happy bday yean yean & suki!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

today is both my best friends bday!! one is yean yean whom i know in college and another is sukhdave whom i have known since form 1.


first to yean yean.. i'm so sorry that i cant go cheong k with u all.. this is as what i have told adelee n tkj that my mom is not around n i have to 'babysit' my youngest sis at home... i tell u hor i very sien at home ler!! wuwu cannot celebrate ur bday is already so cham... now have to take care of my sis worse still...

then to suki!! erm.. actually josh n i have planned to give u a surprise party at ur house at nite or rather evening. but then when we told hm n ol the plan they actually said wanna celebrate together n with waiyuen.. so ended up have to cancel it.

back to myself.. today did nothing much cant go out in the morn. have to cook my own lunch n for my sis too... mummy has gone to langkawi in her cruise... left me here.. stranded cant go out celebrate friends bday.. have to take care of sis.. haiz. this time i cook spagghetti... my favourite food. then after that receive a msg from joshur.. went on9 chat with him

wohoo~!!! he's going to lend me his harry potter book n he can come to my house n pass it to me if i'm lucky... if dave hasnt pick up his phone when joshur call! yippee~!!! since he is coming then i leave some spagghetthi for him. haha. around evening my sis wants me to accompany her walk to the opposite patrol kiosk to buy somethng n i have to follow her.. haiz wat to do.. was asked to take care of them d. after a few steps out of the house saw joshur's car... haha. dun need to walk all the way there. then came back eat n chat. dunno y keep on talking bout his bro... then my youngest sis pula go kacau him.. paiseh. had to fetch my sis to tuition pula..

p.s. josh : thank u so much o.. ma fan u a lot today!! haha. i din force u to say my cooking is good. actually u muz comment if it isnt that good.. then only i can improve! haha n i will try to finish the book before u leave.. n will ask all my sis to fin it fast too.

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8:44 PM

no jokes

Saturday, July 21, 2007

my sis said i have chged a lot... did i. i thought i am always changing ever since primary school. she said that i have became more rebellious... am i? i dunno. but i jokingly said that yea.. i am n i wanted to. ok... she then went to break it to my whole family. ever since that day my life is doomed. everything i said n watever things i do they will surely say something.... they r against me all the while.. everytime during meals they will bring back those old stuff n say non-stop. i guess thats y i eat faster at home than in col. maybe from now on i need to learn how to keep quiet do my own stuff n not more than that.. no more telling jokes in this house.. haizzzzz

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9:26 PM

waited for jess to come to my house n pick me n chin up at around 3 something... she came quite early and we chated a while till around 415 then headed to old town kopitiam. suki had organised a small gathering for the 'study group' which comprise jess, me, chin, sukhdave, joshur, honming n ongloong. after so long we finally meet up as a complete group!! haha.

reached there then chat.. korek back lots of old stuff and also discover new stuff from everyone of them. most shocking news came from hm... unbelievable!!! its ok if u r one of the type coz we seriously dun mind as jess is also in almost the same category.. ekeke. no offence k!! haha.

we chatted till around 6 then josh came in his office attire.. looks nice ler!! n his position now is 'project engineer'. still dunno y he wanna work in his dad office which doesnt relate to anything he is now pursuing... connection between engineering n biotech.. cant see any.

not long after he came we decided to take our dinner as he was hungry and jess had to leave early to send her mum off. we walked from 1 end of taipan to the other end as they have suggested to eat at logenhauz.. n parking was a problem so they decided not to drive there. we were their first customer as the time is still early n i think they din on all the air-con n its so stuffy there... when our dishes came we ate n chat.. our table was the noisiest... the waiter keep staring at us but dun care lar.. so long never see each other liao.

i admit that most of us here r very childish.. suki took the salt n pour it into jess glass when she wasnt looking... and jess took it n drink soon after that without realising it. we were suppose to keep it a secret but then i couldnt control myself n started luffing.. non-stop till my stomachache.. hm din know about it coz it was oni me suki n josh were looking then.. n when i was luffing hm tot we did something to his water instead.. he got curious with us whenever we luff bout something that he doesnt know after the form 5 incident where we put prawns eyes into his glass of water n he drank it.. it was at yuen's steamboat!! hahahaha. i will never forget that.

well the most interesting part was jess was drinking the whole water without even realising that it was her water that was contaminated... until after she was going to fin the whole glass then only she said ' y is my water so salty..' then only she realised that it was her who kena!! thank josh helped me clear my name.. i was really innocent.. i did nothing at all!!

ol left us quite early coz he need to go yumcha with another guy which jess hated most. the guy came to the restaurant to pick him up n jess din wanna see him n decided to hide in the toilet... when she came out we actually lie to her that the guy.. rui bin came in n shook our hands. she believed that. haha. jess dun blame me for not telling u juz now.. juz dun get mad at me. i'm such a sweet gurl. ekeke

after that walk to LYG dessert shop meet up with my parents as they were eating their dinner there and continue our chat from there. not long after that my family went off to visit my grandparents n we stayed on chat longer... chat till around 10 then went back.

