Sunday, January 28, 2007

well... maybe i'm a real lazy blogger. hahaha. or mayb i dun really have anything interesting to 'keep' here. lol. this morning wake up prepare breakfast again while most of them r still sleeping. hmm.. a little bit tired. but quite worth it coz everybody seems to b enjoying it. thn daddy dunno y crack a joke. so funny. haha. it all started like that.. when he say something mummy sure will 'fire' him back. thn my sis go like:-

sis : ur aunty want come visit u izit??
mummy: fin visiting liao lar.
sis : no wonder lar

hahahahahha.... listen till here i luff non-stop d. thn thn..

daddy : haiyo... next time u all better dun do that to me... i have got 4 daughters ( those who know me u
know lar hahaha) dun make me headache

hahaha. really beh tahan. take those things to joke about. but hor.. i really pity my daddy. he is the only man in the house. if got anything also he cannot really tell us. haiz... wat to do.

went temple after breakfast. these days got a lot of things happened have to go there seek refuge. hahaha. went there thn i go see those students attend sunday school. went pray with them b4 going into class. hmm. . miss the time when i was attending. haha. though at 1st dun like it alot.. but once u got a good t'cher like bro. chia u'll know wat's fun there... btw. i graduated d... thats y now i'm not attending hahaha. after they went into class i went down to listen to talk. this talk really open up my mind. i should say its the main key to all my probs. thx bro. siang chye.

thn came back on9. chat n chg my blogskin. that frog really gimme a headache!!!! ish. juz chg not long ago... wasted all my effort... then it came n kacau... erm.. not it.. its THEY. OMG. i hate frogs alot !!!! nvm lar.. at last i got my blogskin changed. hahaha. i like this compared to the last. haha. let me introduce... this is a very very nice movie!!! much watch must watch... hahaha.

oh ya... n before having dinner choon onn called. he asked me whether want hold post in the YDC camp this year or not wor. he is the chairman this year ler... n say can give me 1 if i want to... sommore say its n offer not i.t.. hahaha. hmmm... but i still dunno most of the people there ler. i only know June, Ivan, Tze Han, Jerry, Pei Hou,... somemore who ar??? i dunno liao.. see. so little. if take the post d thn hard to cooperate with others how ler??? somemore ppl will think i depend on u coz they dunno who am i.. not like u.. at least u know i held post b4 in sec. school... haiz.. hahaha. but anyway thank u for giving me the chance n look so 'high' upon me. :p i know ur shoe very clean... mine also. hahahaha. let me think n go for a few meetings thn i tell u. by that time u intro me to the ppl there. hahaha. i want to go to the CNY carroling... save space for me n 5 more places if can... calling chee yin n si ling n my sis!!! paiseh paiseh.. hehehe

me now in CNY mood. hahahaha.

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