Happy Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chu xi

went to Ipoh today... woke up at 5 think it wouldn't b so jam if we depart frm kl early.. but then it still happenned. we took 6 hrs to reach ipoh n its tripple the normal time. but luckily it rain throughout the journey so its not that hot. hahaha. shud i thank ching yong for this... or thank those who go cheong k.. hahahaha. reach there juz in time to eat reunion lunch weird ler... we dun have dinner de... only reunion lunch dunno y. our this time its not really reunion coz another uncle din make it in time.. he got stuck in the jam... reach there at 5pm worst then us.
at night we sort of gamble... but not money de. we use peanuts instead coz he say too much peanuts d have to help finish all... =.=' . haiz.. dr say me cannot eat so much nutty food... but this time dun care lar... 1 year once only ma. after that bai tian gong n get my 1st ang pau frm grandma n grandpa wohoo~
piggy year muz eat piggy

1st day
greet everybody n take ang pau luu.... haha. finish receiving ang pau from relatives then went temple pray. daddy tell me that temple got 100+ years d... damn old!! after that went back eat lunch lu. after lunch cousin jin frm penang msg me asking when r we leaving... ask us to wait for them to come b4 going to my mum's place... not long after that another cousin msg me saying that they will come after lunch frm chemor... yay yay!! haha

gathered all the cousins d... now our challenge is to persuade my parents to stay on longer
n dun leave... hahaha. 1st me n sis go tell them that both aunts r coming back ask them wait... then like got no hope... after that cousin 'chu ma' jia jia n jie zhi r the best manage to hold them back hahaha. good good good. but then only manage to wait for 1 only... nvm lar. btw.. jin i got talk to yang yang n i still find he is coooool. haha. never see his 'random' side b4. hahaha. n this time me tried to korek something frm jia jia... his mouth like got gold... wont answer any of my q!!! hmph.

back to penang... did nothing juz eat dinner... then me n pc went look for friend from kl but same hometown. haha. so ngam..

2nd day

nothing much happened today. went visiting the whole day only lo... oh ya... we went to the orphanage n old folks home also... donate somethings n came home.

3rd day

morning was a bz bz day.. its our grandfathers ' ji ri' (the da
y he died) so have to prepare things to bai bai. after that we went over to penang. went queensbay.. new shoping mall there... quite big n got lots of things. uncle wanna make sushi for the next day so we went n bought the ingredients. that was my 1st time see mocha ice-cream so decided to try.... not bad but next time i'm not gonna buy that again. haha.

after that went to my papa's gathering... they have this gathering every year on the 3rd day of cny without fail... since their university days... so this is i think erm... the 30++ year d. all their children also around the same age.. n we have known each other since we were baby.. haha. quite close to some of them. after the dinner we went to 1 of the friends house... n there is where i learn my mahjong... first time playing mahjong... so fun. muz thank yun ling n her bros. we play till 12++ then went back. reach home already 1+ am. tired tired

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