Happy Wesak... Sadhu x3

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ytd went sjba. met shang shi b4 going into the shrine hall so decided to stick together... the hall there was so pack!! after the offering we met our primary school mate ---> ying ying... almost more than a year din see her d. then the possesion starts. me, yingying, shang shi n my sis stay together... walk round the temple for 3 times chanting. felt so guilty... ppl were there chanting but the 4 of us keep on talking. there were too much things to catch up on d.. cant help it. during the procession saw Choon Onn... he cut his hair d. well nearly couldnt recognise him.. mayb bcoz of his hair style or mayb its bcoz the lights there werent properly lighten. hmm... after that met more friends. shin yeen, tracy n chor onn. Adrian was there too.. helping with the oil lamps. haha. i used to help with that but i couldnt stand the heat.

after the procession it was the chanting session. at first the 4 of us still stick together... then ying ying went back 1st. later came shin yeen n tracy n chee yin to join us. but they too couldnt stand so in the end only left me, shang shi n chee yin. that chanting session lasted till 1230am. haha... chant half way when it reaches 1200am faster sms tkj wish her the real bday. haha.

din really have enuf sleep coz 545 i was waken up by my dad... have to go for morning dana... which is offering food to the monks. i only sleep for about 4 hours... but its ok. made an 'appointment' with chee yin to do that dana together... haha. oh ya.. i counted how many times did i yawn . i think it was 5 times in 5 mins. hahaha. after that we took our breakfast n jia xing came n join us. she told us bout her orientation in IMU... whoa the seniors there damn ganas. 'bully' their jr gao gao. chee yin keep on ask her to intro medic n pharmacy students to us... swt swt!!!! she summor say dentistry is coming in so can add another few more dentist... hahaha. really got lots to catch up with u all. later on met james there too... its quite expected that he is studying law now.. quite expected as he is so good in his english. hmmm.... i hope the next time he sees me he wont say law is fun again.. its not at all.. wuwuwu.

jx... u shud stay back a little later.. IMU practical students were here to do the blood donation thingy.. maybe there's sum1 u know there. haha.

after breakfast then comes the serious biz... i was to help 'sell' flowers. haiz. this time dun really like the way they do it. the organiser or who ever it is... they were making it like we were pestering ppl to make donation. actually it is to the devotees own will whether they wanna take it or leave it... nvm i shall say nothing but it further. i din my part well... i guess. haha. oh ya... when me n chee yin was attending the booth.. we saw a guy helping out with the oil lamp n he is so leng chai!! she started to give silly suggestions on how to go near the guy... makes me luff. hahaha. i helped from morning till 12 then stop. offered requisites to the monk then go home. sleep sleep sleep is all i do after that. have to replenish myself. =p

conclusion.... wesak day is actually a day where u meet back old friends n know new friends!! haha.

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