Tuesday, February 27, 2007

still in their uniform

shin yeen n tracy

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11:14 PM

went pyramid today... at first wanna makan with kacy, yilian, lionel, wyn yan n chingyong in chicken rice shop de. then when yean yean they all came then me stella n sher huey cabut we went nando's join them eat. hahaha. after that went bowling... so happy!!! first bowl got strike wah.. tot today will b very lucky but mana tau after that all masuk longkang... sad lar. the ball at first straight wan ler... but hor dunno y suddenly turn at the end then masuk longkang.. haiz. hmmm... then lionel n wyn yan keep on teaching me to throw straight. but still fail... feel sorry for them especially lionel... teach so long d still cannot get it straight. haha. me memang lembap lar... almost make the team lose... coz chingyong steven lionel n me in a team.. but then the guys were really geng!! 3 of them can cover me up d. oh ya... yilian skills were superb!!! strike dunno how many times... stella also. kacy n sher huey too!!! i'm the worst... sob sob

went into class late after bowling then feel so so tired.... blur throughout the whole class keep on seeing adelee's answer. hahaha. after class went to the leadership camp briefing... met new friends there... n also an old friend... so unexpected!!! at first elaine told me ur sis got bf d ar... then i look towards my sis then saw shaun... wah.. din expect to see some1 i know frm sec school to b there... our first nite we r suppose to camp in the college... then that shaun started telling all those ghost stories.. ish ish ish....... make ppl scared.

went home after that then me friends from secondary school came to visit... wahahaha... we talk talk talk... everybody talk till so high.. but all gossips. shin yeen n jess talk the most.. tracy n melissa quite quiet.. but then after that everybody start to talk... keep on cut here n there... hahaha. after that we depart to another friends house ming sze.. her smile is forever so sweet. there saw amelia.. so long din see her d. to me she like change a lot liao... become so leng lui. last time used to talk to her a lot used to b her best friend... but now.. haiz. y muz everything change ler??? me hate changes!!! especially bad ones!!!! we went for our 'reunion dinner' in ming sze's shop n go home.

me hate changes a lot. i think i'm a girl who wishes to stay forever in the past (happy pass)... n b happy
the future n the present always make me sad... some... most of it... i dunno

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10:03 PM

Happy Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chu xi

went to Ipoh today... woke up at 5 think it wouldn't b so jam if we depart frm kl early.. but then it still happenned. we took 6 hrs to reach ipoh n its tripple the normal time. but luckily it rain throughout the journey so its not that hot. hahaha. shud i thank ching yong for this... or thank those who go cheong k.. hahahaha. reach there juz in time to eat reunion lunch weird ler... we dun have dinner de... only reunion lunch dunno y. our this time its not really reunion coz another uncle din make it in time.. he got stuck in the jam... reach there at 5pm worst then us.
at night we sort of gamble... but not money de. we use peanuts instead coz he say too much peanuts d have to help finish all... =.=' . haiz.. dr say me cannot eat so much nutty food... but this time dun care lar... 1 year once only ma. after that bai tian gong n get my 1st ang pau frm grandma n grandpa wohoo~
piggy year muz eat piggy

1st day
greet everybody n take ang pau luu.... haha. finish receiving ang pau from relatives then went temple pray. daddy tell me that temple got 100+ years d... damn old!! after that went back eat lunch lu. after lunch cousin jin frm penang msg me asking when r we leaving... ask us to wait for them to come b4 going to my mum's place... not long after that another cousin msg me saying that they will come after lunch frm chemor... yay yay!! haha

gathered all the cousins d... now our challenge is to persuade my parents to stay on longer
n dun leave... hahaha. 1st me n sis go tell them that both aunts r coming back ask them wait... then like got no hope... after that cousin 'chu ma' jia jia n jie zhi r the best manage to hold them back hahaha. good good good. but then only manage to wait for 1 only... nvm lar. btw.. jin i got talk to yang yang n i still find he is coooool. haha. never see his 'random' side b4. hahaha. n this time me tried to korek something frm jia jia... his mouth like got gold... wont answer any of my q!!! hmph.

back to penang... did nothing juz eat dinner... then me n pc went look for friend from kl but same hometown. haha. so ngam..

