thanks yong yong!

Friday, October 5, 2007

ytd my sis was having prob with her lunch.. she was having her pmr till evening n nobody managed to bring lunch for her.. n yong yong offered to helped out... haha. thank u so much o!!!! the previous day she asked me to cook spaghetti for her n her friend.. since she had decided wat to eat.. easy for me.. dun need to think! haha.

early morning yong came n help me cook... a little.. hahaha. after that bring the food to school for her.. later wanted to wait till mummy come back only eat lunch together but then waited till around 2++ she hasnt come home then called her.. only then i know that she is having her meeting.. swt! super hungry then.. not only that, she ask us to pick my youngest sis n her colleague's child back... haiz. so we ate our lunch n went lick hung.... trouble that poor guy.. have to become my 1 day driver. haizz

thank u so much o!!

today went for tan sri jeffrey cheah's scholarship award rehearsal... met ann june, chu ian, hariz, andrew n faisal there... talked a bit n got briefed on what is supposed to b done tmr.. after the briefing n rehearsal thing mr. ming wai told me that i have to wear a traditional suit tmr.. wuwu... how how? i dun have cheong sam ler!! got also baby de... die lor!!! y cannot formal wor.. wuwuu... is not me who receive the schlarship also!! maybe i shall replace it with baju kurung instead which i bought for my jpa scholarship interview... hope it will b ok... that is the only 'tradisional' outfit i got!! muz go make 1 cheong sam 1 day.. so ma fan!!

oh ya.. today i was very blur.. talked to faisal n decided to borrow some notes from him.. i even followed him to his apartment to get that... while we were talking n walking half way towards the apartment only i realised that i shudnt do tat.. super dangerous... not that i dun trust him or wat.. but ermm a girl walking to a guys' apartment... not advisable!!!! haha. couldnt say no that time.. so faster get in, take notes, chat a little n cabut~! hahaa.. i know faisal is a nice guy =) but for safety sake.. wat to do... i'm evil, i've no manners... agree~! ekeke. maybe his housemates r not that reliable... hmmmm.

congrat hariz n faisal!!!

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