 more ppl... wyn yan n liangjie... the more the merrier!!! haha.

we went gym for about 1 hr then played ping pong with tkj... i know how to serve d.. n got into a so so embarassing moment... met a guy very familiar n i thought i know him but couldnt recall... till when he approach us to borrow the ping pong bat from us then only strike a conversation n at last found out where i know that guy....

after ping pong went to play badminton... then went to lunch n continue again... went to the library for a while coz juz finish eating not advisable to swim.. wait till around 4 we went down to the swimming pool... saw that guy again... so so paiseh... tkj n weeven still wanna tease me... wuwu. yongwe, wyn yan n liang jie have either gone back or went to col...

after swimming went steam bath for a while bath n went back to col. yong said he is at condo join the swimming club's social gathering.. so i went there meet him. saw wyn yan there also.. with kent, sher huey, stella, shen yuen, dexter, wei min, yunru that gang. not long after that joshua came n join us too. i ate a bit n came back sleep~!

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sing k n shopping~ = meeting up friendzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, November 3, 2007

morning went park way for breakfast with hon ming, ong loong, ching yong, chin, my sis n i... early morning yong came fetch us n went there ordered our food n waited for them. ermmm could b said that they are always late.. worse than girls.. haha. =p

normal gossip with them n ermm.. actually they wanted an 'interview' session with yong but then too bad my youngest sis was there.. so they din ask him anything.. haha. only then that i know that joshur is now having hols n has travelled to london to visit sukhdave n will b staying in his hostel.. but dunno for how long. i wish i can stay at their place to when i travel there 1 day.

after that yong n i rush to col to fetch suiyuan n wyn yan go redbox... we were the latest.. sorry!! ahaha. as usual... we sang for around 2+ hrs.. i think. that day i really met up with lots of my secondary friends... i went redbox n yong told me she saw meichia.. my apo.. n brought me to the room... n surprisingly... she is there.. singing with her friend so i went in n kacau... sang a few songs with her n cabut. after that.. when i was about to enter my room i met another friend.. chee yin.. ermm suiyuan said she is very much shorter than me... happy happy~! haha. at least there is somebody shorter than me now.. chated a while n went back

after sing k we went shopping... erm... all of them duwan me n yong to join them ... ask us not to find them after i have posting my mail.. oh ya! that was the first time i line up n did a pos laju 'transaction' ... luckily that guy there was helpful enough to guide me through everything.. i din even prepare an envelope... i thought send through post laju will only need their type of envelope...

finish posting went shopping for shoes with yong.. all my slippers have spoilt! we 'toured' the whole sunway pyramid n at last found 1 n i've bought it.. no more slipper probs.. yean should know wat happen.. ekeke

oh ya... all of them abandoned us n went for dinner ... only called us when they were on their way there... so 'terrible'.. wuwuwu.. me n yong ended up eating in sushi king... hehe.

happy happy day~!

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