Dim Sum at Hoong Foong with the Cheongs!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

we met up in the morning around 10 dad suggested dim sum so after meeting up we went straight to USJ21, Hoong Foong Dim Sum

it isn't difficult to find the restaurant as u enter USJ 21, u can see rows of tables with people eating outside.. maybe only during weekends, i'm not sure bout weekdays

the rows of tables started 4 shops away from 1end
n ended another 3-4 shops away another end besides it is also crowded inside the shop itself

the dim sums.. there were more
but as usual can't stand the temptation..
eat is my 1st priority!!!

i guess it was pretty reasonable as our bill din even touch Rm100 for 10 person!
n u can even find 1 whole prawn inside their siew mai!!

actually i would rather prefer this to Hong Kei in USJ9


enough of the food.. here come my friends!!!

Alicia msn me 2 weeks ago to inform us that they are coming back to Malaysia n took dad's phone no. she said that her dad has emailed my dad but no reply... so this job have to b done by the daughters instead! contacts given n we receive a call from them on sat!! excited!!

when we reached the restaurant..
first thing to do is giving big hug hug!! then only enter

btw they were so glad that daddy suggested dim sum as this was 1 of their to do list when coming back here!!

both daddys having serious conversation
this is how i know them.. he is his uni mate!!

according to the Joker

y so serious??


they buddy buddy here

Auntie Suzanne said that she knows mummy on the day daddy n mummy got married... but u see does that justify?? they are like school mates gossiping non-stop!

well.. of course the daughters too have their own conversation!!
me n Alicia

Charlotte n Alicia

aren't they pretty!! I love their complexion i wanna go overseas too!
Alicia is a medic student going to b in her 3rd year coming Sept!
apparently Canada's system is different from Malaysia n Australia.. they have to obtain a degree in science before pursuing their doctor's cert... correct me if i'm wrong.. so she is only completing her course in 8-9 years time!! after this trip she's going to Krabi for her internship!

a gift from Montreal Canada..
a key holder! auntie says so that we'll always remember them whenever we goes in n out of the house.. hahaha

daddy vs uncle

the usual scene when 2 families going out for meals
fighting to settle the bill!!!

result -----> daddy won!!

we then adjourned back to our house
here both mummies complaining bout almost everything
both daddies having almost the same bad habbits!!
both daughters are always so angelic.... :P

well besides we also learn some tips shopping in Bangkok
they stayed there for almost 2 years..

before departing exhanging hugs again
Charlotte made daddy promise that we'll visit them in Montreal soon!!!

I shall miss them

waiting for more pics.. super cacat camera take pics also not nice wan..

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