first time skating

Monday, June 18, 2007

went college as aerly as 630 to meet cheryl @ chicken... =p at college. she said she'll b there around 8++ as there will b nothing much to do in the morning i brought along my novel to read... hmmm it has been quite a while that i have touched any story books... well this is the time if not when?? haha. life is so hectic studying this course.. oh well jojo promised to lend me more story books... wow!! i guess i have gone back to those days when i was a librarian n start searching for good books to read n pass time with it.

come back to my main topic.. my sis wanted to go comp lab. i duwan to stay alone in the foyer n went along. not long after tht chicken came... whoa so long never see each other d.. miss her a lot!! first thing to do was *hug hug* haha. after a while pc went to do her work. left me n chicken there.. we talk quite a bit. then wait for cheng hou to come fetch us to pyramid.

our plan for that day was to go skating n celebrate wan shin's @ kame bday.. that chicken cheng hou was so scared that he'll fall n embarrass himself.. -.-' din want to go ish ish. when we reached there... there were so many ppl... most of them r frm dunno wat accounting dunno wat col. wearing their col t-shirt learning skating too i guess... thought of backing out at the moment coz the 'barriers' were taken up by them n we dun seem to have place to cling on. but in the end chicken n i insisted to go on.. kame too... but then when we reached to counter kame forgotten bout her gloves n decided to follow cheng hou watch us skate watch us fall n luff at us... -.-lll

well...1st round we really cling on to the barriers n walk as well as holding hands together... wow at least i know how to walk!! haha i tot i will fall.. but then i din for the 1st round. 2nd round we let go of our hands n start to skate a bit.. slowly. haha. by then i only know how to use my right leg to push n move forward... my left leg a bit cacat.. when wana push i cant balance myself.. argh!! 3rd round try using my left leg then at last... i fell.. wuuuu butt so pain but it was ok. dun feel it now d.

met chicken's sec school friend too. forgot his name nvm. h taught us quite a lot.. i know how to tie my skates!! b4 skating cheng hou said that we have to tie it super tight i did wat he said n my foot was so painful... then chicken's friend taught us again.. i re-tie.. no wonder.. only the upper part need to b super tight but not on the bottom. haha besides that he also taught us how to skate zig zag which i still dunno how... coz i dun even know how to use my left leg to control!! never leave it for the next time. 1st time can learn this much n fell down only once i guess its ok for me d!! satisfied. haha.

after that when we were about to go.. 2 guys came to us n say.. 'xiao jie.. wo de peng you yao ren shi ni' swt!!! chicken gave them her email n we took pics with him. when we were out.. chicken told me ' i dun like guys who doesnt know how to speak good eng!' haha. too bad!! went sushi king after that celebrated wan shin's bday.. which was very simple. after that went home.

at night went on9 eileen send me a song.. which is super nice~! haha. thank u!! i love it. then received call... got shock when there were 2 person together on the line. it was thiam n chee yin. tot wat happened. hahaha.. talk half way then add 1 more person... chee hou. i was so so blur in the conversation..argh! then chee yin hang up left me alone with 2 guys ... wat!! i also dunno wat to talk about then chee hou explain the OBU thingy which he says till so so easy.. i hope i can cope with it... then not long after that jacky/teng/ th'ng (dunno which is the correct name) join in n i really dunno wat to say.. duwan to kacau them talk hang up d. haha.

today super happy coz met with chicken!! never went out like this for a long time with them d!! skate for the 1st time!! fell down only once!! wow!!!

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