Delicious Food in Klang with interesting companion

Sunday, July 27, 2008


sorry for saying that its reasonable without putting the price... the total bill was around RM140 for 10 person.. with the price n the quality of food n the amount of ppl u r paying i'll just leave it for u guys to decide whether it is reasonable or not.

btw the last round i went.. the crabs were selling at Rm30/kg.. dunno whether this is reasonable..


dad's Terengganu old friend came down dad decided to arrange a dinner with them. Like usual Klang is our favorite place to go with their superb food with reasonable prices!

When we reached there uncle's daughter, E-Ling jie jie.. my childhood jie jie who is working in KL called to ask where are they..

uncle talking to the phone n to my dad

uncle T: uncle Yap my dad.. bringing us to Klang for dinner..
uncle T: where r we going ar? which restaurant?
dad : Tmn Berkeley.. Erm look at the signboard Boon Wah!!!!!!!
uncle T: U sure u coming? u know the place?? .... yeah.. a corner shop!

hangs up the phone

uncle T: E-ling joining us later..
dad, mum, aunty J: Sure? Confirm?
uncle T: confirm!!! joining us in 30 min.. she says the curry fish there is nice

wah!! even E-Ling know this place.. should b very famous lor.. we din know that though we have been eating there for quite a few times d.. but we know that sometimes when we go, will have to wait for tables especially during peak hours. the first time we were introduced to that place.. the host went earlier to book n ordered the food before we met.

reached there dad n mum started to order food while aunty bz asking us bout hows college bla bla bla..

everybody used to b surprised when we said that we can get a professional qualification with a degree within 3 years with less than RM40000... of coz we also put in ** to it.. by saying providing that u pass!

when our food arrives e-ling was just in time..

she wanted to order another dish.. n asked whether dad has ordered the 'o-jian' oyster fried egg... of coz dad has ordered!! our fav!! n this particular restaurant serve its o-jian with PLENTY oyster!! 2nd best after Brickfields!

besides that we also ordered the curry fish, prawn mantis, thai tofu, 1 vege, n lala.. talking bout lala.. their lala is also delicious... especially its juicy flesh n its soup. e-ling couldn't stop drinking its soup!!! wanted to take pics with my sis phone but when all the food came.. it was irresistable!!! i started to help myself to the food instead!

when i realised n wanted to take some pics its already too late.. the whole table was clearly wiped out! only left the lala shells.. -.-"

besides selling dishes like this.. they also have steamboat but we havent tried that though.. prefer to go another side of klang which has lots of steamboat restaurant at a spot.

btw the restaurant is somewhere at Tmn Berkeley.. behind the Sinma building with a prudential sign there... if any interested to go ask me!! promised to bring CY there n planning to go with Tiger

there are still more interesting story with e-ling which i bet some of u might b interested in.. which will b posted soon... got to get some sleep

tmr.. erm later!! would b another interesting day!

uncle Cheong's family.. Alicia!! childhood friend again.. who has migrated to Canada 10 years ago have came back for holidays!!! meeting them together with uncle Loh n family in the morning!!! i need sleep!!!!

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