we went into 3 shops in taipan in a day.. jess said we shud try going into every shop n order 1 drinks or dishes n everybody share... so that we can leave space for the stomach to absorb diff types of food.. i think thats a good idea. next outing we shall try it!! hahaa. cant wait to go out with them again... hope there will still b more outings before they all fly~

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12:12 AM

piano exam

Thursday, July 19, 2007

played to much no time to practise my piano n today at 335pm is my exam... so wake up early to practise...

wait for mummy to come back n at 2 went grand blue wave hotel in shah alam.. there's where i take my exam.. every year also held there... cant they chg a place. i dun like that hotel... maybe i dun like it bcoz of the exam. haha

my slot was 3.35 reached there 230 super panic have to wait for 1 hr le!! haizz.. first thing was to check out my examiner n the venue. my examiner... mr. andrew teague n it was in the 13th floor... feel something uneasy bout it!! room no. 1309. my bday.. better. haha

super nervous... trembling inside the hotel room. haiz always like tht.... then sit down started.
scales... bad!! harmonic becomes melodic.. major becomes minor how come everything was fine at home n when come to the real thing everything went hay-wire??!! ish!! my hand was sweating n that cause me to have slip notes... damn a lot!!! especially in my 1st exam piece. 2nd n 3rd piece was ok.. the best was the last 1 as i know its gonna end soon... relaxed more while playing that piece. argh!! duwan talk bout the rest d lar... wait till result comes. juz hope i wont fail. a pass is enuf.. not expecting merit or distinction. too far to reach that.

went to col after that coz need to call ppl n remind them about the audition tmr. start calling ppl... tell them wat to do. bla bla bla... then after that discuss the budget with jeremy for our upcoming event.. headache!!

after that went sheraton hotel with daddy go meet up with somebody. went yumcha there. the adults were talking while me reading story book... got nothing to do quite sien.

juz now while chatting with yean n adelee in chatroom we had a questin to ask marcus so added him into the conversation. adelee went YOYO!! i really dunno how to respond to that... juz stay there n luff. hahaha. after quite some time he replied saying that he is marcus's bro mr marcus wasnt there... zha dao!! =.=' cute adelee.. so random!! haha.

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11:54 PM

morning went to college did some homework then attend to the student council booth.

after that went for lunch n waited for yean to come n then meet marcus ofr our OBU. i'm in the same grp as yean n lee lee lee!! ahaha

went to library borrow some books then hariz called.... then me Ee leen n him went to buy charcoal in USJ 2. after that went giant n b0ught some potato salad ingredients n headed to harriz house. the 1st thing we did was peel n cut the potatoes.... thanks to shaun's recipe. haha. then we boiled n mix with the dressing... very very bz there... oni 3 of us but have to prepare quite lots of things.. wrap the potatoes.. prepare the games stuff.. do the salad... bla bla bla. tot can reach there at 545 but ended up leaving his house at 615... luckily Jermaine came n took the charcoal if not the fire wont b ready so soon.

it rained while we were preparing the things n all of us were down... as the turn out will not b good. as what we have espected the turn out was quite bad.. but we have fun though.. the food wasnt enuf when i arrived. only ate my salad some sausages n the fried rice.. i din even eat the chicken haha. then we have games.. our pre-plan games have to cancel n replace by another which they came out with randomly. after the 1st game many went back.. but then those who stayed played another game.. which we gave out prizes. i guess choon onn, kentt n tt had fun.. hope so? haha. besides that.. firmansyah, omer n faisal had quite a lot of 'fun' too...

Oh ya.. before the game talked to kentt n choon onn. still non-stop with the topic of onn's emo post.. haiz. then xiao xiao join in n the 3 of us zha him. jack shen joined in too but then he misinterpret something.. hahaha.

luckily the rain stopped when it was about to end n we had quite a good time after taht.. thanks to kentt's lame joke.. n thank u tt for sending me back. nice car~!

♥ Let it Rain.
11:48 PM

quite a bz week

Saturday, July 14, 2007

nothing much. lessons from morning 8 till 11am. like wat yean n lionel have suggested i let go my hair. din tie today. the effect was quite nice. i like it too. get more assuarance by fellow friends ... satisfied!! haha

same.. lesson frm 9 till 1130. after that went settle our OBU thingy with yean, adelee, hong, chingyong n my sis. the mentor we want has already fully book... headache. then yean follow me home. went back no electricity... super hot ler.. then after lunch we faster go chingyong's house. study a bit... kacau ppl a lot.. haha. adelee went crazy by sending i love u msges through chingyong's account. after that go asia cafe eat dinner n off we go to class.

went back to college again to settle the OBU mentor thingy... this thing is really making me headache. 1st we went to find peter try to get marcus to b our mentor... like wat marcus said.. use rambutan n chocolates... but we din. haha. mayb thats y he din want to give us the mentor we want. then we find marcus to discuss bout it again. he was quite friendly.. give us the points to negotiate with teo!! bla bla bla.... then off we go to find teo. but then he has went out to meeting.. haiz. have to wait till friday.

