Sunday, February 4, 2007

yesterday cannot sign in dunno y.. so have to accumulate 3 days things to blog now. haiz... wat happen to blogspot!!

went to college.. morning blur blur.. dun like law class so duwan talk bout it. after class also blur blur dunno need to take back our paper.. juz walk off go to comp lab. hahaha. where is my paper now???? anybody knows??? haiz... went comp lab load my 花样少年少女 then watch but manage to finish the 1st part only then look at the time... its time for me to go!!! went down to foyer saw Helen they all then talk to them.. found out they also juz bought monokoruboo's t-shirt.. wow... lately there are so many ppl like to buy that t-shirt.... i think its a major hit in town now... hehe. next time got combine class can wear together d. hahahaha. saw yean yean's blog she also bought le...

came back eat d thn on9.. load my movie n continue watching... then chat lo.. well i settle something today........ now i'm single. see how things go on after that.. shud b ok gua... hahahah. only heaven knows. lol. thx to all who were concerned. oh ya.. today only i know lionel is such a friendly person lol. coz my 1st thought bout him was... he's a very cool person. hahaha. first time chat with him. really chg my impression on him. not to mention kacy too!!! hahaha

besides that i was introduce to a few friends from nz (May-China, Beatrice-Msian and Daniel-Taiwan) haha by my nz friend.. james thank u!!! come back tell us k... will bring MC to KLIA n meet u there. by the way she herself suggested to pick u up!! lol

today is mainly about chatting...


mummy need to go school today... to replace the CNY holiday then me n daddy n sis have to replace mummy's job.. help mummy buy groceries for the week. haiz. smart smart me dun like go wet market so i told daddy me n sis go sundry shop there buy the dry stuff... u go buy the wet stuff.. hahaha. like that i sort of escape going there d... smart me!! hahaha.

buy then go back... then suddenly receive msg frm piano teacher say want have class now (1030am) instead of 330pm. i was like.. OMG i havent even practice...faster faster flip the pages n started playing... haiz.. all stuck here n there... die lo.. but when she came we had quite a good time. got some good comments too.. din think it will turn out like that.. haha. satisfied. but muz tell myself.. have to practice more next time!!! no last minute work!!

lunch thn on9 again.. chat with beatrice n may.. found out beatrice once stay so so so near my house... but we never meet b4 until now. haha. thn she introduce me to 2 more friends Gary n Kevin... chat till they got sleepy lol coz that side was already 2am. hahaha. went to find my grandparentsafter dinner... sudden plan coz uncle frm ipoh called n said he's there.. went there play with my cousin.... she forgot me liao!!! so sad.. duwan me to carry!!! how can!!! i juz played with her so happily during dec hols. nvm this CNY i will make sure she remembers me forever!!! hahaha.

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