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Thursday, May 10, 2007

yesterday i was really a very good girl.. stay back for law even though most of my friends went for movie n bowling. haiz haiz. notti notti them ponteng n leave me behind.. wuwuwu.poor me.. the only girl eating with a bunch of guys during lunch... this time shud turn around n say.. a rose among the thorns d. wuwuwu. we got 2 packets of 'just tea' given out near orange house there on our way back

after lunch really cannot concentrate d. the class were like smaller compared to morning. our side there oni left sui yuan, lionel, sher huey, stella, ching yong, william stay back. peili n tiger came... luckily tiger came.. hahaha. at least not so bored with him around. learn 1 new game from tiger's phone.. i think i'll b addicted to it.. all thanks to lionel ish ish . but nvm lar.. that time really too sien cant concentrate d. oh ya.. summor kena bully by tiger.... keep on taking the empty packet drink blow air in n press it near my ear... geli nyer~ ish ish. the first time summor got water inside... make my face wet.. lucky a little oni if not my whole face sure sticky d.

after class went to the swimming pool there to help out. emergency call by our dear president to help out the sports council for this event. we were suppose to b time keeper. hmmm... only me, ann june, su jen, andrew, ei leen, may eve n jian wei help to do the time keeping coz we have enuf ppl d. during the briefing.. poor kent was introduced only as 'the runner' as his name wasnt even mentioned

i was in-charge of the 1st lane... which was mostly used by acca participants.. so lucky. actually when i was 1st there writing out the score board i was so shock that acca have the highest participants!! we have 6 n others have oni 2/1. but A levels also not bad got 4. Ee Wen (sc) was representing A-levels too.. she damn geng... johor state swimmer no wonder... 50m free style only took 29 sec.. amazing!! sher huey, stella n joshua also got participate... they were all very good swimmers!! oh ya... sharee, chee yuen n tiger went there to support... they were suppose to cheer but then din hear any sound from them also... instead it was me n kent who were cheering... i was supposed to keep track of the time but then dun care lar. do my duty n cheer for acca also... last event was relay.. sher huey, stella, joshua n another guy from acca join. that was the time we cheer like mad coz another team were quite close to ours... they were fighting very hard to b 2nd. so for ppl who actually din really help much like me n kent helped to cheer for them. kesian joshua we keep on shout his name... coz his turn was the last n he was trying to beat another team who was very close to get 2nd placing. ACCA got 2nd for the whole event wohoo~!!

after that we went pyramid to meet up with yean, tkj adelee n yongwe to have our dinner. they were representing ACCA to play bowling n got 3rd!!! congrats!! haha. after dinner we saw got ice hockey n stay back to watch for a while.. we keep on saying how the player shud pass the puck n how there r suppose to station, hahahaha... funny. we stayed there for quite a while until when got both players hit their stick so close to us that we got shocked n decided to go... oh ya that time we were standing juz beside the ring. but this time they din play till as rough as the 1 i saw last year when they have competition. went back to col fetch elaine n headed back for home...

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