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Sunday, April 29, 2007

mock finish at last. real stress for the pass few days. every nite sleep at 2 wake up at 6. i depended a lot on my vit b. without it i think i will drop dead in the 3rd day. lol. this time i think the grp study helps a lot. until now i still can remember of the biz risk n financial risk. this is very effective. i need ppl to keep on repeating it to me... so that i can store it in my CPU. lol. luckily this round i have lots of tips all thx to lionel, sui yuan to ask n all who analyse together. without those tips i think i dunno where to start n doubt that i will b able to sit for this test. haha

friday... the last day of our test. we went to true fitness in taipan. thx to adelee n tkj. went there listen to the councilor 'nian jin' but luckily she din say so much.. coz she ur friends later can bring u around. so lucky. haha. but after that we werent able to join the hot yoga which was planned earlier... coz we were late. instead we went around trying the machines. lol. i went to check my body fat... n luckily it is in an acceptable level.. wateva~ i'm not going to reduce or increase. i'll juz maintain. lalala~ gotta leave early cant join them for belly dance coz suddenly daddy want go shah alam n klang go find friend who came back from vietnam for a few days.. me got no key cant go home. wuwuwu. that nite end up 12 something oni reach home. wah really really tired!!

saturday morning gotta wake up early again coz need to help out for the scholarship ceremony. i tot the whole council will b there but end up oni me, aruna, jocelyn, xiaoxiao, shaun, herald, hariz were there. i was in-charge with the registration n giving out certs thingy... at 1st tot it would b easy but when there's more ppl flooding into the hall i began to 'kelam kabut' luckily got ppl help me. hahaha. after the registration thing i give out certs. got chance to meet all the recipients. oh ya.. ben was performing on stage n his singing is nice!! me, jocelyn, shaun, herald n hariz were waving behind trying to create effect ... make him luff but din succeed. he was like avoiding looking at us.

after that went eat lunch with them + max. then went foyer waited for them to come n celebrate sharee's bday!! she really very cham lar... let ppl push her face down the cake twice.. can see the pic in hong hong's blog. haha. really like thick make-up.

tonite got both good n bad things happen. chat josh n hm... kesian honming keep on saying the things that we talk bout cant relate to him. josh... slowly search ba. go UK dun find blondy or blackie o. the bad wan.. dun feel like talking bout it. hope it doesnt happen again.. havent recover. scared scared. lalala~

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