after finals

Monday, June 16, 2008


the next day after finals have been booked by librarian friends to go sing k at Neway. fetch sarah after her exams n headed straight there. no more buffet served like last time.. instead they put all the salad n soup into plates n bowls n serve us. it was rather filling though... but the salad was not nice at all.. mayb for those who love onions will like it.

this time we have aik thiam, mong, sarah and yik peng.. of coz got me, my sis n chingyong! haha. Mong still left 2 years to finish his dentistry.. whereas thiam's going to graduate like us.. soon. sarah and yik peng both r waiting for 'results'.. like us just finish their exams.


went 1U with chingyong watched Kung Fu Panda... the show was funny.. haha. then go TGIF for dinner. the menu has changed.. its main course have different choices of food.. n its desert no longer have the big big ice-cream.. i forgot wats that called

after we had ordered our food only realised actually beside us r all auditors... maybe those r ppl working in KPMG.. as their office is just there.. n later we saw sze mun (maybe her twin) join them too


follow dad to carrefour to buy ingredients for doing cornflakes cookies n went to parade to look for sport shoes but couldnt find.

reach home chin n i started making the cornflakes cookies... we din around 3 tupperwares n by night the 1st tupperware has finished!!

i also did some fried seaweeds with popiah skin after learning from cousins n grandma during CNY. i love it so much n couldnt find it in the market so forced to do it myself!


joshur suddenly msg me ask us out for lunch. 12pm he reached my house then only decide where to eat.. he brought chocolates back from UK... thank u so muchie!!

we went usj 9 ate dim sum.. n he said even our dim sum here is around the same price as those in Manchester when they have promotion.. those are buffet style n it only comes up to about 3 pounds. We chatted loads of stuff.. bout the living expenses in Uk n so on.. hope to find out more from him n sukhdave!! we even planned where to go after honming come back from Melbourne on sunday.

after hours of chatting i continued my taiwan series... 命中注定我爱你 and 美味关系 both r worth watching... especially the former.. i started sobbing after watching the 2nd ep!! whereas the latter ... i guess its about food... thats y its nice.. heeeeeeee


I've planned to go Fuo Guang Shan with chingyong before finals but then we din have time then.. so postpone till now. today we went FGS with chin n siuhong. when we reached there not long we were ask to visit 1 of their shrine.. with the sleeping Buddha in it. n once we stepped in the nun asked us whether we would like to ‘抄经’we sat down n followed wat she said n started copying the sutra. after that our writing was interpreted by the nun

'你很有耐心,也很专心... 可是缺乏了定心... 如果你有了这3 个... 做起事来就比较有效...'

morning i made sushi again with added ingredients.. i put the kimchi aunt bought from Korea n sesame chingyong bought from Japan.

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