2nd day

nothing much happened today. went visiting the whole day only lo... oh ya... we went to the orphanage n old folks home also... donate somethings n came home.

3rd day

morning was a bz bz day.. its our grandfathers ' ji ri' (the da
y he died) so have to prepare things to bai bai. after that we went over to penang. went queensbay.. new shoping mall there... quite big n got lots of things. uncle wanna make sushi for the next day so we went n bought the ingredients. that was my 1st time see mocha ice-cream so decided to try.... not bad but next time i'm not gonna buy that again. haha.

after that went to my papa's gathering... they have this gathering every year on the 3rd day of cny without fail... since their university days... so this is i think erm... the 30++ year d. all their children also around the same age.. n we have known each other since we were baby.. haha. quite close to some of them. after the dinner we went to 1 of the friends house... n there is where i learn my mahjong... first time playing mahjong... so fun. muz thank yun ling n her bros. we play till 12++ then went back. reach home already 1+ am. tired tired

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5:10 PM

so long din post liao... got so much to post.dunno where to begin

Feb 15

Pogress test finish today dun feel like talking bout all the papers... juz that i had fun studying with my sis, siu hong, ching yong, sher huey, stella, cheryl they all.. especially when we studied for law. they made me memorized lots of things. hahaha. guess i have found a study grp in SYUC.

after paper 2.4 me my sis siu hong n my cousin went cineleisure Norbit!! yay!! me n my sis got 4 free tix frm the chocettes club we have to redeem the tix with 4 empty packets of chocettes... but when we went there we keep on shop shop shop till forget that we haven't even buy until we walk to the cinema n wanted to redeem. =.=' then we quickly find see whether got sell the chocettes there... wah there sell damn expensive ler... almost double the price in normal shop. luckily they were out of stock... if not we rugi coz we went watsons n buy n its way much cheaper. siu hong belanja!! thx o.. hahaha. but then hor we have to empty the packet so we pour all the chocolates out into a plastic bag n eat from there... so pathetic.

the movie is not as expected lor... the trailer was nice... i tot it will b something like that but it ended up not as funny... never mind lar.. got luff a bit can liao. hahahaha. after the movie my cousin fetch me back... n in the car he told me lots of stuff.... last time korek frm u duwan tell now pour everything out with0ut me asking.... hahahah. anyway thx pang!

Feb 16

morning wake up faster do house work n wait for chingyong come fetch us go cheong k!! wohooo.. went there still early...saw tkj yongwe n james skating when we reached. then after that we went shopping. shopping with guys r kinda difficult sometimes... some guys. hahaha. i bought a skirt n its so worth it!!!

after that went red box!! so fun. at first i was shy shy... dun dare to sing.. but then after seeing chingyong wyn yan n siu hong sing till like.. dunno wats the word thn i begin to sing. hahaha. at 1st very soft... thn geting louder.. but they say my voice still very soft o. i guess the mic got problem. ekeke. my singing is not good at all.. juz sing for the fun only. hahaha. there wyn yan n siu hong's voice r the best. chingyong's reputation went down after he sang the fir song. hahahaha. never mind lar... practice more then sure can sing that part d. =) after that went to tat hoong's room... there i think only the girls sing.. the boys seldom sing wan.... so me n wee vern sang... most of them r ferrenheit's songs... another ferrenheit fan. i'm very very very happy that day!!!! hahahaa... hope we can go again. when is the next time ar????

