Sunday, August 3, 2008

nuffnang is having this Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest organised in part by realmart online merchandise store so i decided to give it a try!!!

after giving some thought and I've decided to give siu hong a

Princess Facial & Health Sauna - 5701 !!

well this contest says that suggest a gift for your fellow nuffnanger!! hong hong is a fellow nuffnanger.. n he too is my ling ling... best friend!!

now.. y a facial & health sauna??

isn't that sound like a present for a princess?? see this for yourself!!

look at the products that he has bought!! oh ya.. it's a HE by the way!! imagine how much has he invested in those facial products... even me as a lady din even buy that much!!

so this is only a small gift to let him adds into his collection.
he really treasure his face n his outlook like his life..
maybe it's because his passion for cam whoring..
leads him into his love for facial products!

by using the princess facial n health sauna
u dun have to massage ur face with your hand..
unsure whether it's clean or not...
it has a sauna function..
so that u can save on your pore cleansing stuff
it makes sure that it'll clean up your dirty pores!!
it cleans your face like u'll have a new 1 everyday!!

by the way it didn't have any description.. the above are my own assumptions!
maybe realmart should consider my description and put it in their website

y do i wanna win this so badly???
i wanna buy him this so that he can put it there..
use it as frequent as he bathes..
big enough for him to remind me that i give him that..

haha.. actually he's a very good friend
help me through the tough times that i once had
wat more..
tease me together with the gang??
fun moments that we had together..
i would want his face to look as it is now..
n for the years to come..
no ageing no change..
so that it can reminds me of the times that we have together!!

n also to destress himself..
especially the stress that he has undergo during exams
he even cried after his finals..
taking ACCA isn't that easy!
poor ling ling..

well enough of that.. lets continue..

just look at him.. even doing mask also want to cam whore!!

actually before coming across the princess facial n health sauna i wanted to give him this..

Canon Digital Camera 80 IS-silver - IXUS

but he has a digital camera with him already

besides he normally uses his hand phone to take pics of himself

and i think he's more comfortable with his own phone!!

all siu hong's pics are courtesy of himself.. for more pics of him click here

dun u agree with me that he's handsome??!!!

lucky to have him as my ling ling. must be cute n good looking always o.. for me!!

hopefully i win so that i can really purchase the gift to ling ling lar

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