Saturday, July 21, 2007

waited for jess to come to my house n pick me n chin up at around 3 something... she came quite early and we chated a while till around 415 then headed to old town kopitiam. suki had organised a small gathering for the 'study group' which comprise jess, me, chin, sukhdave, joshur, honming n ongloong. after so long we finally meet up as a complete group!! haha.

reached there then chat.. korek back lots of old stuff and also discover new stuff from everyone of them. most shocking news came from hm... unbelievable!!! its ok if u r one of the type coz we seriously dun mind as jess is also in almost the same category.. ekeke. no offence k!! haha.

we chatted till around 6 then josh came in his office attire.. looks nice ler!! n his position now is 'project engineer'. still dunno y he wanna work in his dad office which doesnt relate to anything he is now pursuing... connection between engineering n biotech.. cant see any.

not long after he came we decided to take our dinner as he was hungry and jess had to leave early to send her mum off. we walked from 1 end of taipan to the other end as they have suggested to eat at logenhauz.. n parking was a problem so they decided not to drive there. we were their first customer as the time is still early n i think they din on all the air-con n its so stuffy there... when our dishes came we ate n chat.. our table was the noisiest... the waiter keep staring at us but dun care lar.. so long never see each other liao.

i admit that most of us here r very childish.. suki took the salt n pour it into jess glass when she wasnt looking... and jess took it n drink soon after that without realising it. we were suppose to keep it a secret but then i couldnt control myself n started luffing.. non-stop till my stomachache.. hm din know about it coz it was oni me suki n josh were looking then.. n when i was luffing hm tot we did something to his water instead.. he got curious with us whenever we luff bout something that he doesnt know after the form 5 incident where we put prawns eyes into his glass of water n he drank it.. it was at yuen's steamboat!! hahahaha. i will never forget that.

well the most interesting part was jess was drinking the whole water without even realising that it was her water that was contaminated... until after she was going to fin the whole glass then only she said ' y is my water so salty..' then only she realised that it was her who kena!! thank josh helped me clear my name.. i was really innocent.. i did nothing at all!!

ol left us quite early coz he need to go yumcha with another guy which jess hated most. the guy came to the restaurant to pick him up n jess din wanna see him n decided to hide in the toilet... when she came out we actually lie to her that the guy.. rui bin came in n shook our hands. she believed that. haha. jess dun blame me for not telling u juz now.. juz dun get mad at me. i'm such a sweet gurl. ekeke

after that walk to LYG dessert shop meet up with my parents as they were eating their dinner there and continue our chat from there. not long after that my family went off to visit my grandparents n we stayed on chat longer... chat till around 10 then went back.

we went into 3 shops in taipan in a day.. jess said we shud try going into every shop n order 1 drinks or dishes n everybody share... so that we can leave space for the stomach to absorb diff types of food.. i think thats a good idea. next outing we shall try it!! hahaa. cant wait to go out with them again... hope there will still b more outings before they all fly~

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