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4:23 PM

back to normal life... i guess

Sunday, February 11, 2007

woke up this morning with a terrible headache. went teen quest they had last day of cny carrolling practice we sing all the cny songs... which is in english version. i wonder who came out with those lyrics... lol summore they arrange the song till so funny.. added some effects to it.. really wanna sing it out on the 4th of march.. see how those ppl react. hahaha. after that got hymm singing summore.. so we sang for the whole session.. quite nice.

went back on9 then piano then study... progress test is juz tomoro n i think i'm not prepared for it. until now i still haven't even read through the past year questions that mr. D say may come out. =p

today dunno y really crazy d.. did something i never do in my life. hahaha. at least get something straight n i guess i know wat to do next.hopefully it wouldn't b ruined in my hands =)

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9:10 PM

late late

Friday, February 9, 2007

today is the 1st day i went late for class... OMG i din even realise until when i was in the car and Joanna sms me... this is wat happened b4 that...

pc called me n asked whether there are enough food spare for 2 more ppl or not? me said no then ask y? she said Meena and Cheryl coming!!!! i was like so so happy.. haha. after that continue watch my hana kimi.. hahaha. load for the whole morning d at last can watch. haha. speed today quite fast.. they reached home we ate our lunch i packed my things n start to play.

Meena start to play ps with my sis... hmmm... i think only she can stand playing with my sis. while me n cherly.. playing the piano. practically she has played all my richard clayderman pieces.. grade 8 student memang pro... speechless. haha. after that i teach her the duet my cousin taught me.. she is really smart... after playing once she got the rhythm n tempo n we can start to play fast. really had a fun time with her.

i guess that's y i played till forget the time. the lecture was supposed to start at 230 but i only leave my house at that time... this is really terrible... i hope this wont happen to me in the future.

Mr. D today so generous bought so many lollipops n start throwing it to the class.. but muz 1st answer his q. silly q. haha. n those who r sleepy also will get it!!!

oh ya.. dunno y today so many ppl so emo..

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8:18 PM

baking cake

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

after boring class today at first wanna study in college with stella n cheryl. but then we bump into yi lian n she said she wanna go home n ask stella if she wanted to have a ride home too. stella was delighted to hear that.. i guess. haha. n we juz follow lo. hehe. reach her house go kacau her organ. thn eat the cookies she made... so soo nice ler. cheryl say she n her mum can open a bakery d. true true... they like to bake cakes n cookies. i remembered last time she baked a big chocolate cake n sent it to my house... it was delicious!!!!! the pineapple tart she made also.... yummy yummy!!

after that cheryl was like... can we bake cake can we bake cake??? haha. then we bake cake lu~ stella take the recipes out n we started choosing. at last we choose the apple walnut cake.but then we dun have some of the ingredients so we find substitute... walnut changed with almond n cashew nuts.. hehe. after taking out all the ingredients.. stella leave me n cheryl do n she go do hw.. haiz.. tot can have fun together... nvm lar. haha. hw more important!! this was our 1st time baking cake without 'adults' guiding le.. so fun but very kelam kabut lar!! haha. do half way have to find the sieve.. the shredder n stuff. haha. when beat the batter we dun even know when will it 'curdle' lol. we basically juz mix everything inside when we think/ feel its the right time. haha. then stella came down when we were about to finish.. she was rushing us coz we only have around 1 hr to bake.. after put the batter into the oven we eat our lunch.

after lunch we made ice-blended coffee n drink.. whoa... so nice n refreshing.. no wonder today during 2.4 class i was so awake but blur blur.. hahaha. oh ya... the ice blended coffee we also added some ovaltine on it... haha.. nicer!!! we talk talk talk thn at last the cake is done. i think it was successful gua.. dunno. hahaha. it raised a bit only.. is it suppose to b like that??? nobody knows. lol. but thanks stella for letting us have such a nice experience. =)

this sat play again!! wohoo!!!

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8:34 PM


Monday, February 5, 2007

this morning read newspaper.. saw the parade robbery's news.. they were quite smart but the security guard is even smarter than them. pura pura mati then save himself coz he saw the other guard was shot died... ahahaha. smart smart. thumbs up. lol

after class went play basketball with tkj, yean, adelee, wyn yan, sui yuan, yongwe, chingyong, william n siu hong. thanks tkj. this is the 1st time for i think 6 years i play this game lol. quite fun.. though i juz stand there like statue.. when get the ball fast fast past it to somebody. me so so cha till like contribute nothing to my team... ahhh.. paiseh.. hehe. sorry. but it was a good experience.

me want oi oi liao. tired.

hope will play again another time.

