so unlucky

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i changed my bag n left my purse in the old bag. haiz. of all these days... when the sem is coming to an end only they start to have spot check. i din bring my receipt n worst still dun have my student ID with me. haiz...but luckily nothing serious happened to me... still havent being kicked out of class. haha. after that kena bomb by sharee.. wuwu. malangnya. next time duwan to sit beside her d =p

from morning eat breakfast let ppl bomb non stop till finish class. but having them around me is so fun if not without them my life will b very very dull n bored. thanks to yean yean for lending me money today!! n sui yuan for belanja me soya bean and offer help to wash up the dishes =p. sorry adelee for waiting for me to finish my lunch n rush back to complete the questions. ekeke paiseh. oh ya i proved something to tkj today... i did improved my maintenance!!! =p

during class there was a question with ENCIK YAP n HIS SON james.... y lar got my sur name inside.. haiz kena again this time not only frm sharee but others too.. wuwuwu. sharee yelled my name n say 'peiting's son'.. malu nyer~ then miss rozi turned n luff. i was blushing d lar!! haiz haiz... really experienced wat is it like to sit beside her.

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8:50 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

this morning went tian hou gong coz daddy wanna go for operation d. go there pray for a while then go for lunch around that area. daddy brought us to a restaurant which is quite secluded where u cant imagine that there will b a restaurant inside. the name of the restaurant is called SIU SIU. hahaha.... the first thought that came to my mind was SIU HONG. in my heart i was luffing non-stop dunno y =p the 'siu yok' there very very nice...

went back home thn a relative came visit.. oh ya. sorry to those ppl who had called n wanted to chat. i lent my phone to my sis n took out my sim card. exams near d lu~ no time for emo-ing!!! but i'll b always free to lend u all an ear.. haha. everybody gambate!! jia you jia you!! after exams then have fun!! wohoo~!!

lastly... hope the operation will b a success though its a minor wan. *praying hard*

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7:24 PM

happy bday steven

Friday, May 18, 2007

ytd nite chat till very very late with yean n adelee n with another sec school friend. got to know that many of my friends got prob with their relationship. haiz..... dunno wat to say. i'm no expert in this.

morning wake up mc yean n hong. then eat something bath n wait for chingyong to come n fetch. 1st went steven's house--> bday boy. then headed to 1u wohoo~ me adelee n pc in cy's car. tt cy in steven's car. learn my lesson never sit beside tt in the car... poor me kena bully haiz. reached there went to neway. yay!! sing k again. this time got to listen to yean yean sing... 1st time le. nice nice nice especially when we sang 'lang hua yi duo duo'. luckily siu hong din come in... if not spoil everything... hahaha. oh ya sang 'tide is high' twice.. once with tkj they all 2nd time with lionel they all. haha. yay... i like tht song!! but this time sang 'liang san po yu juliet' once only...

after that is the cake cutting session with steven. they brought them out want him to guess the cake is in which room. haha. but i think its quite obvious.... sang bday song for quite a lot of times hahahahaa. fun n he supposed to sing solo for 'wo ke yi' but ended up all sing together.... lol. this time he is so so lucky 3 times ppl tried to push him down towards the cake but no cream stuck to his face. next time muz buy cream instead d... haha.

ss in the entrance for a while only proceed to do some window shopping. feel so weird when walking through those corridors.. haiz. then went to adelee's house n chg n go play volleyball in college!! yay. very fun le. learn new things today.... wohoo~ as this is my first time playing so have to practice separately 1st. duwan to go join the pro play 1st haha. hmmm i practice with pigtoise hong hong yongwe kacy yilian elaine n other pro ppl like fernando n jt i think its his name.. haha nt sure.. still figuring out wats his actual name with pigtoise in her car. hahahaha.
went back eat bath faster put lotion. my hand damn red n pain now le~ i hope i can train till like them dun feel anything after playing. yes! thats my goal for this game for now. haha.

next week muz study d... no more playing n outings for me. muz b decipline a bit d!!!

