celebrating hong, yongwe n eileen's bday

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


yong reached too early n i was still in the bathroom preparing.. after that we went to fetch adelee n wee ven n headed straght to ktm.

there we met up with tt, eileen n yilian n off we go to times square. this i think is our third time there d.. but that time was a special 1 as we were going to celebrate the nov babies bday!

reached there met up with yean, tkj, hong n yongwe n we went sg wang to shop for their presents. walked half way buying hong's present suiyuan called n said he was waiting at mc d for us.. paiseh.. din tell him that we had already walked till sg. wang... then me n yong went to meet him n also shopped for yongwe's present.

after doing the shopping n stuff we went back bought a cake n had our lunch in esquire kitchen. bout the cake thing with the message 'happy birthday to : all' ermm.. i really dunno wat to write.. hehe n writing out all the names seems weird.. i din know how u all did it last round.. forgive me~! the only thing i like bout esquire kitchen is the 'tong po yuk' with the 'man tou'.. besides that i agree that all the dishes r quite.. small..

after the lunch we have the 'blow the cake n smash the cake session' with more ss-ing. after all those we went pavilion... funny adelee i think its best to have her around to always entertain ppl... she took off her shoe n walked.. but have to pity her as she wore high heels n walked that day. this is the first time ever that i see ppl walking in a mall barefooted.

we walked back to times for dinner.. went to a japanese restaurant.. i think its kiku sakura. the dish there is ermm very expensive n i ordered something which was not in the menu.. i was asking bout the oyako don n asked her whether it is fried chicken she said its not... if u want the fried wan its called katsu don... i remembered eating that in some other japanese restaurant n it was nice n i said yaya..i want that.. she said that is not in the menu but i can ask the chef to cook it.. happy happy~! but then after a while i started to think bout the price.. its not in the menu.. i dunno how r they charging me.. die~

in the end it was quite reasonable.. compared to the others.. hehe. i still prefer the restaurant back in taipan...

tkj, yean, yilian, adelee, weeven went off earlier as they finished their dinner earlier n wanted to be home by 11. but then we caught up with them at the ktm station. lucky lucky us... if not we had to wait till 5++ for the next train... phew~! wat a day! happy happy~! love to go out with him... lalala~ but now have till wait till finals over.. study study!

happy birthday again to ALL

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