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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

went pyramid today... at first wanna makan with kacy, yilian, lionel, wyn yan n chingyong in chicken rice shop de. then when yean yean they all came then me stella n sher huey cabut we went nando's join them eat. hahaha. after that went bowling... so happy!!! first bowl got strike wah.. tot today will b very lucky but mana tau after that all masuk longkang... sad lar. the ball at first straight wan ler... but hor dunno y suddenly turn at the end then masuk longkang.. haiz. hmmm... then lionel n wyn yan keep on teaching me to throw straight. but still fail... feel sorry for them especially lionel... teach so long d still cannot get it straight. haha. me memang lembap lar... almost make the team lose... coz chingyong steven lionel n me in a team.. but then the guys were really geng!! 3 of them can cover me up d. oh ya... yilian skills were superb!!! strike dunno how many times... stella also. kacy n sher huey too!!! i'm the worst... sob sob

went into class late after bowling then feel so so tired.... blur throughout the whole class keep on seeing adelee's answer. hahaha. after class went to the leadership camp briefing... met new friends there... n also an old friend... so unexpected!!! at first elaine told me ur sis got bf d ar... then i look towards my sis then saw shaun... wah.. din expect to see some1 i know frm sec school to b there... our first nite we r suppose to camp in the college... then that shaun started telling all those ghost stories.. ish ish ish....... make ppl scared.

went home after that then me friends from secondary school came to visit... wahahaha... we talk talk talk... everybody talk till so high.. but all gossips. shin yeen n jess talk the most.. tracy n melissa quite quiet.. but then after that everybody start to talk... keep on cut here n there... hahaha. after that we depart to another friends house ming sze.. her smile is forever so sweet. there saw amelia.. so long din see her d. to me she like change a lot liao... become so leng lui. last time used to talk to her a lot used to b her best friend... but now.. haiz. y muz everything change ler??? me hate changes!!! especially bad ones!!!! we went for our 'reunion dinner' in ming sze's shop n go home.

me hate changes a lot. i think i'm a girl who wishes to stay forever in the past (happy pass)... n b happy
the future n the present always make me sad... some... most of it... i dunno

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