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9:29 PM

miss my study group

Saturday, May 12, 2007

this few days i have started studying abit.. i mean those serious type. haha. while studying i turn on my classical music coz it let me relax a lot. while listening to it i think back of my secondary school days...
i used to do that when i was studying for spm. every nite listening to it without feeling bored.. i miss the days when we have our study group. every morning when we have our 'study break' u all will come to my house early in the morning n start studying. me, pc, jess, josh, suki, honming, ongloong.haha. jess would come real early in the morning even when i havent wake up. kakak had to open the door for her n then she will come n disturb my sweet dreams... but sometimes she will also squezz with us n sleep together till others arrive.

after the guys come we will start studying... study till sien d then honming will open the piano n play.. josh n suki will play with the ps... sometimes but rarely. coz once started with that thing they will never end. hahaha. when hungry they wont hesitate to ransack my cupboard n fridge to search for food. even come into my room haha. jess even go n open my wardrobe n ransack my clothes!!! hahahaha. oh ya.. still remember when my mum hang my kindergaten graduation pic in my room... jess saw it n started luffing at it... even ask all of them to come n see..... =.=' . oh dear.. i miss u so much keep on mentioning ur name. hahaha. haiz... nw that we are going on with pur own ways... josh n suki going uk. hm going aus, left the rest of us staying back here!!! no more study group d.

most people say study group doesnt help.. coz we will end up talk more than study... i dun think so, coz my study group then really helps alot.. we came out with lot of easy ways to memorise things n sometimes we question each other in a funny way that u will remember wat the other person say during exams... i hope i will find another group like this in the future...

this morning when i went to col they have this community run n have blocked the gate. so i have to walk from the traffic light to the foyer.. good exercise in the morning. haha. oh.. when i juz came down from the car i saw yongwe, choon onn n kent running... not long after that saw shaun n herald.. haha. reach foyer saw got ppl wearing skates.... 1st tot came to my mind was... they all muz b yongwe's skating friend. haha. see them skating around there makes me feel like learning... arh but i scared to fall. ekeke. haiz... cannot see them skate. have to rush to class summor late d. luckily went in much early she locked the door after i went in not long. scary. during break went down to the sc booth to see whether they need help or not... got frigthen when somebody tickle my ear... geli.. ishish. then saw kent. haiz... he can start to talk to that girl d since she smile back to him. but too bad the girl already gt bf.... b friends can d lar. haha.

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9:29 PM

sports carnival.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

yesterday i was really a very good girl.. stay back for law even though most of my friends went for movie n bowling. haiz haiz. notti notti them ponteng n leave me behind.. wuwuwu.poor me.. the only girl eating with a bunch of guys during lunch... this time shud turn around n say.. a rose among the thorns d. wuwuwu. we got 2 packets of 'just tea' given out near orange house there on our way back

after lunch really cannot concentrate d. the class were like smaller compared to morning. our side there oni left sui yuan, lionel, sher huey, stella, ching yong, william stay back. peili n tiger came... luckily tiger came.. hahaha. at least not so bored with him around. learn 1 new game from tiger's phone.. i think i'll b addicted to it.. all thanks to lionel ish ish . but nvm lar.. that time really too sien cant concentrate d. oh ya.. summor kena bully by tiger.... keep on taking the empty packet drink blow air in n press it near my ear... geli nyer~ ish ish. the first time summor got water inside... make my face wet.. lucky a little oni if not my whole face sure sticky d.

