christmas 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


went the curve with cy since hong hong said that the deco there was very very nice. we went there around 3 something n to my surprise it wasnt that difficult to find parking.. there were ample of parking space. went to cineleisure n bought our alvin n the chipmunks movie tickets.

then we went shopping. met cy's brother n his gf there coz they wanna take the camera from cy to take pics. we took a few pictures too. well.. wat hong said was right.. the christmas deco there was really nice.... went to ikano n shop but not too long. met up with yean yean n aaron there too.. dinner din have any idea wat to eat n bump into cy's bro again.. asking whether wanna eat sushi or not.. but i just had mine for lunch so din follow ... we went kenny rogers instead.

after dinner cy wasnt feeling well.. but still insist on watching the movie.. so went to watch the movie... although the movie was very interesting but din really enjoy it much.. hehe. it ends around 1130 n that time the place were very crowded with ppl. they were spraying all the way even in the shopping complex. there were even ppl who r drunk. werent in the mood to spray so we went back home.


dad made me follow sis to midvalley to meet up with sk n asked cy to go along too... so that morning we went there around 11+ am. cy insisted going though he had food poisoning.. so stubborn! couldnt imagine wat will happened if half way walking n suddenly felt like.... =p

bought tickets for movie again n this time we watch enchanted.. wanted to watch this movie for a long long time but couldnt find time for that.. the 'Q' was super long n we waited for more than half n hour.. we tried booking in the internet 2 days earlier n it was also fully booked.. crazy!
around 2+ went to meet up with hong hong n went to take some pics after that we went to the cinema. the movie was like what my younger sis described :

very funny.. daddy laugh through the whole movie.. hahaha. well.. my family had watched it when i went down to kl on sunday.

while we were having our dinner tkj msg cy whether we can drop by her house for bbq when we are back.. of coz we wanted to!! haha. so after dinner we went to her house n she had already bbqed for us... thank u so much for inviting us n helped us bbq somemore! haha. by the time we reach home its already 12am.

ps tkj: actually we had ordered even before u msg us... so it wasnt really what cy told u =p n thank u so so much for inviting us!

thanks hong hong for the drinks too n becoming my 'nai pa' haha.

thanks yong for accompany me for these 2 days =)

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