miss my study group

Saturday, May 12, 2007

this few days i have started studying abit.. i mean those serious type. haha. while studying i turn on my classical music coz it let me relax a lot. while listening to it i think back of my secondary school days...
i used to do that when i was studying for spm. every nite listening to it without feeling bored.. i miss the days when we have our study group. every morning when we have our 'study break' u all will come to my house early in the morning n start studying. me, pc, jess, josh, suki, honming, ongloong.haha. jess would come real early in the morning even when i havent wake up. kakak had to open the door for her n then she will come n disturb my sweet dreams... but sometimes she will also squezz with us n sleep together till others arrive.

after the guys come we will start studying... study till sien d then honming will open the piano n play.. josh n suki will play with the ps... sometimes but rarely. coz once started with that thing they will never end. hahaha. when hungry they wont hesitate to ransack my cupboard n fridge to search for food. even come into my room haha. jess even go n open my wardrobe n ransack my clothes!!! hahahaha. oh ya.. still remember when my mum hang my kindergaten graduation pic in my room... jess saw it n started luffing at it... even ask all of them to come n see..... =.=' . oh dear.. i miss u so much keep on mentioning ur name. hahaha. haiz... nw that we are going on with pur own ways... josh n suki going uk. hm going aus, left the rest of us staying back here!!! no more study group d.

most people say study group doesnt help.. coz we will end up talk more than study... i dun think so, coz my study group then really helps alot.. we came out with lot of easy ways to memorise things n sometimes we question each other in a funny way that u will remember wat the other person say during exams... i hope i will find another group like this in the future...

this morning when i went to col they have this community run n have blocked the gate. so i have to walk from the traffic light to the foyer.. good exercise in the morning. haha. oh.. when i juz came down from the car i saw yongwe, choon onn n kent running... not long after that saw shaun n herald.. haha. reach foyer saw got ppl wearing skates.... 1st tot came to my mind was... they all muz b yongwe's skating friend. haha. see them skating around there makes me feel like learning... arh but i scared to fall. ekeke. haiz... cannot see them skate. have to rush to class summor late d. luckily went in much early she locked the door after i went in not long. scary. during break went down to the sc booth to see whether they need help or not... got frigthen when somebody tickle my ear... geli.. ishish. then saw kent. haiz... he can start to talk to that girl d since she smile back to him. but too bad the girl already gt bf.... b friends can d lar. haha.

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