happy bday steven

Friday, May 18, 2007

ytd nite chat till very very late with yean n adelee n with another sec school friend. got to know that many of my friends got prob with their relationship. haiz..... dunno wat to say. i'm no expert in this.

morning wake up mc yean n hong. then eat something bath n wait for chingyong to come n fetch. 1st went steven's house--> bday boy. then headed to 1u wohoo~ me adelee n pc in cy's car. tt cy in steven's car. learn my lesson never sit beside tt in the car... poor me kena bully haiz. reached there went to neway. yay!! sing k again. this time got to listen to yean yean sing... 1st time le. nice nice nice especially when we sang 'lang hua yi duo duo'. luckily siu hong din come in... if not spoil everything... hahaha. oh ya sang 'tide is high' twice.. once with tkj they all 2nd time with lionel they all. haha. yay... i like tht song!! but this time sang 'liang san po yu juliet' once only...

after that is the cake cutting session with steven. they brought them out want him to guess the cake is in which room. haha. but i think its quite obvious.... sang bday song for quite a lot of times hahahahaa. fun n he supposed to sing solo for 'wo ke yi' but ended up all sing together.... lol. this time he is so so lucky 3 times ppl tried to push him down towards the cake but no cream stuck to his face. next time muz buy cream instead d... haha.

ss in the entrance for a while only proceed to do some window shopping. feel so weird when walking through those corridors.. haiz. then went to adelee's house n chg n go play volleyball in college!! yay. very fun le. learn new things today.... wohoo~ as this is my first time playing so have to practice separately 1st. duwan to go join the pro play 1st haha. hmmm i practice with pigtoise hong hong yongwe kacy yilian elaine n other pro ppl like fernando n jt i think its his name.. haha nt sure.. still figuring out wats his actual name with pigtoise in her car. hahahaha.
went back eat bath faster put lotion. my hand damn red n pain now le~ i hope i can train till like them dun feel anything after playing. yes! thats my goal for this game for now. haha.

next week muz study d... no more playing n outings for me. muz b decipline a bit d!!!

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