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Monday, March 5, 2007

yesterday juz came back frm my leadership camp.. so so tiring. this is the 1st time i slept as early as 850 pm.... hahaha. this morning wake up the whole body aching. thanks to the 5 hrs jungle trekking i had on sunday. this is what happen from friday till today


still suffering from food posoning... stomach still don't feel well. went to class as usual.. then decided to go back and take a bath. mummy supposed to come fetch me around 1240 but dunno wat took her so long.. haiz.. luckily got yongwe n jun yao to chat. later more n more ppl come n talk but all of them come n go.... went back took my bath ate my lunc
h took my bag n go college. i was nearly late but luckily yean yean help me save 1 space d. haha thank u!!

Mr. D let us go earlier today and as i wont b using the comp for 3 days i decided to go com lab n use the computer until i feel satisfied. =p around 5 i went to attend the leadership camp for student council. there i met a lot of friends... wah at 1st i thought its quite hard to make new friends there but i turn out the other way... the ppl there are so friendly once u come in they start to ask u this n that. good start!!! then we start our activity with chicken dance... hahaha. so damn funny. at first we got presentation by jessice... then got an activity call egg drop where u have to make a vessel to prevent the egg from breaking when we throw it down from a certain height. our grp din make it... our egg broke... sad sad. hmmm.
after all the activities we went to sleep. guess where we were sleeping??? sunway 4th floor!!! in room 408. guys n girls occupy 2 rooms at 1st... but then all guys were like squezzing into 1 coz they say 1 of the rooms is haunted... dunno true or not. before we went in to sleep jack shen n shaun keep on trying to tell ghost stories.. but then i juz turn a deaf ear....tried to. hahaha.


start off with morning exercise then play games. during the game ppl my leg was stepped dunno how many times d... althought it's pain but i voluntarily let them step de...summore ask them to step hahaha. after that we went up to bukit tinggi. me n another 3
girls were put into a dorm.. but then the dorm like so empty. other dorm got 20 ppl only ours 4... scary wei... but then after that 2 more ppl join us so not so bad. after that we play with the games. got 1 game its call spider web n u have to pass throungh the holes made by strings without touching them to another end.... i was carried up horizontally by the team members to the other end... that was really really fun!!! then we got another game where you have to support each other from 1 end to another without the legs touching the ground.. so we only use ur upper body. i was the 1st person to go and it was a long long way n i use my arms to support n crawl... my legs were at 2 guys behind... n their legs were at another guys behind them.. i pity them a lot. they were worse than me. that game really make my arms pain the next day. at nite we had our grps presentation. our grp were suppose to come out with a dance frm the scene casino royale... this was the 1st time ever i dance on stage.. unprepared. me became james bond de girl... hahaha. so unbelievable. after that sleep.


morning wake up early around 630am.. no lights everywhere... no electricity. me elaine n peichin went to toilet n brush up using our torch lights only.... so so scary. after that we went jungle trekking.. at first we trek up using the water way... there were so many rocks n so steep... some place. we had to use the rope to support ourselves in order not to wash away by the current. oh ya.. got a girl.. sara nearly got washed away.. but luckily she hold on to the rope n 2 other guys pulled her up. phew!! we trekk all the way up my knee got hurt. reach the top there play with the water.. so cold!!! but so fun!!! splash splash splash like small kid. shirt wet also dun care liao. hahaha. trekking down was really challenging... there wasnt any path open for trekking the guide was like juz opening the path by cutting the bran
ches n everything n there was 1 part where we need to absail down. we took around 5 hours for the trekking n its really tiring. after that go home lu~ reached home go out take dinner go back sleep. whoa.... so so tired. slept at 850pm.

manage to get 2 photos... will have more upload later

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