quite a bz week

Saturday, July 14, 2007

nothing much. lessons from morning 8 till 11am. like wat yean n lionel have suggested i let go my hair. din tie today. the effect was quite nice. i like it too. get more assuarance by fellow friends ... satisfied!! haha

same.. lesson frm 9 till 1130. after that went settle our OBU thingy with yean, adelee, hong, chingyong n my sis. the mentor we want has already fully book... headache. then yean follow me home. went back no electricity... super hot ler.. then after lunch we faster go chingyong's house. study a bit... kacau ppl a lot.. haha. adelee went crazy by sending i love u msges through chingyong's account. after that go asia cafe eat dinner n off we go to class.

went back to college again to settle the OBU mentor thingy... this thing is really making me headache. 1st we went to find peter try to get marcus to b our mentor... like wat marcus said.. use rambutan n chocolates... but we din. haha. mayb thats y he din want to give us the mentor we want. then we find marcus to discuss bout it again. he was quite friendly.. give us the points to negotiate with teo!! bla bla bla.... then off we go to find teo. but then he has went out to meeting.. haiz. have to wait till friday.

nothing much to do.. sien at home. but then wake up faster open the piano start practising... i think thats the longest i sat on my bench n practise since the last practical. 2++ hrs... cant imagine how did i stand it. but still have to... my practical is juz a week away... die die die~!!! my scales... melodic, harmonic, major.... chromatic... arpeggios... they look like stranger it shudn't b like that ... OMG. not to mention slip notes everywhere in the 3 exam pieces. haizzzzzzzzzzzzz. n can anybody help me differentiate between romantic period n baroque period??? i dun even know how they shud sound like... wuwuwu

went college in the morning juz to see teo... waited for him 2++ hrs. boss always act like 1. LATE as usual!! haiz. we were discussing n thinking how to approach him n negotiate with him in the car.. but it din seem to b much use the moment we meet him...
us : sir we wanted to talk to u bout the OBU thing
teo : r u the 5 who wanted to b under marcus??
us : yeah!!
teo: okay... i've talked to him..... the 5 of u will b under him.
sounds super easy.. god knows who have talked to him bout this... thank u a lot whoever u are... haha. we din even try to negotiate n case closed. wohoo~!

after that comes the interesting part... harry potter. i have waited for this ever since i finish reading the book!! as usual the book is always interesting than the movie... they cut a lot.. too much... but it is still nice. they din even describe the kissing part in the book till so precise.. y muz they show it like that?? haha. oh ya... n the part where sirius 'drop' into the 'black hole' was lame.. it din come out the way i thought it would b... nevermind.

i was invited to go to my sec school library AGM... haha. suprisingly the top5 of my batch n also the top5 of the batch after me were present.. all 10 of us!! amazing!! haha. i was the treasurer of the board then.. luckily most of the juniors n the teachers still know who r us.. haha. i miss my library.. n the moments i have in there... with those bunch of monkeys!!! hahahaha. will never forget them n what they have done to me!! after lunch went ss15 with sarah, kingfai, feihou, izhar. went there play pool. then james n ragu came later to join us. after that follow feihou go 'kingfai's house' in ss19 lepak there dunno do wat then went back. piano lessons again...

i hope i will pass this time. wish me luck!!! 4 more days~!
n please b the induction week n the BBQ nite organised by the student council a success!! we planned so hard for that!!

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