preparing for cny n went shopping with darling

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


mummy bought 1 big packet of ngaku from giant coz daddy likes to eat. so morning after washing clothes i start doing the washing n slicing... since mummy has to go work n sis doesnt wanna help.. i ended up doing all by myself =(

after mum came back frm school she washed up the fryer n i started frying.. the oil was super hot n u cant run away.. if not the ngaku will turn black ... so have to bare for the heat n the oil for 5 hrs long.... did around 4 containers for the 1 big pack n gave 1 to chingyong... mummy ask to.


fry ngaku again.. but this time chin helped out! luckily haha.. if not i wont fry at all.. got to suffer for 6+ hrs in total..


woke up in the morning made sushi.. for MYSELF. I din really intend to do it for him... haiz.. kesian me let ppl call me 'house wife' but then after doing got extra then give him mar.. kesian him everyday eat biscuits n bread..

after class we decided to go pyramid.. shop for my heels n have dinner. we went walk around the old pyramid till 7 something then went rainforest for dinner. the waitress there wear till very sexy ler.. n all of them i think r foreigners. n most their customers r all 'ang mos' as they their main drinks there are all wines n cocktails we din order... n the drinks r super expensive.. 1 can of carbo drinks cost u around rm6 so we ordered mocha instead which i think is more worth it. as for the dish i ordered some irish chicken thingy... its super cheesy i love it. but the rainbow rice is not that good.. maybe its just the taste that i'm not accustom to.

after dinner went shop again for my heels. saw 1 which i like the most in maple but then dun have my size.. =( i wanted it so badly n yong ask to call up their branches see which wan still have the stock.. but too bad.. they ran out of stock n will not replenish till after cny... wuuuuuuuuuuu. went back empty handed but will summit on thurs to look for it again


the exhaust pipe in yong's car very noisy today.. the screw has loosen or something..
went for badminton in college n have to trouble adelee... sorreee n thank u. haha. i'm a noob i'm a noob n always kena bully... =p


today surprisingly miss menon came early than usual to class.. i thought the class will end at 3pm but then it ended early at around 1 so we went for lunch at salmon steak in ss15. its always fun eating in a big grp especially when there is tiger n lionel around.. i love listening to their stories. n today dunno wat happen to them suddenly talk bout marriage n how much will it cost... -.-"
for the first n the last time... sit in his perdana

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