Ice Skating

Saturday, April 10, 2010

nowadays i can just wake up early without the help of alarm clock
even its raining outside in the morning....
i still woke up at 830.

as usual..
sis n i start off with cleaning our room
ate our breakfast
n i'm off to meet my colleagues for ice skating!!

this is my second time after so long
went 2 rounds clinging to the barrier
n at last can go without it
but with funny stupid stunt
half way while i was skating
colleagues came.. hold my hands n skate together
it was so nice when u can just have somebody
hold on to u...
dun need to worry bout whether u're gonna fall or not
n she skate so fast!!! it was sooooo nice...
i hope i can skate as fast as her...

the skating ring was at kallang leisure mall
with $17.50 for 2 hours...
i think it was a bit pricey...
but i think it's the only place where u have ice-skating in singapore
n the place is rather small
if u compare it to sunway pyramid's...
n the hours u get to skate...
however it was a nice experience!

after skating went to plaza sing
bought my vacuum bag
to store my 3 bulky jacket...
found it very useful when my senior lend it to me
while we were packing our luggage in Wuxi...
was so worry that i can't continue
shopping in Shanghai coz the luggage
was damn packed with my bulky jackets n the 排骨.
luckily senior helped me to solve the problem..

while i was there...
went to carefour n bought 2 sushi packs back
n roast chicken rice for dinner...
the sushis are still in the fridge
n im still so full..
how how how???

♥ Let it Rain.
9:54 PM

Wuxi 2

Friday, April 9, 2010

dinner again in 顶上牛排.
we had 3 course meal instead of the normal ala carte..

Sunday i went explore places around my hotel
by myself... while shopping on the way i din realise
that i was walking towards 南禅寺...
went in to the temple
make some prayers and
continue exploring~!

the architecture there was nice
but to my dispair the whole place was
under some restoration...
the old buildings were surrounded
by bamboo sticks...

had dinner at TGIF
which is also just at the lobby of our hotel..

Our driver mentioned that 梅花 and 桃花
are blooming during these few weeks
and it will only last for about 10 days
so he asked us not to miss it...
On sat morning senior brought me to
崇安寺 to see those flowers~
can't really resist the scene of sakura

♥ Let it Rain.
6:06 PM


Thursday, April 8, 2010

the food we had in Wuxi after work....
in pizza hut n 顶上牛排
These 2 restaurants are just beside our hotel.
we try to request for a room to ourself whenever we go
as we really couldn't stand ppl smoking inside the restaurants

♥ Let it Rain.
6:14 PM

First day in Wuxi

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reach Pudong airport ard 12pm and another 2+ hours drive
finally we reached Wuxi at around 3pm.

We had our late lunch at a restaurant nearby the hotel
n there was a wedding ceromony held there..

Wuxi's famous 酱排骨

some fish from 太湖
if i'm not mistaken it's called 银鱼梗

n this corn cake!!
it was delicious... n surprisingly crispy!

later that night we had our 老北京 in KFC

♥ Let it Rain.
8:21 PM




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