Not feeling well

Saturday, January 20, 2007

thursday n yesterday me not feeling well ler... sad sad. thats y din blog. dunno wat happened to me. thursday morning wake up throat not feeling well liao. talk talk with cousin for a while then she go out d. oh ya.. my cousin juz came back frm nz... she so so funny ler.. tell me so much stories... some make me luff till stomachache. hahahaha. especially when she tell me how she scared off her 'lalat'. almost everynight i sleep with her we will talk talk talk till late late at night. haha. so fun. me like listen to stories!!!! haiz.. but thurs din coz me sleep very early.. so not feeling well liao cannot sleep late late d. wuwuwu. kk.. continue.. then afternoon went college with chingyong.. he so nice ler... have to purposely come to my house then fetch me go col. Thank you chingyong !!!!! in col nothing much lor.. listen to miss rozi talk bout tax. then dunno y suddenly they brought up the party thing.. wat 100% passes frm grp 1 only got. i remember she told our grp also ler.... not meh?? nvm larr.... got or dun have also the same de. if want then celebrate ourselves only lor. hahaha. come back then help mummy cook. so tired ar~ after dinner go on9 for a while then thought wanna do hw... coz cili padi give so many hw... wuwuwu. but hor when i went into my room. they start talk talk talk ... then i join in listen also lor. haha. forgot bout my hw liao. hehehe. after that i cannot tahan d... go sleep.

another sad day. once wake up brush teeth... havent eat breakfast vomit d. make my stomach so so not comfortable. make my tummy like kena ikat... haiz. summore feel so dizzy in the morning. cannot do much. juz lie down on my bed till 10++. daddy come back... feel better. at least got ppl at home not so bad. after lunch then i think better than morning d.. i ask daddy let me drive to col. he let ler.. yay!! he sat beside me then after that drive back. cheryl was sitting in the car.. when reach that time she said she want kiss the floor.. wat lar.. is my driving that bad ar... chicken. next time follow pc back k??? then we go col together.. if dun have tax on friday. go class... today mr. teo came in talk talk bout the new syllabus thing.. me n sher huay n stella keep figuring our which is the best combination... haha. thenluff luff luff.. dunno for wat also. everytime he says .....ya. i will think of cheryl.. ahaha. the joke we always talk about!! come back rush rush rush help mummy cook then go my uncle's house. went there saw yongwe but he hasnt start his hockey so din go n see. dunno whether wanna go also or not.. haha. at last din go. go uncle's house there got mini reunion. talk talk talk then come back liao. come back talk again.. this time really crazy... chat with cousin for i think 3++ hours... they talk talk till i doze off... paiseh. hehe

k lar..
this is to replace the 2 blogs i left out on that day. tonite or maybe tmr i'll post again!!!

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