Monday, April 30, 2007

this morning 9++ follow adelee went pyramid buy cake n present for tkj. so hard to choose a present... at 1st tot of buying a bag for her... but then coulnt find a suitable 1.. then end up buying a shirt. haha. hope she likes it. then we also bought a necklace n a bracelet. after settling the present thingy we went to buy cake. reached galaxy late d... hahaha. next time we shall buy durian cake for adeleeeee... since she like it so much. if nobody wants to eat.. she'll eat all the cake herself, muz make sure she finishes it. hahahaha. neh neh d bu bu

today sang lots of songs. sing till din realise that time pass so fast. when the booking time for our room was going to end.. cy bring in the cake n we started singing birthday song to tkj. everybody sing so loud till the room was like gonna burst soon. haha. but it was really fun. we took out a piece of cake to kenakan tkj. haha. kesian her.. her whole face kena.... hair also got a bit.

after the cake-eating... we went on singing... we began to 'high' at that time. there were so many ppl in the room. we sang together... so so so loud. but it was really fun. i like to sing together!!! that time we also started ss-ing. took so much pic. hahaha. oh ya... i fall in love with a song... the tide is high.... wow!! singing non-stop now. haha. 1st time hear it was when tkj sang... nice nice nice!!

tonite going to sjba for wesak eve ceremony....

last word


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8:08 PM

finish test

Sunday, April 29, 2007

mock finish at last. real stress for the pass few days. every nite sleep at 2 wake up at 6. i depended a lot on my vit b. without it i think i will drop dead in the 3rd day. lol. this time i think the grp study helps a lot. until now i still can remember of the biz risk n financial risk. this is very effective. i need ppl to keep on repeating it to me... so that i can store it in my CPU. lol. luckily this round i have lots of tips all thx to lionel, sui yuan to ask n all who analyse together. without those tips i think i dunno where to start n doubt that i will b able to sit for this test. haha

friday... the last day of our test. we went to true fitness in taipan. thx to adelee n tkj. went there listen to the councilor 'nian jin' but luckily she din say so much.. coz she ur friends later can bring u around. so lucky. haha. but after that we werent able to join the hot yoga which was planned earlier... coz we were late. instead we went around trying the machines. lol. i went to check my body fat... n luckily it is in an acceptable level.. wateva~ i'm not going to reduce or increase. i'll juz maintain. lalala~ gotta leave early cant join them for belly dance coz suddenly daddy want go shah alam n klang go find friend who came back from vietnam for a few days.. me got no key cant go home. wuwuwu. that nite end up 12 something oni reach home. wah really really tired!!

saturday morning gotta wake up early again coz need to help out for the scholarship ceremony. i tot the whole council will b there but end up oni me, aruna, jocelyn, xiaoxiao, shaun, herald, hariz were there. i was in-charge with the registration n giving out certs thingy... at 1st tot it would b easy but when there's more ppl flooding into the hall i began to 'kelam kabut' luckily got ppl help me. hahaha. after the registration thing i give out certs. got chance to meet all the recipients. oh ya.. ben was performing on stage n his singing is nice!! me, jocelyn, shaun, herald n hariz were waving behind trying to create effect ... make him luff but din succeed. he was like avoiding looking at us.

after that went eat lunch with them + max. then went foyer waited for them to come n celebrate sharee's bday!! she really very cham lar... let ppl push her face down the cake twice.. can see the pic in hong hong's blog. haha. really like thick make-up.

tonite got both good n bad things happen. chat josh n hm... kesian honming keep on saying the things that we talk bout cant relate to him. josh... slowly search ba. go UK dun find blondy or blackie o. the bad wan.. dun feel like talking bout it. hope it doesnt happen again.. havent recover. scared scared. lalala~

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1:50 AM

do i look like i'm in a bad shape?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ytd when i was having dinner my daddy suddenly ask me wat r u thinking???
concentrate while having ur dinner lar...

huh??? wat was i thinking then i also dunno... do i really look that i'm thinking of something else when i always eat??

they summor said that i'm getting thinner n thinner?? am i? i thought my weight increase d ler... sis keep on say me aneroxic.. aneroxic not like that wan lar... ppl with aneroxia wont eat at all ok!! hahaha. i summor eat so much without vomitting out..

fri nite oni i know got somebody finish exam d dunno wat to do.. so wu liao.. come all the way to my house n go back... din even call me!! wat lar. next time come d call me ma... tsk tsk tsk. tell me after u have reached home useless. haha

daddy juz left for malacca.. hmm.... praying hard for his safe journey!!

