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Friday, June 29, 2007


this morning woke up early faster drink milo n bath... chingyong n tatt hoong came to my house n as usual i havent get ready. haha. then we went ss19 drop my sis to school n pick stella up. n after that... penang here we go~! haha. kesian hong hong while on the way out msg me say he has forgotten bout his towel... but too bad i was already on my way out cant take extra for him. daddy fetch us to bank negara n we took lrt to plaza rakyat station. there we met hong hong n went mamak for our breakfast. spend the time there till 9 when william msg us then we go back to the terminal n meet him. there we saw a grp of japanese old ppl.. the aunty wearing pink colour hat.. very cute le. haha

wait till 930 then we board the bus. on our way we ate the sushi me n adelee n jia xing did.. we have muffins, brownies n cakes.. haha. having party up there i guess.. on the way cant really sleep the journey was quite bumpy.. if got also for a while not long.. reach there we went to summit shop a while coz pc din bring her slippers. then called my aunt. she fetched us to eat.. let them try the ice kacang n the squid dipped with rojak sauce... then went back to her house. faster chg n go to the recreational park in bukit mertajam go there climb hill. we juz went up 1/3 of the hill as its already late n my cousin had to rush for his tuition. we went back took bath n went out for dinner. after dinner came back not long.. my uncle brought us out again n went for drinks. at nite we chat a while n hong hong was the earliest to sleep. i couldnt sleep at all... then tt woke up n kacau me.


went bought breakfast with pc, stella n hong hong with my aunt. then we ate our breakfast in the van. reached queensbay n pick up yee phing n headed to kek lok si. we went visit every temple (not all coz there were too many d) n took pics there... we used the cable car to go up n see the guan yin statue n visited the pagoda. the view frm there was amazing~ n the air was so cooling. after that we walked all the way down to the car park n bought nutmeg frm a shop. well i guess those who followed me knew that i'm quite obsessed with nutmeg... i ordered that drink where ever i go if they have.. haha i missed it so much~!

after that we went up penang hill. we go up using the funicular... its not a cable car... that is wat they say... haha. well.. the air up there was so nice... went there took pics with snake.. my 1st time le~ i took with yee phing, stella n my sis. the skin of the snake was quite cold n 'geli'. the next stop was the famous penang cendol stall in penang road.. i really like the cendol there.. everytime i go my aunt surely will bring us there to eat. after that we asked our driver to bring us to him hiang n buy their tambun pheah! i eat till sien d so din buy..

then we went to batu ferringhi where all the water sports r located. once we stopped ppl keep on coming 'promoting' their activities... n we started to bargain for the cheapest.. at last we reached a deal RM 50 for parasailing... izit still consider expensive?? i dunno haha. at 1st i wanted to go 2 by 2 but then after seeing ppl flying on top so nice n it wasnt tat scary me n stella decided to go up alone. so tt n phing went up together.. hong hong n chin went up together only me n stella tried the alone one. the guy there said that i will b too light he asked me to make sure that i pull the correct string harder when i was about to land.. i was quite scared that the wind will blow me off somewhere n i have to land on the sea... haha. but it was quite ok... i like feeling of the wind blowing me... it wasnt that scary at all n i was enjoying every minute up there looking at the scenery.. i think i saw a grp of jelly fish but wasnt too sure bout it. once it was about to end i was a little nervous... started pulling the string which i wasnt suppose to n the ppl down there keep on yelling let go n make the signal. once i saw it i faster let go.. haha. then they let me flew a while n make the signal ask me to pull the string.. nice experience~ my landing was 1 of the best i think =p kesian hong hong his leg injured while landing. after that we went to play with the water.. I LOVE THE SEA~ i was born by the seaside.. i miss the sea~! haha. tt carry me n throw me into the sea... he did the same thing to phing also.. tsk tsk tsk. i splash chingyong till he is wet!! haha

after that went back to hotel n took bath then go gurney eat dinner. after that went gurney plaza bought our breakfast then go back. we went walking at the beach at nite n chin lost her phone... hahahahaha. i think it got washed away by the waves. later we went to the guys room as we wanted to give chance to somebody to talk longer. ekeke. there we saw fireworks.. at first we din know wat was that n when somebody said 'bian pao' hong hong heard ada 'bian tai' hahahahahah... luff till i stomachache. then go back to our room n sleep lu~!


morning call came woke us up at around 530 i think.. only me chin woke up then called the guys but then oni hong n ching yong woke up. so oni the 4 of us went down to the beach wanted to look for the sunrise... i guess we were too early went there play with the sand oni.. then after that we went to look for the spot where the sun will rise.. but too bad it was at the other side... cant see!!! blocked by the building d!! ish ish. wasted our effort. but then nvm lar.. after the sunrise we went ss-ing. haha. n that time i went to show a little of my skills =p i go 'catch' crabs le. haha. after taht went back eat breakfast chg n went to the sea play with the water n go swimming pool. we din realise that our check out time was supposed to b 11 by the time we finish playing with the water it was already 1130.. so we rush rush rush n managed to check out at 12++ luckily they din fine us! haha.. then we charted a van to bring us to queensbay... haizz phing couldnt join us. if not it would b more fun. we went there eat our lunch n went shop for adelee's pressie~ after that we use their free shuttle to komtar n took bus frm there to the jetty. frm jetty we went over to butterworth n to the train station. i was too tired then d din join them play uno. i sat at the place where we put our luggage n rest.. tt teman me thank u! haha. after that we board the train n headed back to kl. met some problems on the train but luckily settled. we went to the canteen there n chat coz duwan kacau ppl sleeping. then after that wish adelee happy bday.. went back to sleep. me continue chatting with tt for a while oni went up to my bed n sleep coz i tot i cant sleep as the train was quite shaky.. but then after that i dosed off... surprisingly n slept like a pig i think. haha

this trip was really very fun. we planned everything. tour the island on the 1st day with the driver but the 2nd day it was completely by ourselves. i din think i will b tht adventurous. next trip maybe can consider bag packing or camping? i think it would b nicer.. haha.

oh ya forgot to say something... wei zhi if u see this u promised me to buy me a monkey in botanical gardens. haha. sorry din find u coz i know u will b vry bz with ur work n i'm right!! ekeke. btw thanks for calling n telling me where to eat.. =p


Once we reached ktm subang wee ven came n fetch us to tkj house.. n there we went to adelee's house to give her a surprise!! she really got shocked!! haha... i was really tired then if not i really wanna join them go for lunch.... haizz. when i went back home somethng happened! duwan mention d. i guess many knows.. ish ish.. pig sister!!

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