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Sunday, March 11, 2007

thursday joanna keep on asking me to teman her go pyramid... after long time 'nagging' i finally made my mind to go... the previous nite only found out that yean yean n adelee going there too. haha so decided to meet them there. when i reached there oni know y jojo wants me there... she wants to buy me a teddy bear so that i can hug =.=' haha. i really appreciate it a lot... n i love the teddy very much too!! haha. we (tkj yean adelee jojo n me) went shopping for a while.. n i bought a few pairs of socks.. hahaha... say want bankrupt summore buy socks... i'm weird. lol we summor went n do/buy miss rozi, shanta, kiran n voon sia's present. after tat went kfc for lunch.

friday went for student council meeting... while waiting for the meeting to start i kena fool by jack shen n max... ish ish ish. they pakat together.. 1 miss call the room's phone then max picked up then say terence wanna find me.. i was like harlo~ harlo~ so many times... but the phone got no sound de... then they started luffing.. summore so many ppl inside the room wuwuwu. but luckily i'm not the only 1.. ekeke can see ppl kena also quite fun. haha

saturday... a very very bz day.wake up breakfast... then got piano... after that help mummy cook. after lunch then fetch my sis to tuition n fetch pc from college... thn we got stuck coz got jam... that coz us to b late to reach chingyong's house... n late to go sher huey's house.. n adelee was waiting for us there d... so paiseh. adelee fetch us there... a very very big thank u from me. haha. our car there got me my sis adelee chingyong n tatt hoong. i was so cham sitting beside tatt hoong.. he bullied me all the way... wuwuwu. after past 1u we called yean yean n meet up in the petrol station... then she bring us to sher huey's house. whoa... her house really very big ler... so jealous. i want a house there also... waited for lionel they all to come they said wanna swim but so long oni come... haiz. ppl who dun swim also come reached liao. tsk tsk tsk... oh ya... adelee said wanna swim at first but ended up din swim... haiz. cannot see her in swim suit d. =p bad bad lionel bcoz of swimming ask yean yean to do his job.. teruk betul. haha... we waited for them to finish swimming n wash up n headed for miss rozi's house... we were the few last who reached her house... once we arrived we juz take our food n eat.. hahaha. after eating we went walk walk.. that chingyong suddenly bark like a dog n i tot it was a real wan... started to run a bit then only realised it is not... wuwu so paiseh. then we go to the playground took some pics n play with the swing... yay!!! so long nvm play liao. hahaha after that went back to the house got present presentation... speech by lionel... hahaha. then got games.. played by the lecturers n students... mr teo also join. he is so cute!!! haha... but dunno y this time the lecturers damn geng win the game. after the game we sit down n chat with the lecturers for a while n most of them have left... we sang bday song again for william too who arrived late. haha. after that go home.. tatt hoong drive this time.. luckily he wasnt sitting beside me... i was so tired d.

sunday... this morning went kepong n eat bak kut teh... my daddy say he always eat with his friends there de,... very nice wor. not bad lar.. quite nice.. kepong there got so many food so nice... after that went mid valley mummy buy 2 pairs of shoes. sis also. i bought a black long pants... maybe will wear it during gradution.

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