after class went to the swimming pool there to help out. emergency call by our dear president to help out the sports council for this event. we were suppose to b time keeper. hmmm... only me, ann june, su jen, andrew, ei leen, may eve n jian wei help to do the time keeping coz we have enuf ppl d. during the briefing.. poor kent was introduced only as 'the runner' as his name wasnt even mentioned

i was in-charge of the 1st lane... which was mostly used by acca participants.. so lucky. actually when i was 1st there writing out the score board i was so shock that acca have the highest participants!! we have 6 n others have oni 2/1. but A levels also not bad got 4. Ee Wen (sc) was representing A-levels too.. she damn geng... johor state swimmer no wonder... 50m free style only took 29 sec.. amazing!! sher huey, stella n joshua also got participate... they were all very good swimmers!! oh ya... sharee, chee yuen n tiger went there to support... they were suppose to cheer but then din hear any sound from them also... instead it was me n kent who were cheering... i was supposed to keep track of the time but then dun care lar. do my duty n cheer for acca also... last event was relay.. sher huey, stella, joshua n another guy from acca join. that was the time we cheer like mad coz another team were quite close to ours... they were fighting very hard to b 2nd. so for ppl who actually din really help much like me n kent helped to cheer for them. kesian joshua we keep on shout his name... coz his turn was the last n he was trying to beat another team who was very close to get 2nd placing. ACCA got 2nd for the whole event wohoo~!!

after that we went pyramid to meet up with yean, tkj adelee n yongwe to have our dinner. they were representing ACCA to play bowling n got 3rd!!! congrats!! haha. after dinner we saw got ice hockey n stay back to watch for a while.. we keep on saying how the player shud pass the puck n how there r suppose to station, hahahaha... funny. we stayed there for quite a while until when got both players hit their stick so close to us that we got shocked n decided to go... oh ya that time we were standing juz beside the ring. but this time they din play till as rough as the 1 i saw last year when they have competition. went back to col fetch elaine n headed back for home...

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5:28 PM


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


i thought i will have a very good sleep at nite after a whole day of working out. but i was wrong. i woke up at 2am n couldnt sleep after tat. my whole body wasnt feeling alright. i asked my sis whether i was having a fever.. she juz touch n mumbled something n went back to sleep. i tot it was juz me imagining things n try to go back to sleep. i turned here n there but still couldn;t until 4 am i asked my sis again whether im really having a fever. this time i shake her till she touch properly.. coz i knew that something was wrong with me. she touch d then say something about the revision pack there got.. i was like huh???? then shake her again... she touch again n say wah.. so hot. swt!! faster go eat panadol... stop my brain from burning.. later cannot go for exam. sei lo....

the next day have to forgo my opportunity to go for the job shadow thing. haiz... really wasted. i was hoping that i can get it.. now i got it but becoz of that i lost my chance... haiz. i think i'm faited everytime to lose chances.. last time in primary school also like that... wuwuwu... y izit so unfair!!

during the day i guess nothing much happen.. except that i slept for throughout. only wake up when wanna eat. sometimes b like a pig for a day is not so bad... ekeke.

oh ya... thank u guys for asking me to recover soon. haha.

went to class siu hong keep on saying me make a lot of 'wantan'. wuwuwu. not i want wan also. during lunch they (lee lee, yean yean, tkj, siu hong) bully me... wuwuwu. after eating kfc they delay me from getting into the car... then lock me out of the car n drive away... hahaha. but then they stoped n let me in. they werent that bad after all. haha. sometimes really funny being with u all..

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6:21 PM

sports day today.. for me!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

this morning went college waited for wee ven to come n fetch me go club swimming. went there swim for a few laps. tried out free style.. but i think i'll never made it right.. wuwuwu. always swim half a lap then tired d. shows that my style is not correct. after swimming went sauna. hot hot hot... the time really flies fast when there r 2 person inside chatting. ahaha. fun fun. then went lunch with her n yongwe.