nothing much to do.. sien at home. but then wake up faster open the piano start practising... i think thats the longest i sat on my bench n practise since the last practical. 2++ hrs... cant imagine how did i stand it. but still have to... my practical is juz a week away... die die die~!!! my scales... melodic, harmonic, major.... chromatic... arpeggios... they look like stranger it shudn't b like that ... OMG. not to mention slip notes everywhere in the 3 exam pieces. haizzzzzzzzzzzzz. n can anybody help me differentiate between romantic period n baroque period??? i dun even know how they shud sound like... wuwuwu

went college in the morning juz to see teo... waited for him 2++ hrs. boss always act like 1. LATE as usual!! haiz. we were discussing n thinking how to approach him n negotiate with him in the car.. but it din seem to b much use the moment we meet him...
us : sir we wanted to talk to u bout the OBU thing
teo : r u the 5 who wanted to b under marcus??
us : yeah!!
teo: okay... i've talked to him..... the 5 of u will b under him.
sounds super easy.. god knows who have talked to him bout this... thank u a lot whoever u are... haha. we din even try to negotiate n case closed. wohoo~!

after that comes the interesting part... harry potter. i have waited for this ever since i finish reading the book!! as usual the book is always interesting than the movie... they cut a lot.. too much... but it is still nice. they din even describe the kissing part in the book till so precise.. y muz they show it like that?? haha. oh ya... n the part where sirius 'drop' into the 'black hole' was lame.. it din come out the way i thought it would b... nevermind.

i was invited to go to my sec school library AGM... haha. suprisingly the top5 of my batch n also the top5 of the batch after me were present.. all 10 of us!! amazing!! haha. i was the treasurer of the board then.. luckily most of the juniors n the teachers still know who r us.. haha. i miss my library.. n the moments i have in there... with those bunch of monkeys!!! hahahaha. will never forget them n what they have done to me!! after lunch went ss15 with sarah, kingfai, feihou, izhar. went there play pool. then james n ragu came later to join us. after that follow feihou go 'kingfai's house' in ss19 lepak there dunno do wat then went back. piano lessons again...

i hope i will pass this time. wish me luck!!! 4 more days~!
n please b the induction week n the BBQ nite organised by the student council a success!! we planned so hard for that!!

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6:04 PM

cut hair * redbox

Saturday, July 7, 2007

on thurs nite when my throat felt better then i immediately told cy that i wanna go sing ! haha. i think i really like singing now... addicted to it d. dunno y yean n adelee n tkj always say my voice is too soft cant b listened if they start to sing louder... wuwu.. izit true?? this time went redbox with the same gang.. haha. but then today din sing with tkj ler... when i wanna sing the song i like with her she pula bz singing other song in other room... haiz.. next time muz b in same roon liao. din hear quite a lot of them sing also that day.. y ler?

oh ya.. like wat yean say we 'korek' back all the old songs to sing... 1 of them worth mention is ‘朋友’ it reminds me of my graduation in primary school.. we sang that same song n most of us actually cried... this song really brings back old memories... i miss my friends!!! luckily i still keep in touch with some of them.. i hope this bunch of friends that i met in col now will also b the same~ *friends forever*

after that we (adelee, yean, chin n me) headed to A Cut Above to cut hair... at first i wanted to straighten my hair... but then the teacher came when i was at the counter there n looked at my hair n suggested rebonding... then after she looked more carefully she asked me to try perming instead!! the next time oni do rebonding wor... so i tried lor.. wanna see the effect also. ekeke. now my hair is curly! dunno wat do others think of my hair but then i like it~ haha. muz learn how to manage it now. oh ya... after i was seated down not long waiting for the guy to do his 'miracle' job wee ven came n was sitting opposite me. haha adelee dye her hair.. n she looks WILDER =p. suits her well!!! i like it a lot too... as for yean n chin they only cut their hair short... i was wondering will yean change her hair style while i was washing my hair... but then no =( next time try changing k??!!

as for today... i have to cook 3 meals.... haiz. mummy pretended to b angry ytd when we came back coz we went out whole day liao... i was so scared that she will get real mad so i said i will make it up by preparing all the meals today.. haiz.. then she luff!!! 'evil' today get up early reheat the mee hoon ytd. then lunch cooked fried rice.. i super lazy lar!! ish ish. then at night eat spaghetthi.. my sis said that my dishes were nice.... seldom see her praise me wan lor.. ekeke *happy happy* at least my effort were not wasted~

wanted to say another thing... y is the ministry of education or the school dunno how to think wan ar...ishish.. give the teachers loads of work to do!! their responsibility is to teach n not to do admin work lar.. if wanna do plz employ admin workers to do lar..

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6:14 PM

2nd day of cooking

Thursday, July 5, 2007

daddy went port dickson today. he is staying in guoman n his bedroom super big. one fellow sleeping in a 2 double bed room.. ask us to go~ mummy duwan to drive there coz she sick d so cannot go.... haiz. shud have gone with him when he left this afternoon since i wont b having class till sunday... wuwuwu~

mummy sick dun feel like going out to eat.. n she couldn't cook need to rest more so i have to cook. haiz. this is my 2nd day cooking for the whole family without help frm others.. suddenly feel a little proud~ btw i'm also sick ler... wuwuwu no choice still have to do if not will die of hunger hahahaa.

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