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miss her lots!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

my dear cousin who is now in new zealand...

i miss u !!



crazy ppl doing crazy stuff... childish!!

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12:43 AM

hate to b compared with!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

many of my friends like to ask me this question... how do u feel got a sister studying in the same form as u??

we were in the same form ever since she 'jump' class (PTS) . well i am really proud to have a smart sis like her.. this i wouldn't deny. i'm actually glad to b in the same class with her. we were in the same class from form 3 till last sem. we enjoyed everything we did.... especially during our secondary days... the study grp.. projects, friends n everything. but now... i dunno. we dun really share the common things we shared anymore...

another prob i face is... ever since she jump class i was compared with her. i'm not that smart as her.... almost all her results will beat mine... i only win her once which is in UPSR. my parents will juz non-stop comparing my results with hers.. this really makes me feel very stress. i'll juz leave that to rest as she is my sis.. i love her.. i wish her to outdo me too.

the most terrible thing is that... my parents they dont only compare me with my sis they even compare me with their colleague's children. some of them r also studying the same course as me n some has already graduated.. i dun understand... y they cant juz leave me to do wat i wanna do.

y cant they like other parents. at least say some good words to me when i failed.

nevermind... i dun care anymore.

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going crazy

Sunday, April 15, 2007

friday i juz got back my law paper n it affected my mood the whole day. I FAILED. i guess i din put in much effort this sem compared to the last. i really took it easy n now i've taste the 'fruit' its not nice at all. so bitter... bluek but at least this time it really wakes me up. i'm now really on my toes... i will b more concentrate in class... i've told hong n tkj to remind me of my results when they see me not concentrating in class.. lol. i hope it works!! remember a... remind me!!! cannot play in class too much d. those who see me playing n not concentrating also plz do that to me.

after 2.1 class me, pc, yean n adelee went tkj's house to bath. at first we were thinking of dressing up adelee in her patrick suit for the acca social gathering but end up din. hahahah. use the wax n do her hair oni. the wax we put maybe not enough her hair still cant stand properly. we received our medal n cert for the tug of war n basketball..

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cook spagghetti

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

after law class today the 7 of us.... me, adelee, yean yean, tkj, hong hong, tiger n lionel squeez into adelee's car n come to my house... wohoo~ kesian tiger everytime we go over the bumper he will knock his head n keep on saying the ppl behind our car pointing at him... coz he was sitting in the boot. hahaha. imagine 7 of us in a kembara... luckily din bump into mr. policeman

came to my house dunno wat to do... then started find something to eat. after that we decided to cook spagghetti. hahaha. it was quite fun.. me yean n adelee were in the kitchen preparing the stuff... tkj become supervisor.. haha no lar.. she was playing with adelee's phone. lionel n tiger studying (which is quite fake) n siu hong on9.

adelee started boiling the spagghetti n we were chopping the ingredients. when we started to cook lionel came in n i think he did the rest of the cooking. hahaha. hmmm... this is the 1st time a guy cook in my house... haha. never once in my house got a guy cook wan lo. ekeke.
thank u all!!

have u ever tried chatting with some1 n all of a sudden u wont feel emo n b happy for the rest of the day??

i hope i can really find some1 like that again. let go of the past n see the future. shud i?? i'm not prepared.
- LOVE IS NOT ABOUT HAVING AND OWNING IT- i saw from somebody's blog.

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ups n downs

Sunday, April 8, 2007

duwan to talk about it

duwan to talk about it

after class i went sunway pyramid to watch mr bean holiday!!! it was really a great show.. me, yean, adelee, hong, chingyong n william went as a grp. n there we met sher huey, suan li, sharee n vern yen. throughout the whole show i was non-stop luffing... i guess everybody was like me. lol. this show really worth an applause!! after that we went ming tian for dinner... on the journey there i tell lots of stories n listen to lots too.... hahaha. thx to yean yean!!

-- speechless--


i bored i'm blur i'm confused..... i dunno wat to do
some1 help me!!!

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

so so so emo since morning till now!!! ish ish.. got nothing to say except my whole body aching.... my hand pain.... n i hurt my foot today.. bleeding.

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