Singapore Trip

Friday, January 23, 2009

as it was stated in the earlier post that
it was a sudden plan to go Singapore so
we took the night train down that night itself
n when we reach there we headed straight to City Hall
with our trolley bag..

can see this bus almost at all the attraction places

after we have done everything
then we headed to punggol

the food republic at orchard
I din get to eat the fried hokkien mee
the queue was so long
n it was already 9pm n i'm too hungry..

her office..
I thought it was a temple or
some chinese association building in the first place

outside some shopping center near City Hall

from there we explore the area n
to our surprise we walked till
somewhere near the esplanade

random buildings

the 'durian'

this reminds me of HongHong


can u spot the chinese wordings behind?
it is shaped by rattans
i just figure out 1..


i will miss her..

♥ Let it Rain.
10:25 AM

sudden plan... I'm Off to Sg!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

yahooo~!!! another trip down Singapore before starting work!

i just receive the news n now going to pack n go~!!

♥ Let it Rain.
4:10 PM

Bye Sukhdave!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

it was a fun filled n tired day again today!!

We were supposed to gathered at my house at 1pm
but as usual.. this gang of guys r not gentlemen..
they were late for 1 and a half hour!!!

we went in sushi king for tea instead
but before that headed to McDonalds for ice-cream
poor Jia Xing were starving by then

after tea we had bowling
n went Mydin for stationary shopping..
how 'fun' was that!!
Sukhdave n Honming wanted to save
as buying stationaries back in UK n AUS
is much more expensive..

later we went to the mamak downstairs for roti canai
they claimed that it was dinner!!
i got a shock... a piece of roti canai??
that is really not enough for me!!
but the dhal there is really very nice

so from there we hopped to Taipan
our usual desert shop for desert..
Jess brought down poker cards
n we started playing bluff

It was the only game that i laugh till my stomach was aching
'discrimination' added as claimed by Sukhdave
as we gang up to prevent him to win..
he was first to have the last card.. wat to do
silly moves were also done

our last destination was Carlos.. mamak
they wanted to have a last try on the nasi lemak
that is wat i call 'dinner' at last!!
by the time we reach home its aready 12

never have I spent my day hopping from 1 place to another like that!!

♥ Let it Rain.
10:21 AM

food tasting outing to klang

Sunday, January 4, 2009

we were planning for a outing to klang for quite sometime

until that day wanshin msg all of us whether we r free on this saturday..
of course!! i've been waiting for this trip for quite some time

that morning chingyong fetch me n chin to stella's house
to meet up with sherhuey suanli cheryl n chenghou
before we begin our little trip to klang
met up with wanshin at klang's toll
n she bring us the way to Bukit Tinggi Jusco

we lost our way there n
cheryl called her friend to direct the way
after that her friend brought us for lunch
go to klang of coz we have to eat their bak kut teh!!

there were 10 of us
n his friend ordered 4 pots!!
we were shocked at first
worrying whether we can finish or not
but in the end every pot was emptied!!
not surprising as it was delicious!!

we went back again to AEON shopping complex
to catch a movie..

they went back after the movie
n left chinyong chin n I
we went to shop for some stuff
n i got my handbag at last!!

its dinner time
we bought sushi
n went back to chingyong's house
n ordered pizza hut
while waiting for our pizza to come
we ate sushi n played mahjong!!

♥ Let it Rain.
6:54 PM




food lover in singapore







good job with good pay
enjoy life



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