went back col go library tot wanna study but then keep on sms-ing yean yean coz got something to 8. herh!! angry... din tell me something!!! ish ish. hahaha. not long after that sis called say mum's here... have to rush back down again. go back sleep for a few min only. then get up get ready go col. on the way mummy went tapao veg coz no1 help her to cook today... (me going badminton thats y. haha) while on the way yean yean keep on saying she is spinning spider web.. ekeke. i know i know... too bad lar cant help her to 'tidy up the mess' ekeke coz i went straight to the place. haha. the web u can juz leave behind. the kakak cleaner can help u to tidy up. =p

today's badminton oni got me, tkj, yeanyean, wee ven, n yongwe played. others couldnt make it. adelee she ffk. bcoz of unacceptable reason... lalala~ overall its fun. really play till sweat non stop. so long never play till like that d. haiz... no more stamina. haha. oh ya!! i'm not taufu!!!!! ish ish ish. that yongwe keep on saying i'm taufu... i got meh?? i play quite rough le.. i think. haha. hope next time can play till like that again. today is real fun. after badminton we headed to mamak. eat n talk till yean yean's ah pa came n fetch her back. chatting session still continue in wee ven's car. hahaha. din realise tkj also know quite a lot of stuff... see she normally doesnt care but she really knows a lot!!!

haiz... i hope my flu faster get well... i hate it when i have flu. ish ish ish... make me feel so uncomfortable!! today i think i can sleep well, after a whole day of exercising.... good nite. sweet dreams to everyone. who's willing to sing me a lullaby??? hahaha

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Happy Wesak... Sadhu x3

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ytd went sjba. met shang shi b4 going into the shrine hall so decided to stick together... the hall there was so pack!! after the offering we met our primary school mate ---> ying ying... almost more than a year din see her d. then the possesion starts. me, yingying, shang shi n my sis stay together... walk round the temple for 3 times chanting. felt so guilty... ppl were there chanting but the 4 of us keep on talking. there were too much things to catch up on d.. cant help it. during the procession saw Choon Onn... he cut his hair d. well nearly couldnt recognise him.. mayb bcoz of his hair style or mayb its bcoz the lights there werent properly lighten. hmm... after that met more friends. shin yeen, tracy n chor onn. Adrian was there too.. helping with the oil lamps. haha. i used to help with that but i couldnt stand the heat.

after the procession it was the chanting session. at first the 4 of us still stick together... then ying ying went back 1st. later came shin yeen n tracy n chee yin to join us. but they too couldnt stand so in the end only left me, shang shi n chee yin. that chanting session lasted till 1230am. haha... chant half way when it reaches 1200am faster sms tkj wish her the real bday. haha.

din really have enuf sleep coz 545 i was waken up by my dad... have to go for morning dana... which is offering food to the monks. i only sleep for about 4 hours... but its ok. made an 'appointment' with chee yin to do that dana together... haha. oh ya.. i counted how many times did i yawn . i think it was 5 times in 5 mins. hahaha. after that we took our breakfast n jia xing came n join us. she told us bout her orientation in IMU... whoa the seniors there damn ganas. 'bully' their jr gao gao. chee yin keep on ask her to intro medic n pharmacy students to us... swt swt!!!! she summor say dentistry is coming in so can add another few more dentist... hahaha. really got lots to catch up with u all. later on met james there too... its quite expected that he is studying law now.. quite expected as he is so good in his english. hmmm.... i hope the next time he sees me he wont say law is fun again.. its not at all.. wuwuwu.

jx... u shud stay back a little later.. IMU practical students were here to do the blood donation thingy.. maybe there's sum1 u know there. haha.

after breakfast then comes the serious biz... i was to help 'sell' flowers. haiz. this time dun really like the way they do it. the organiser or who ever it is... they were making it like we were pestering ppl to make donation. actually it is to the devotees own will whether they wanna take it or leave it... nvm i shall say nothing but it further. i din my part well... i guess. haha. oh ya... when me n chee yin was attending the booth.. we saw a guy helping out with the oil lamp n he is so leng chai!! she started to give silly suggestions on how to go near the guy... makes me luff. hahaha. i helped from morning till 12 then stop. offered requisites to the monk then go home. sleep sleep sleep is all i do after that. have to replenish myself. =p

conclusion.... wesak day is actually a day where u meet back old friends n know new friends!! haha.

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