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Saturday, July 7, 2007

on thurs nite when my throat felt better then i immediately told cy that i wanna go sing ! haha. i think i really like singing now... addicted to it d. dunno y yean n adelee n tkj always say my voice is too soft cant b listened if they start to sing louder... wuwu.. izit true?? this time went redbox with the same gang.. haha. but then today din sing with tkj ler... when i wanna sing the song i like with her she pula bz singing other song in other room... haiz.. next time muz b in same roon liao. din hear quite a lot of them sing also that day.. y ler?

oh ya.. like wat yean say we 'korek' back all the old songs to sing... 1 of them worth mention is ‘朋友’ it reminds me of my graduation in primary school.. we sang that same song n most of us actually cried... this song really brings back old memories... i miss my friends!!! luckily i still keep in touch with some of them.. i hope this bunch of friends that i met in col now will also b the same~ *friends forever*

after that we (adelee, yean, chin n me) headed to A Cut Above to cut hair... at first i wanted to straighten my hair... but then the teacher came when i was at the counter there n looked at my hair n suggested rebonding... then after she looked more carefully she asked me to try perming instead!! the next time oni do rebonding wor... so i tried lor.. wanna see the effect also. ekeke. now my hair is curly! dunno wat do others think of my hair but then i like it~ haha. muz learn how to manage it now. oh ya... after i was seated down not long waiting for the guy to do his 'miracle' job wee ven came n was sitting opposite me. haha adelee dye her hair.. n she looks WILDER =p. suits her well!!! i like it a lot too... as for yean n chin they only cut their hair short... i was wondering will yean change her hair style while i was washing my hair... but then no =( next time try changing k??!!

as for today... i have to cook 3 meals.... haiz. mummy pretended to b angry ytd when we came back coz we went out whole day liao... i was so scared that she will get real mad so i said i will make it up by preparing all the meals today.. haiz.. then she luff!!! 'evil' today get up early reheat the mee hoon ytd. then lunch cooked fried rice.. i super lazy lar!! ish ish. then at night eat spaghetthi.. my sis said that my dishes were nice.... seldom see her praise me wan lor.. ekeke *happy happy* at least my effort were not wasted~

wanted to say another thing... y is the ministry of education or the school dunno how to think wan ar...ishish.. give the teachers loads of work to do!! their responsibility is to teach n not to do admin work lar.. if wanna do plz employ admin workers to do lar..

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