Amazing G - Race

Saturday, March 17, 2007

really had fun today though its tiring n i came back at 530pm!!! from 7 till 530pm.... its totally different from when u have lectures from morning till evening... this is really fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

reach there saw yongwe there d.. so paiseh ask him come sharp me came a bit late =p. then me, june n shaun have to rearrange the crew members n the shadows of each team coz some of them din turn out n some they can't run.. haiz. it was very very messy in the beginning especially when we were about to flag those participants off. the time was all out.. we were supposed to have 3 min intervals in between but bcoz of the task given some of them got stuck n the timing was out n we din have enuf crew members to help out in our station. but luckily some who r at the last few stations came to help... thanks!! if not me jiana n aruna will die..... =p
oh ya.. my station was to give them their team's name to b unscrambled n a few questions to answer . including determining the time intervals between the teams... which we din manage to do it n was passed to some1 else to handle. lol

it rain heavily when the game started not long after... n the chaos starts then.. we had to call all the team's shadow to ask their team to stop at their respective stations n find for shades n the patrol guy (jack shen n jermain) were to pick them up. it was really hectic that time n 1 of the shadow lost their team. we were gathered n 'lectured' by ben.. coz we din expect it to rain n din make preparations for that.. luckily we have the patrol team who were so so dedicated... they did their job well without complaining... i guess. haha. later me n yongwe went to the tattoo shop to meet up with the tattoo guys... we had a 'hard' time finding the shop... we were like deciding which stairs to take coz there were 2 n the sign board werent that clear. but the stairs i choose was the correct wan... yay!!!! maybe my instict was good after all... shud i follow them???? hmmm... i dunno i dunno....

after looking for the guy there we went breakfast. thank u yongwe for the breakfast!!! after breakfast receive a call frm jocelyn ask us to go back col pula... haiz haiz. come all the way here go back again... the worst part is when i go back they say got briefing when i sit down isabell was continuing.. can we do it.. all of us say can.. then briefing ended... za dao!!! there goes the briefing... thn we have to go back to our stations. this time we choose to walk back.. pass by sunway club then when in a while since we were so free now. haha. go walk around n found out something.. hahaha. my weight drop a lot le compared to last year... shud i b happy??? sum1 gain weight...n he is very happy with it. hahahaha... but for me he is still very skinny. lalala~ actually still ok lar.. can carry me n walk still say i'm light.. oh ya.. on the way my leg dunno y like wanna curl up like that so scary.. was it a cramp... i dunno.

in the tattoo shop the participants were to spray the G on somewhere visible n to get their clue... hmmm the tattoo was nice but i never think of having 1 so forget it lar. haha. while waiting for the teams to arrive we played snooker.... was it pool or snooker??? dun care lar.. i dunno how to play juz take the stick n hit the ball... lol. i was very very cha at that game... the white ball which cannot b hit into the hole i hit it in... summore more times than the ball that i'm supposed to hit in. got to thank yongwe again for teaching me. lol.

went back to the student center n had lunch... prize giving ceremony n a short meeting by terrence... he praised us.. WOW!!! OUR EX COUNCIL MEMBERS N THE EX PRESIDENT WERE ALSO PRAISING US. THEY SAID WE DID A GREAT JOB N PULLED THROUGH THOUGH IT WAS RAINING. i'm so happy so glad.. n he said eu jin was so impressed that we might have another G RACE THIS COMING JULY... ALL THOSE PPL WHO HAD CLASS TODAY N CANT JOIN PLZ JOIN ON THE NEXT 1... many of the participants said it was fun!!!!!!!!!! haha

thank y0ngwe for helping out at the last minute i really appreciate it a lot!!! thx for listening to me crapping all the way =p. ahahaha

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