mid valley + inter council game + injured leg

Friday, June 22, 2007

this morning woke up a bit late coz was lazing on the bed... faster go prepared everything then belinda came n fetched me... this time going mid valley!! haha. reached ktm bought tickets then wait for the grand apo to arrive (meichia) ekeke. this time i also brought my breakfast out n eat in the train coz there wasnt enough time for me to eat at home.

in the train i think we were the noisiest lot =p talk non stop from subang jaya station till kl sentral. this time oni me, pc, belinda, apo, felicia, sze nee n a lonely guy yian ting went. haha. kesian him.. cha ming din wanna join coz his sis wasnt joining.. haiz during out conversation i found out many of them r going UK.. i wanna go also!!! haizzz guess i'll only meet u guys there after 5 years.

till we reach midvalley its nearly 12 n some of them still havent eaten their breakfast. faster go search.. went frm bottom to top dunno wat to eat.. then at last go kenny rogers. as usual i was the last to finish... nevermind not too bad coz the only guy there also ate 2nd last =p after lunch then went shopping. we went into every shop... i guess n they made me try on a few skirt n shirt.. then of coz we were ss-ing in the dressing room.. din imagine yian ting join us too.. summor took my pic when i came out of the dressing room!! then when going back home went jusco search for the sushi's soya sauce... it wasnt at that place anymore... n i couldnt find it anywhere... ish ish. after buying that rush back to college again.. got inter council games!! wohooso long since after the camp that we have this game... can meet all the student leaders again n have fun!!

the game we played was very fun... dunno how to explain it here.... n this time i got team up with jia na, firman shah, bee theng, hariz, kean joe, jack shen (same team as the camp), jocelyn, Ee leen n me!! played that game n got my leg injured as when we i was trying to 'tap' some1 running so fast n din realise jack shen was also running opposite me n bang.. 'flew' n land on the floor.. muscle now a little bit pain.. nvm 2nd time fell down also was doing the sliding thingy... hope it can get well soon.

today really have lots of fun!! i hope i really will still keep in touch with all of them..my sec school friends n also all the student leaders frm different councils.

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