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9:46 PM

Sunday, February 4, 2007

yesterday cannot sign in dunno y.. so have to accumulate 3 days things to blog now. haiz... wat happen to blogspot!!

went to college.. morning blur blur.. dun like law class so duwan talk bout it. after class also blur blur dunno need to take back our paper.. juz walk off go to comp lab. hahaha. where is my paper now???? anybody knows??? haiz... went comp lab load my 花样少年少女 then watch but manage to finish the 1st part only then look at the time... its time for me to go!!! went down to foyer saw Helen they all then talk to them.. found out they also juz bought monokoruboo's t-shirt.. wow... lately there are so many ppl like to buy that t-shirt.... i think its a major hit in town now... hehe. next time got combine class can wear together d. hahahaha. saw yean yean's blog she also bought le...

came back eat d thn on9.. load my movie n continue watching... then chat lo.. well i settle something today........ now i'm single. see how things go on after that.. shud b ok gua... hahahah. only heaven knows. lol. thx to all who were concerned. oh ya.. today only i know lionel is such a friendly person lol. coz my 1st thought bout him was... he's a very cool person. hahaha. first time chat with him. really chg my impression on him. not to mention kacy too!!! hahaha

besides that i was introduce to a few friends from nz (May-China, Beatrice-Msian and Daniel-Taiwan) haha by my nz friend.. james thank u!!! come back tell us k... will bring MC to KLIA n meet u there. by the way she herself suggested to pick u up!! lol

today is mainly about chatting...


mummy need to go school today... to replace the CNY holiday then me n daddy n sis have to replace mummy's job.. help mummy buy groceries for the week. haiz. smart smart me dun like go wet market so i told daddy me n sis go sundry shop there buy the dry stuff... u go buy the wet stuff.. hahaha. like that i sort of escape going there d... smart me!! hahaha.

buy then go back... then suddenly receive msg frm piano teacher say want have class now (1030am) instead of 330pm. i was like.. OMG i havent even practice...faster faster flip the pages n started playing... haiz.. all stuck here n there... die lo.. but when she came we had quite a good time. got some good comments too.. din think it will turn out like that.. haha. satisfied. but muz tell myself.. have to practice more next time!!! no last minute work!!

lunch thn on9 again.. chat with beatrice n may.. found out beatrice once stay so so so near my house... but we never meet b4 until now. haha. thn she introduce me to 2 more friends Gary n Kevin... chat till they got sleepy lol coz that side was already 2am. hahaha. went to find my grandparentsafter dinner... sudden plan coz uncle frm ipoh called n said he's there.. went there play with my cousin.... she forgot me liao!!! so sad.. duwan me to carry!!! how can!!! i juz played with her so happily during dec hols. nvm this CNY i will make sure she remembers me forever!!! hahaha.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

this morning wake up eat d thn did some spring cleaning. help mummy change the cushion cover... i realised i do work more efficient then her ler.. hahahaha. hmmm... i guess she is getting older thats y. cannot blame her also. :p

after that went eat lunch in ss14. there i was so surprise coz suddenly got ppl call my name frm the back... i turn thn look around... saw choon onn.... n a gang of friends!!! surprise surprise. thn he start introducing me to them. n them to me... then they all started hi peiting hi peiting.... omg... when i walk back to my table i can see ppl keep on looking at me.. paiseh nyer~ hahaha. but nice to know them also... wat a friendly lot. haha. at last i got to know who is Lee jun. she is so leng lui... no wonder so many ppl wanna work with her... lol. i wanna b like her!!!!

thn went times square... shopping. went there got stuck in the jam for a while b4 reaching. then reach there got stuck again in the car park... for 30 min. *shake head* wat to do.. public holiday... so many ppl want go shopping. hahaha. go there bought something thn have to rush back again coz sis got tuition. haiz... actually wanted to go sg wang but no choice... got to go liao. on the way back stop by ss2 there eat thn come back

this is my day.. kinda happy
missing sum1

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